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Boredom Kills

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lol, don't ask...





It was the time of year again where the Organization actually looked forward to. Not just because it was their automatic day off, but because they could dress up and scare the crap out of little children who dared to come up to their castle's front door.


Well, at least Larxene liked Halloween for that.


A good majority of the Organization members simply treated the day like any other day off and simply did whatever they wanted. Zexion would read a few extra books in the library, Lexeaus put together a few complicated puzzles, Vexen cleaned his lab, Xaldin target practiced with Xigbar as the target, Xigbar did vice versa, Luxord challenged Marluxia to a game of poker, and Saix simply observed the moon.

Don't even ask about Xemnas. He's theoretically in his room doing who knows what.



If you were paying attention, you'd notice Axel, Demyx, and Roxas have yet to be named. Though it's true they're the only ones who still dress up for Halloween, they are not the only ones being featured in this tale. But you'll find out the rest soon enough.




Demyx and Roxas were waiting outside Axel's room. The pyro said he had to work extra hard on his costume to make it convincing, and he wanted to surprise the other two. Hence they were waiting outside.

Both Demyx and Roxas had somewhat forgot about Halloween and had quickly put together costumes of fail. Roxas was a

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