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KH3D can someone fill me in on kh ddd story because i prob wont get to play it before kh3

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Sora and Riku went into a dream realm.

We find out that Master Xehanort is actually a heartless.

Eraqus is still alive.

Sora had some weird dreams about Roxas Xion and Terra Aqua and Ven.

Ansem Seeker of Darkness was the brown coat dude in kh1 and he somehow knows how to time travel.

Young Xehanort brought together the 13 darknesses.

Riku kicked ass.

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In the Sleeping Worlds, we were ready to trainSeeking out the secret portals to unlock the End of PainChilling out, maxing, dreaming all coolAnd whooping some Nightmares; takin em to schoolWhen a couple of guys, they were up to no goodStarted making trouble, trying to gain godhoodI got in one little fight and Riku got scaredJumped into my dreams, disappearin' into thin air.I awoke in Traverse Town, wearing some new gearA big ol X on my shirt, but it was nothing to fearIf anything I thought the Keyholes were rare,But I thought "nah, forget it, I see em right there!"I unlocked all the Keyholes, about seven or eight,But Braig put me to sleep, "Yo, kiddo, smell you later!"I looked at the darkness as I bathed in despairAs one of Xehanort's vessels in his bigass white chair.

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