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=An eternal sanctuary[/align]




[align=center]My soul speaks so sliently

But I just can't hear it anymore.

Ever since you've been gone,

Not once have you escaped the chamber of my throbbing heart.

You broke open the lock of it-

Even though I knew it'd be hard to do.

My spirit still bleeds from the pain and hurt you've caused me to now know-

I've never felt so alone.

Your harsh words from a far-off memory still burn like venom in my core.

Even from all those months...years,

You still made me feel in such a way I thought I'd never remember-

Yet now my most inner dreams have been finally regained.

Do you hear me whisper your name in the stillness of night?

I try to walk away - I can no longer stay under your spell.

These memories of those days hidden deep in the hollows of my heart seem to stalk me; No matter where I run to, your image remains.

I must forget you, and though it is far beyond a goal I have to eventually reach that is near the word impossible, I swear I will someday.

A lack of hope will no longer cause this healing wound to stumble.

I need to leave behind the past that I've shed so many tears about - Yesterday will become never.

Forever will I remain in my, and not your sanctuary of which I used to know.

An eternium, one of my own.[/align]


Comments and critiques, pleaseandthankyou.

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