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Do you have any pets?


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  1. 1. How many pets do you have?

    • none
    • only one
    • two
    • three or more
  2. 2. What kind of pets? (you may pick multiple choices)

    • I already told you I don't have any! ):
    • Dog(s)
    • Cat(s)
    • Bird
    • Other(s)

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A Lab-Husky mix puppy (she's pure white with golden ears--she looks like a little angel!) and one of my brothers is getting a snake. (now I'm going to go to bed one day and find a snake in my pillow case. eek!)

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I have no pets cause my mom is afraid of the regular cats and dogs and generally furry animals :< We did get some canaries and lil parrots at some point but she got bored so we gave them away ! Also for a day we try a lizard but at the end both of us were kinda scared to take care of it xD

It's funny cause I took my love for animals from my dad and I got the fear of them from my mom xD So it takes some time to be fine next to them xD

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