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pain of the 'heart'

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Summary: What if the 'nobodies' didn't fade away when they died? What if they really did have 'Hearts' that they didn't know existed? What happens when a new and 'Beloved' member is struck down with a chance to be saved? What if Axel was the only one who could 'Save' the "World that never was"?


BLUE=preasent time

RED=flash back




"Xai! Xai! Damnit Xai Wake up!"

The shrill voice yelled as the tall lanky man shook the cold 'lifeless' body below him. The girl had been stricken down by the Keyblade master. The entire organization was being taken out one by one. But this, this was it how dare that bastard come into their world and take down this new memeber! The 'hatred' boiled deep down inside the man as he fought the burning growing behind his eyes.


"XAI please poen your damn eyes this isn't funny"

He yells again shaking her shoulders. Her body had gone cold hours ago after she was killed. No signs that she had even drawn her wepon. It seemed all to clear in his mind that Xai had not fought against the menice 'Sora'


"First you take Roxas from me and now you take Xai? You damned keyblade bearer I'll kill you if its the last thing these hands have the chance to do!"

The man 'cried' out and pulled the now 'dead' girl into his arms 'hoping' to high hell that he could bring her to Vexen's before there was no chance. Even though she'd been 'dead' for hours there was still a chance to save her.


The lanky man ran through the rain of 'Twilight Town' his natrual spiked red hair falling to his back with the weight of the water but that was the least of his worries at that moment. If Xai was alive she'd be making jokes about how girly he looked with his hair down. But her lips were sealed and turning a deathly shade of purple past the cold blue he'd found when he'd gone to find her.


Reaching a secluded area of the forest he'd oppened a portal and ran through it into Vexen's lab. The blonde scientist turned towards the new presence.

"Vexen ya gotta help me"

"Yes Axel what might the problem be?"

Axel held out his ams showing the 'Dead' Nobody and Vexen gasped in 'surprise' and rushed forward. He -Even though he was 'Heartless' and cold- 'Cared' about the young girl. He placed the 'Dead' girl onto a gurney and started trying to 'revive' her.


Vexen sighed and turned to Axel with a 'Grim' expression.

"Axel, get Zexion, please. We'll need to prepare a funneral."

Axel's face turned to a grimice and he fell to his knees while pounding his fist onto the metal table.

"Damnit Vexen isn't there anything you can do?" Axel whispered 'Pain' ripping his 'Heart' into shreads.

Vexen shook his head 'solomly' and sighed again.

"No she's been 'Dead' for much to long. Now please fetch Zexion and I'll prepare her for the funneral" Vexen turned back to the 'Dead' girl on the table and started his autopsy and Axel nodded standing and walking from the room._________________________________________________________________________________________________


"Axel, Why do you say we don't have hearts?"

Xai asked while finishing off her ice-cream bar and tossing the stick from the side of the clock tower. Axel shrugged his shoulders and looked out at the sun grinning.

"Maybe, thats all I know, Maybe having a heart would be more of a burden than believing otherwise, Or maybe...Maybe its the truth."


The smile on Axel's face faded towards the end. Xai walked over to her friend and wraped her arms around the man.


"I think its just that the burden would be more if you thought you did. All that 'pain' that comes with having such a weight. But you know what Axel I think a heart is a great thing to have. So I'll keep thinking I have one."


Xai giggled, Her silver and plack hair brushing her neck drawing Axel's eyes to watch the 'angelic' demon before his eyes.

"I'll have a heart as long as this body keeps breathing. If I can bleed and dance and sing, Well than I have a heart and not you or "Mansex" can tell me otherwise,"


She giggled again


"Got it memorized?"


Axel laughed and pulled the teasing girl into his lap and resting his chin on her soft hair while she flailed her arms around trying to escape.


"C'mon Xai, time to head back before "Mansex" comes looking for us."

Axel stood releasing Xai and began walking off. The girl nodded standing and dusting off her coat then catching up with the red head with a brisk run.


"I have a mission to go on later. But its only a recon mission nothing dangerous so you can expect me home for supper alright Axel?"


The red head nodded and bent to brush his lips againts the girl's cheek. Xai blushed and stopped in front of him.


"Just don't lose that 'heart' of yours seeing as your the only one who 'has one'"

Axel laughed and walked off again.

Xai stood and smiled placing her hand on her cheek.



Axel made his way down the hall and turned towards Xai's 'room' if it could even be called one. A storage closet cleaned out to acomidate someone 'Living' in it. Axel grunted and continued on his way to zexion's room. He reached the desired room and with a 'glum' look knocked. He was answered by a short slate haired man with his nose stuck in a book.


"Zexion, Vexen requires your asistance in his 'office' another is dead"

Axel's eyes cast downward and Zexion sighed.


"Who is it this time?"


"Xai silver-wing"


Zexion dropped his book and the large volume hit the ground with a thud. His hands flew to cover his mouth. He shook his head and looked at Axel.


"You must be kidding...Tell me this is one of your sick jokes"


"I wish it was seeing as I'm the one who found her."

Axel's voice held acid towards the other nobody. Turning his head away he closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.


"God damnit why did she chose you over me? WHY? I could have prevented this. But no you had to make her 'mad' She would never have run off without her wepons if you hadn't been so cruel to her"


Zexion glared at Axel. See they had been in this fight many a time but this by far was the worst.


"She had to learn that we don't have hearts its in my nature to be so cruel but it was never my intention to allow her to die...Damnit Axel why do you have to blame me I just made her angry I didn't kill her."


Axel waved him off.


"You might as well have. Thanks to you She's gone. Go help Vexen I don't want to hear your excusises"


With that Axel left Zexion to think and himself to sulk.




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