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I had THE WIERDEST dream last night involving KH13.....

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So we were all at KH13, which was a park. And me and this dude, who looked like a security guard but was my friend in the dream, were sitting on a bench. Then this like evil tornado portal thing comes out of a cell phone and sucks up KoolKingdom1 (I have no idea why, it just did.) So, me and this other person tell the security guard dude to say KoolKingdom1 because somehow that will free them (Don't you just love dream logic xD) so he does and then everything's normal. Then it happends again. And so me and the person this time are trying to pull KoolKingdom1 out of the portal thing and then we finally do and then my alarm goes off.

So I got back to sleep xD

(You can skip this next paragraph if you'd like because it's really unrelated to the KH13 part of the dream)

So then, my mom and I are at this party and there's lots of food :3 and the lady who threw it, my mom tells me that she recently had a baby (But she phrased it differently, and that's actually an important detail but I can't remember how she did.) So, naturally, I was like "Aww." and my mom was like "No. She lost it. The just found it [inferring a dead baby randomly somewhere O_O]"

THEN we were at an auditorium and this Chinese guy was serving Chinese food for breakfast so we ordered some and I stole my mom's plate then we had cereal.

The End.


Sorry to KoolKingdom1 for being the victim of my subconscious. I think it's because yours was one of the last posts I read before I went to bed xD

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No eating dead babies! It's not nice!


you might have been one of the random people in the background xD


But babies are delicious :O


was I there? maybe I ate the dead baby when you weren't looking O_O

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Hinako would eat the dead, cooked baby xD


Lol, I bet I wasn't in the dream xD




...... iwouldeatitthough...


wow u would? lol im glad u dont eat us in your family granted were not babys xD

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