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Because I always wanted to be an author...

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Okay,guyz, ever since I was little I always liked writing stories, and I wanted to be an author. Every time a see a blank peice of paper I want to fill it with words....

but everything ends up crumpled in the trash.

Lately I've come up with a very good concept that I want to run by you guys, but it's a little hard to explain.

So, you know in so many stories, how some people die so the hero can complete his mission? I beleive the term is martyr...

well, I was thinking about a story about an underground group of people who literally die for a hero, and are reborn in another...world? story? life? to die again. theres no getting out of it. and if you fail to die for a hero, you might have to live with the consequences, or what the villains turn that story into.

They all have a set lifeline though. You never know which death might be final. Some are longer than others, and they get to go to more worlds than the others. But you never know when it's your final world, so everytime you do die for a hero, it's a risk.

Also, sometimes you make friends and even start to love people, then you have to leave them.

I'm also aware of the fact that some people don't beleive in reincarnation, my religion forbids it... but If I made the central figure God, who made these people to save the world? Would that help the religious types?Cuz I'm not calling it reincarnation.

It's just a basic sketch, but I don't want to elaborate in case anyone ever steals this. I just want to know if it sounds like a book you would read, cuz If it gets written (and I am serious about this) I might actually publish it.



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i've always wanted to be a writer, loads of people love the imagination i put into it.


and instead of making there be god, make a new god, whole new religion. i use that, which means you can make the rules in the world of the story.


hope i helped in some way :)

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omgay i wants to be an author too! my ELA teacher said if I try I can actually be one! Because all my family and friends say that my short stories are REALLY good! ^.^

What I do do is make up their own religion, make a name, and explain it well.

just like KK1 said. ^.^ I am actually re-starting mine because is was horrible. lol! but i would also LOVE to see it! (your story!)

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