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What languages can you speak?

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English and Spanish. I'm fluent in Spanish since it was my first language despite the fact that I live in the U.S. I learned English in kindergarten since I had to, but I ended up becoming fluent in it until the beginning of 3rd grade.

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  • Hungarian.-my mother language
  • German-I learn almost 10 years ago, I can just translating. I hate the grammar.
  • English*-I learn in the school 2 years ago, but I understand the site 98%, I can translate/reading easyly/perfectly :D-next year-mid english exam :3
  • Japanese- I begin learn this in this year, I learn not too much, after I finished the High School, I want learn the language seriously

           (*I learn GB and USA english too.)

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I speak Finnish as my mothertongue. Other than that English and Sweadish - I studied Swedish six years but now I haven't studied it for a year and I've forgot SO MUCH. That's such a pity. But I don't use it anywhere so it's easy to forgot : / But I also have studied Russian (and I've forgot pretty much everything..) and Japanese (but I can only say some very simple things in it and I know just a few kanjis so I can't really read it)


My mothertongue is german, english is my second-language, sometimes I think it's the other way around though, I studyied japanese, I'm better at writing than having a conversation though, and a few words in french, spanish, korean and finnish.


Finnish too, cool! : D

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