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The Untold girl.

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BTW: This is a FF7/KH story

Faith's P.O.V


Me: Mommy! There you are!
Mom: Faith, I am busy, can you leave?
Me: But... we were supposed to go pick the Roses!
Mom: Things have changed! Go now Faith.
Me: But....*looks down* Vincy would. To bad you killed him.
Mom: What?! You say I killed Vincent?

~End of Dream~

I knew that voice, I always would know it. I opened my eyes to see Ms.Sidy. The orphanage keeper. She had snow white, curly short hair. She had her gray.white swater on with a pink shirt under, A gray long skirt too match.
Ms.Sidy: Wake up you worhtless child! The people are coming in an hour!
Me: Okay....
I got up, got dressed into my clothes for today. (http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/normal_honoka_sakurai.jpg)
Then, I went downstairs. I saw the kids who lived around here, they come and talk to us. They call us the 'less fortunate' I just want to say 'I am fine, I don;t need your stuff. LEAVE!' I afterall was the oldest one ehre, I was 16. Once that girl Kairi saw me her face lit up. She ALWAYS wante to talk to me.
Kairi: Faith!
Me: *rolls eyes* Hi, Kairi.
Kairi: Looks like you were sleeping late! Late night?
Me: No, I didn't want to come down here. -yes-
Kairi: Oh.... sorry.. *looks down*
Even thought I hated the idea, I did feel bad when I hurt their feelings.
Me: But, once Ms.Sisy told me you were her, I got up real fast!
Kairi: *looks up with a smile* Really?!
Me: Yeah! -no, not really, she would've hit me-
Kairi: Well, we have to go now. I hope someone picks you!
Me: Yeah, probably not....
Kairi: Oh, don't worry! I'm sure somone will! Bye! *walks out of Orphanage*
I sat down on the closest chair and closed my eyes 'Why am I dreaming of them, every night..... who are they' I thought to myself. Then, people started to come in. I had to go the the main room now. 'yay'

Okay, I will right more!

tee hee! hoped ya liked it
[align=center] Tifa's P.O.V
I was looking for someone old enoguh to work part-time and I always felt bad about the kids everytime I walked by. So, I came. Then I saw a girl, old enough, I walked up too her.
Me: Hi, I am Tifa Lockheart. I own The Seventh Heaven Bar. What's you name?
?: My name is Faith, Faith, well, I actually, I don't know.
Me: Oh, that's cool. So, how long you've been hear?
Faith: Since they found me in a coffin, with a dead rose in the depths of the Shinra Manor. So, since I was four. So about....12 years.
Me: -Shinra Manor was and still is in the remains of Neiblheim. How come I didn't know. Was it a secret?- Oh, Nibleheim?
Faith: Yes.
Me: I come fro there!
Faith: Really? That's really awesome!
Me: So, uhhh where is the lady i charge?
Faith: Ms.Sidy? Over there, the old hag...... wait. Are you going to adopt me...?
Me: Yes, and I hope you would liek too earn some cash too. I would like you to help me at the bar.... -Please say yes-
Faith: Sure!
Tifa: Okay, let's go then....

okay, osrry for the short chapter, nect will be longer! :P:D

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