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Lu Xun

Do you think you'll ever stop playing video games?

Do you think you'll ever stop playing video games?  

169 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think you'll ever stop playing video games?

    • Yes, when I become an adult. I won't have time to play anymore.
    • Yes, I think I'll stop when I start working.
    • Probably in the future, but I'm not 100% sure.
    • No, video game is something I'd never like to left behind.
    • No! I will even try to get a job related to video games, that way I can play them even at work!
    • Nah, doesn't matter if I'm adult or child, the fact is: I love video games!
    • Actually, I've already stopped...

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Video games are created for everyone to enjoy. My parents are 55 and 56 and they're still playing video games even with their busy work schedules. They aren't necessarily the newest games on the block but they're still playing games... I don't see why I would stop too unless there are financial reasons or something...


I agree. Even if you have a busy life, I seriously doubt you never have time to do anything. When you have a job, you do get vacation and days off, and I doubt you will have a social life so incredibly active that you are with others on every single day you don't work (that would wear anyone out). College I can definitely understand, bit having money I can definitely understand, having a job not so much.

*Oh, and love your avatar by the way. :D


Anyway, I want to get into a job with video games, though failing that I will either be an author or something with computers.

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No way. I wanna play video games as long as I can, even if it's just playing during whatever free time I have once I'm in the work world. Video games (well, the ones that I play) have life lessons that have literally shaped who I am. I'm not limiting that to my childhood; they still have the potential to shape me in adulthood. And plus, video games are like books to me; they help me escape this reality and place me in another one for a while. It's a great stress manager for when I wanna get away from this frustrating world. xD

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Well I'm sure that no one hears knows about(I could be wrong) but there's this guy Woodysgamertag, a youtube commentator, who is 38ish and still playing games.


So, I'm not saying I want to be like him, but I could definitely see myself growing up to be like that. I mean I love video games, it's gotten to the point where I might do youtube commentaries over some things, so it's a passion of mine that I don't see going away. Granted, I doubt I'll be playing them forever, but who knows.

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I've already stopped playing video games. Video games are junk, and a waste of time. They also limit your imagination, and are full of mindless dribble. Kids should be outside, playing, instead of randomly touching button on a cheap, plastic controller.


When I get kids, I'm never letting them get anywhere NEAR video games! I hate those things! Rant rant rant! D:<


lol /shot

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