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Ps4 Disscusion Video

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am i the only one who out doesn't want the ps4 (or what ever what it will be called) to come out?


well im good if they at least they the kh series in the ps3...

Believe me you're not the only one.


To be honest I'm not even sure that the Ps4 will be announced on 20th Feburary.People are self-hyping themselves,then when nothing comes out they'll accuse Sony of trolling.


Even if the Ps4 got announced and released this year,I'm not gonna buy it early for several reasons:


1Early versions of the console will have technical issues whether we like it or not,it the case with every new console


2It'll be extremely expensive and there won't be tha much games in the beginning of it's life cycle


3It's been 2 years since I got my Ps3 and I won't toss it away just because of "Next-Gen" bullshit.



I guess the reason why some people will buy a Ps4 the moment it comes out is just so they can feel proud and say: Hey,I got the next-gen console,and you don't....hahahaha.


Wanna enjoy the beauty queen race of Grahpics over gameplay in Next-gen consoles people???? fine because my old consoles won't go anywhere


I value my Ps2 more than I do to the new Ps4

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