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***ALERT AWESOME KH STORY** :3(prob horrible)

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~ Lily's P.O.V~

I will never forget that day 10 years ago when my mom tried to explain to me where my dad was going. Into the light she had said. What did she mean? Now, she herself is in the light. Gone. Like that. Now, I stand with my closest friends, Leon, Yuffie, Cloud, Tifa and Aerith.

Aerith: Are you okay Lily?

Me: Yes, I am fine No, what do you think? I am ALONE NOW!

Leon: Okay, we should go.

Tifa: Yea, your right.

Me: I am going to stay. You guys can go.

Yuffie: Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

Aerith: When you want, come back. *everyone leaves*

Me: I never do..*sits next to mom's grave*

- It is a calm sunset, in Radiant Garden. My mom, she always liked this place. For a while we lived in Traverse Town, then we cam here. We were Lucky though. We were never here when the heartless were around. Geesh, I'm getting tired...-

Me: *yawns* I'll just take a nap..*closes eyes*

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Otay, here is Part 2!

~Aerith's P.O.V

Next day~

Me: WHERE IS SHE??!?!?!

Leon: Relax, she probably took her walk..


Yuffie: Aerith, there is no need to yell, I mean, where could she have gone? A different world?

Me: Your right. She probably DID go on her walk!

Cid: See, no need!

Cloud: We should start looking now.

Tifa: I'll check outside town near shadowed Depths..

Cloud: I'll check near Ansem's lab.

Leon: I'll check around her mother's grave...

Yuffie: I'll check near Malecifent's castle.

Me: I'll check in town...

Everyone: Okay!

~Lily's P.O.V~

I woke up in a different place. Nowhere where I have been before. Everything was gray and white. Adn there were these two men in front of me. One was well, scary looking, he had blue-purple hair and an X on him. He also had this coat, it was hooded and black, with chains and a zipper. There was another next to him, same coat, but he had long black hair and sideburns, he looked like a grump too me.

Me: W-where am I?

?: She awoke. Report the superior and the Queen, Xaldin.

Xaldin: Yes.*leaves*

Me: W-who are you?

?: You will find out soon enough.

Me: Where am I?!

?: The Castle that Never Was.

Me: I wanna go home!

?:*smirks* You'l probably never see those 'friend' again.

Me: WHY?!

~Sora's P.O.V~

Riku and I were at the Papau tree

Me: I can't believe it's been 3 months since we defeated Xemans Organization 13..

Riku: Me either.....

Me: It's so weird.....-

?: Guys!

I turned around and Kairi was running towards us..

Me: What's wrong?



Chapter 2: A new friend

Queen Yami's P.O.V

When Xaldin tole me and Xemans that Lily awoken, I was estatic.

Me: Great, Xemans, shall we go?

Xemans: Indeed.

Me: Great...

Then we started walking to the Grey Room, there I saw a girl who was on the ground arguing with Saix. She had shoulder length brown hair with bangs, a white shirt with laces [like Yuna in FFX-2 the shirt] and a black skirt with blue and black boots that go up to her knee.

Girl: Tell me where I am!

Saix: There you are Queen...

Lily's P.O.V

I saw a man come in with silver hair and the SAME coat. And Girl, about 16, my age. She had her eyes closed, a long jacket with a rather short red dress, she had a necklace that had some sort of sign....[link:http://yellercrakka.deviantart.com/art/Kingdom-Hearts-Nobody-Necklace-118145073] and long blond hair.

Me: Who are YOU?!

?: My name is Queen Yami. Ia m queen od darkness and Nobodies, how are you Lily?

Me: I-I wanna go home!

Yami: Sorry, we need you fist, then, if you fail the test you may not be alive enough...

Me: ..Test... alive enough...-WHAT TEST?!- No! I won't!

Yami: I am sorry, you have no choice.

?: Yes!

A boy I think popped out of NOWHERE!

Yami: Maru. OF COURSE! Leave it to her too ruin my plans...

Me:-I am mean!- Umm what?

Maru: Come! *grabe me* Let's go!*opens a portal and throws me threw*

Me: AHHH!!!!

Maru: See ya!*goes after me*

~Kairi's P.O.V~

Me: See, the king wants us to be careful, the darkness is back...

Riku: This can't be go-

?: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL?!??!?!*falls into the water*

?#2: I told you not to scream!*lands in water*

?: I don't even KNOW who you are! Adn you throw me into a dark thingay and I AM NOT EVEN HOME! And I HAVE NO CLUE WHO YOU ARE!

Me: What? Who are THEY?!

Sora: Let's find out! *looks in their directiona and starts waving* WHO ARE YOU?!

?: I am Lily!

?#1: MARU!

-END of Chapter 2-

Who is this mysterious Maru? Will Lily get home? Who are those men in black coats? What does Yami want with Lily? What test? Will Demyx find his sitar?

Demyx: SASHA!

Find out next time I feel like editing!

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