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Twilight's Dawn Chapter 2 Broken Bonds

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Roxas and Axels fight raged on nether one of them gave an inch of defeat it went on for ages. Roxas Keyblades started acting strange some sort of energy appeared from them and hurt Axel it was that girl with the black hairs Spirit. Roxas you cant do this you will die Sora needs you just as much as you need me. We must go back into Sora or the Organization will destroy everyone and make them heartless. after the girls speech Axel got back up don't you know when to stay out of things snapped Axel he shot a Chickram at the girl with black hairs and she was gone. Now that thats finished lets finish this shouted Axel the battle raged on and on Roxas then used Bizzarga this hurt Axel alot then Roxas finished him off with a double slash with his keyblades Axel was defeated. Then Roxas fell into Darkness trying to escape Roxas woke up in Olympus Coliseum. He ran around the place then found the entrance to the underworld he entered the Underworld and found Demyx. What are you doing here Demyx asked Roxas replied with simply releasing his Keyblades Demyx then got out his Sitar and the Battle was on.

[[ This Chapter is Currently under Editing the final version will be soon up ]]

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