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France: What kind of cupcake? I especially love ze ones with ze sprinkles, if you know what I mean, ohonhonho. . .

England: The last thing I need are sweets right now, thank you. I don't want to end up like that bloody America.

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My name is Norway.

My little brother, Iceland, started this thread.

I am his big brother.

I already found his Puffin, but I will find my little brother sooner or later.

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With my current avatar, witch character do I quote? Well, for now I'll use a quote from each one.

Kairi: "Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, I'm always with you."

Aqua: "I sense light within this girl. You think that's why they attacked her?"

Ventus: "At least I have some! I've become a part of their heart, just as they've become a part of mine. My friends are my power...and I'm theirs!"

Sora: "That's the power of the Keyblade!"

Terra: "There's darkness within me... So what does that matter? I know I'm strong enough to hold it back."

Riku: "They say every world is connected by one great big sky. So maybe there's somebody up there in all those worlds who's really hurting, and they're waiting for you to help them."

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