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Lea and Isa(Chapter 2-1 added)

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Lea(Axel) and Isa(Saix) are friends in Radiant Garden.


Lea-Looks like Axel but younger. He wears normal clothing. And usually holds 2 Frisbee's that have Fire markigns on them. Hence his weapons as a Nobody.


Isa-Saix but alive,he has the sam hair as him. And wears a blue jacket with a Crescent on it. He is a bit like his normal self,except he is not mad about he moon.


This is a story of what happens after meeting Ventus. ETC. (exept their deaths.)


Chapter 1-Isa,meet Moon


It was a pretty normal day at Radiant Garden. Normal blue skies. The castle was running. Nothing new. Isa was standing at the fountain waiting for Lea. "Where is he...he knows he shouldn't take this long." He waited another hour and knew he wasn't coming anytime soon. He left the fountain and went to a giant Refrigerator like building. He looked inside and it was cold... "What are they making in their..."

He looked left and right and went inside. It was cold. But that was expectant. Least he had a sweater on.

"Should have brought a hat..." he climbed some stairs to just tumble down them again. "OOH OW EECH OUCH!" He got up witha bruise on his chin. This time to took a Pickaxe he found on the floor and used it to get to the top of the fridge. He looked around and only saw a Telescope,peeking through it,he saw the Moon and smiled. "Wow..."

Suddenly a voice spoke up and Isa fell off the side and landed on a passing man,he got up and was scared out of his mind. "Oh no... are you ok?! Um...look i only got...300...400...500 Zennies. Im sorry!"

Isa put the Zennies in front of the man and ran away.

He went to the fountain to see Lea waiting for him. He walked towards him.

"Dude,where were you??" "Im sorry...i got a bit sidetracked. Lets go."


The two went in town to look for something to...buy...(Boy. Isa is gonna have a hard time getting anything with only like 100 Zennies.) END.



Chapter 2-Accesories


Lea and Isa walked into the Main market. When they noticed a shop with a giant Ring picture over it. They walked over to it and Isa recognized the man their. "Uh oh...um...Lea,maybe we can go look at the Potion shop. I heard they got a shipment of Elixers." "No way! This shop just got a shipment of Power bands!" "*sigh* im in trouble..." The man turned around and looked at Isa,he frowned. "What are YOU? Doing here?" "Sir...i said i was sorry. I gave you all of my Zennies on hand." "Well then,give me a reason why you fell on me?" "I already said. It was an Accident! A man scared me and made me fall off the edge!

The man was confused.(Srry. I am very lazy. I will finish off this chapter l8r.)


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