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world's collide

who do you want to meet the characters?  

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here is a story about different games coming together in one world. Sort of smash bros but not. K here's the story!


One night, a boy named sora was exploring his world with his best friends riku and kairi. Riku ran ahead of the other two. "Sora, we are alone now... There's something I wanted to tell you sora." "What is it kairi?" "Well sora, I... I.. I love you." sora thought for a moment. Then he leaned in for a kiss. But the ground started shaking, and it cracked. "An earthquake!" Shouted sora. Kairi said "where's.. Where's riku?" Riku came up out of the trees. "I'm going to see other worlds." "but riku... Last time u went toward darkness." Sora said. "Yes sora, but... But that was last time. These are new worlds. Worlds full of light, ill be fine." "But riku... Don't g."" "Sorry sora. But I'm leaving." Riku jumped down into the crack in the ground. "Kairi I'm going after him. Will you be ok here?" "Sora. Don't go too." "Kairi I gotta. He's my friend." Sora leaped into the crack leaving kairi on the islands alone.

"I always get left here on these boring islands! I'm going too, I have a keyblade. I can handle myself" kairi ran back to the crack hoping it would be there. It was shrinking. Kairi jumped for the crack.... She... She made it!


Sonic's world:


"See ya tails and knuckles, I gotta go defeat eggman alone this time. He has the biggest threat. A so called heartless." "Sonic!!! Don't go! You could get hurt. And I love you!!!" "Amy get off! Ill be ok." "Ok sonic, are you sure you want to do this?" Asked tails. "I have to tails, its the only way." "Ok sonic." So tails powed up the generator leading to the portal to another world. "I'm going on!" Shouted sonic. A huge flash of light appeared. " Where am I?" "Who's there?" "I'm sora, and who are you?" " I'm the fastest hedgehog in the world! I'm sonic."

The two started talking and got to know each other better. In the meantime.



Over in death valley. Are shadow, and riku. "Shadow how did you get here?" "I passed through the darkness chamber." A gateway to other worlds from my world." "could that be how I got here?" "Most likely. Only fellows of the dark can live In here. I'm guessing you are one with the dark?" "Well I used to be. I changed for the safety of my best friends, sora and kairi." "Pathetic. Wasting power for friends." "Shadow, you'll never know what it was like. I grew up with them. They're my closest friends."


In flower meadow was amy picking flowers. "Do la la too la. Ohhh how do I love sonic. He's my hedgehog, and he will always stay blue. Do la la too la." "What are you saying?" A girl asked. " Who are you" amy replied. "I'm.. I'm kairi." Welcome kairi! Wanna be friends?" "Sure, I love making friends. Actually the friends I love the most are sora and riku." "Oh boys. Hehehe." Giggled amy.



This is the end of chapter 1. I will be working on chapter 2 tomorrow. Please post ideas on what worlds or who you would like to see in the saga of worlds collide. I can add from any games or movies that I have seen, played, or heard about. So a lot. Thanks for reading and hope you like it.


Sneak peak:

Worlds: marvel places, sonic world, pokemon world, god of war world, and many more. Post your ideas!!

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Thanks. The weird thing is, I thought if it like exactly when I typed it, like I created it right after I typed something, so it wasn't like I known all about wat was gonna happen, I just made it as I went on. Lol

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