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Hello again, KH13ers!

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Back for my occasional checkup... my last one was June :O




..So, how are you all?



Random section still far more popular than the rest of the forum?


DChiuch still having the same avatar?


Sora still liking Australian football?


Personal forum still a dismal place to browse?

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i remember u 


Hey Koko :D



Welcome back


Hello, but I'm not coming properly back, just checking in :P



You missed so much.


I'm sure I did :P



hey its me -ventus-

do u remember the power of the -v-v-v--v-v-v-v-v--v--v-v-v-v


I do remember you. Not the v-v-v-v-v thing though...



The answer to all those questions: Yes.


Sounds about right



I remember you too O.o


You missed so much


I remember you too :D



Er... I'm technically new here compared to the veterans of these forums so I can't say much.


Well, nice to meet you :P



My favorite Eagle has returned.


I'd be horribly offended if another Eagle stole your affection >.>



I love Australian & American football, Koolkingdom1234.




Hello o/



Eh, I think I remember you. Welcome back.


I remember you too, Hey :D

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