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A girl named Zion

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Hey everybody! this is my first post here so im pretty excited.:D i love to think up kh short stories. this story is about Riku thinking about Xion (but he doesn't know her name.) this will be at riku's poit of veiw. hope you like it!


"hey riku! me and kairi are going to the movies see ya later"

there they go again. after the whole adventure, Sora and Kairi started to go out. i can't blame them.... i tried to take kairi's heart after all. but there was that other girl.... The one who looked like kairi. Her short Black hair, that distain look in her eye. Even though she had had sora's memories, She was the one. If i cant Find a girl like that in my life then i don't deserve love. Im just a.......a... no-

"hey you!"

Then i see a girl reambling that girl! she had long, Black hair,

Sparkling blue eyes, and a beautiful face.

" hi im Riku." i say

" Riku, nice name. im Zion, im new in town so i went adventuring and just saw ya hanging here to this.... paopu tree right?" She said.

I smiled " yea thats right."

" Well, i heard that if you share a paopu fruit with someone you'll be tied to him or her forever." She Pulled a fruit off " i wanna see if thats true, wanna try it with me?"

I don't know if it was a good or bad choice, but i did it With the beautiful girl. I never felt connected to someone so close before.

" here, let me show you around." i told her

she showed her pretty smile and said " Sure;)"

By the end of the day, i ended up falling in love again. i'll make sure i don't lose this girl. i will see how this relationship ture out but i know i'll like it!:heart::heart::heart:;)


Hope you enjoy the short story and plz rate it!

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