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The Unpopular Opinions Thread

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I don't think any white girl can pull off black lipstick.


I just think it looks too dark compared to their skin tone, and doesn't look good at all. Seriously, I haven't met a white girl who can pull it off. :/

And I'm white, and a girl, so don't think I'm being racist or sexist o-o

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I believe that women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, hell the should be able to shirtless if guys can too, and now be called sluts. They should be able to sleep with who they want, WHEN they want. They aren't hurting you or anyone else so why make them feel bad and call them sluts.

It's not your life and it isn't your business. No need to make someone feel horrid.


I agree with this!







I reckon the North Melbourne Football Club will win a final in 2012! GO KANGAS!

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Dang, I am feel like I am dying trying to restrain myself from responding to many of these. But I will not break the thread rules.


Anyway, I have a lot of opinions so here it goes (Some of these aren't necessarily unpopular, but are highly likely to cause arguments):


In 2008 I thought Obama was going to be great. Now, I don't hate him, but I think he could have done better. Honestly, now I really think that none of the candidates in the 2008 election were that good. I hope 2012 has far better candidates. And if Obama gets re-elected, then I hope he is able to do what he wanted in his first term (to be honest, I think the rest of the government is partially to blame for him not being able to deliver).


Our government behaves like a bunch of immature high schoolers in an argument. Why must we have such a giant war between Democrats and Republicans (I'm more on the Democrat's side, by the way)? They way they handle things, they are not going to get anything done.




My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has unleashed a plague upon the internet. I am sick and tired of seeing ponies everywhere. I don't care that people like it, more power to them. But the shows fan-base as a whole* has blown it way out of proportion, and a fair few are very obnoxious and elitist about their fandom.

*Note: Not talking about every individual. Most MLP:FiM fans are pretty cool, but the few bad ones ruin it for everyone.


Abortion should be perfectly legal. Not going to go over this...


All the "unwritten laws of society" about gender roles, how genders should behave towards each other, someone's race, someone's religion, and anything else along those lines is pure and utter bull. All people are completely and utterly equal. Women can do the same thing as men, and men can do the same thing as women (except for... certain bodily functions...). And by everything I mean everything. If it is acceptable for women to "hit" a man with justifiable reason, then the same rule goes the other reason around. Just take about any rule that goes towards one gender, and either eliminate it or make it apply for both. Minority groups deserve the same respect and rights as majority groups. And it doesn't matter whether someone is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or any other religion/spirituality/whatever that I don't have the time or patience to mention. Do you know where almost every conflict in this dang world comes from? That's right, ignorance and intolerance. Those two things must be completely and utterly eradicated if we are ever to have anything close to the idea of "world peace".


People who abuse animals, especially when the animal can't protect itself, are the lowest form of life forms possible. They lack every ounce of humanity, and are worthless. Same goes for anyone who abuses other humans. These people don't deserve to exist, and if they were unable to be changed I would have them all locked up and secluded from every other form of life like the worthless waste of space they are.


Less serious ones:


Almost all mainstream pop and rock is utter crap.


Fan[boys/girls] are some examples of humanity's stupidity.


358/2 Days was a good game. Story-wise it was tied with KHI (beaten only by CoM)* and had a far better story than KHII and Coded. Xion wasn't a bad character, the only thing wrong with her was that she was a Kairi look alike, but they made it work.

*Haven't played BbS, so I don't count it.


Kairi will not become a "real" Keyblade weilder, and she doesn't deserve to. As a character she is completely pathetic in KHII, while being alright in the first game. She had an excuse for being so helpless in KHI but in KHII she was perfectly capable of fighting. All around, Kairi's "clones" are far better characters than she will probably ever be.


Vanitas shouldn't come back. Yeah, he was a cool character, but there is no reason for him to come back. Some characters should actually stay dead! I will be extremely annoyed if he comes back, because I know that his fans whining for him to come back will be at least partially responsible for his return.


Yeah that was a lot, but now I don't have to post more than once. I had more, but they were probably more provocative and controversial than would be appropriate.



I actually think Lady Gaga is one of the most amazing singers of this generation. I really respect her. She's an amazing performer and I wouldn't describe her music as 'pop'. I'm not sure what it is. It's a little of everything. I mean songs like Heavy Metal Lover and Scheisse definitely are not pop. I'm really glad she exists. And I'm glad she's fighting to make a law for Jamey, one of her fans that committed suicide.


Women = Men, equal in every single way. Women are not smarter. Men are not stronger. Men shouldn't be expected to hold doors and pull out chairs unless women are too.


Bush screwed everything up. Obama can't really do much. It's like, he's trying to undo all of Bush's mistakes imo. He's not the best, but I don't think he's done anything wrong. We all mess up.

It's all Bush's fault


I don't really like Lady Gaga, but I Googled that bolded part, and I absolutely agree. I have nothing but respect for her and her actions in that particular case. As for the other two points, I completely agree.

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