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[insert frustration here]

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I finally get off my lazy ass and start working on a video with SVPro9 (hellz yeah, I upgraded. 83 )

And I installed all these beautiful, beautiful plug-ins to use...

And they all work perfectly...

And I get the first 10 seconds or so done and I used the plug-ins in the video...

And I go to render...

And it doesn't render.





So I uninstalled all my beloved plug-ins, render again.

It renders.




And after uploading the project after uninstalling the plug-ins, the project erased all the damn effects and transitions, so now it looks like a gay crossfading bland video.


But I'm determind to remake the plug-in effects and transitions by abusing effects! 8D

I'm sure I'll get something similar to it...




And then I get on KH13 and every single thread in the random section has a new post in it.




And Demyx has grown a half an inch since Wednesday. 83

-actually measured him x.x-

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o.o i only have SV8.0Pro -glompz- i need to upgrade immediately!

hmmm stupid rendering thingyy that renders things.


you measured Demyx, where'd you find him ? or does he live at your house ? o_O

lucky kairi .... lucky. xD


my frustration ? THAT I WANT 358/2 Days and guess what ... I cant have it -dies from emoness- x.x

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Emz~ Lol, Demyx is my kitten. xD


Cella~ LOL. Kitten Zemyx! 8D But what if our cats are gay??? x.x


Kaiso~ It's really not that much of an upgrade. Just a few added effects that you'll most likely never use, lol. At least, I don't. xD


Luzze~ I only knew about Simba. x.x


Clueless~ It seems you always do. -huggles-

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