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Hi all! My name is Danielle. My YouTube channel has many focuses, but one of my main pieces of content is Level Story where I discuss story in video games. Yes, Kingdom Hearts will indeed be discussed at some point which is the reason I started the series. Season 1 is currently out and Season 2 is coming out in April. 


Also, I just posted a review of DDD. Maybe that'll entice you? I hope so. Haha. Okay, I have rambled enough. I just joined this forum and can't wait to talk Kingdom Hearts with you all!



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Hey there,


Some of you probably recognize me already for Project Kingdom XIII, but I also do other video game remixes and covers as well, and will likely do a lot more in the future. I also occasionally do video game and music production streams, and vlogs from time to time.


Come in and enjoy the party!


KEYJAYHD - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLCemz-Z5S_hLjZ7PPEbj8Q

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