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Kyoshi Kinomora

Ryu vs yukio

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The two men would stand in the battle grounds and wait for each to make there move.


Ryuutsurugi he takes a stance- alright then -I clamp my fists together, and they glow with a raging azure flame- SHINHA! -I let loose a ki blast in the shape of a dragon's jaw- HAKOUKEN!


~Yukio stood there with his hands placed comfortly in his pockets, slowly removing both his left and right hand from his pockets, yukio glared at his opponent his bold brownish,yellow eyes showing no emotional expression. Yukio seperated his feet, sliding his right foot away from his left, as his feet seperated yukio would slowly raise his right hand holding out his palm toward his opponent angeal. He sent a large ki wave and hit the dragon away sending shock waves through out the ground.


Ryuutsurugi Kishin Ken!!! -he strikes you with a fast blow to the chest followed by a leaping kick knocking Yukio into the air some while unleashing another powerful kick


~Standing there after getting hit with the ki blast, yukio glanced at his opponent locking his bold brownish, yellow eye's on him. As he locked his eye's on his opponent he noticed angeal attempting to hit him with a quick blow, quickly lifting his left arm, yukio deflected the punch aiming toward his chest. Lifting his right arm quickly blocking the kick with the back of his arm, Yukio would spin doing a 180, as he spent he would attempt to follow up with a high kick to angeal's chin.~


Ryuutsurugi he brings his arm around knocking your leg aside as he counters- Shinha Kou Ken!! -he unleashes multi ki blast at you as he moves his hands around black flames swirling around him as the flames form in the palm of his hand as he sends the flames at yukio forming a dragon of flames- Black Flaming Dragon Strike!!!


~As yukio noticed you deflected his kick, he took instantly vanished from sight. Unfortunately, yukio was moving at a inhanced speed of 125mps, yukio then appeared behind his opponent angeal holding his right hands palm out at his back. As yukio held his hand out, a ball of electricity formed into his hand, as the ball formed yukio sent a large bolt of electricity toward angeal, As the bolt of electricity came out of contact with yukio's hand it would travel at the speed of 300mps. Yukio plan was to paralyze his opponent where he stood, after paralyzing his opponent, yukio would go straight for the kill.~


Ryuutsurugi he lands on the ground as he bends down touching the earth as it would rise in front of him making a wall taking the impact of yukio's attack he then would take his stance back charging up for his next attack


~The lightning would die out from the palm of yukio's hand, as the sparks died out yukio would move at the speed of 125mps vanishing from sight once more. Reappearing above his opponent angeal, yukio would be coming down with a powerful left heel aiming at the top of angeals head. After throwing a heal down yukio would follow by spinning in mid air throwing another kick with the opposite leg which would be his right.~



Ryuutsurugi would then be knocked out due to the power and such force of the move.

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