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Random Stuff Giveaway

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Note beforehand: I'm doing this just cause. I know not everything is as superduperawesomekawaiidesune as I'd like it to be, but these are just stuff I want to get rid of that I know/think people would appreciate more than I do



Hi everyone! So you're probably wondering why I'm hosting a giveaway that has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts. Well I could answer that in a series of questions and I will. My reasons are:


*I have stuff

*I want to get rid of some stuff

*I like this forum and most of the people on it

*I feel like some of y'all would use this stuff better than I do


See we all go through phases, our interests always change blah blah blah. You might be thinking "ohh, why not give some of this stuff to your friends?" That's a good observation and I am going to answer that with A) None of my close friends IRL would really make use of this stuff and B) I've wanted to host a giveaway on any website for a really really really long time so I'm using this as my oppurtunity.


They're just random stuff, I know it's not a lot but if I can't find homes for these things then they'll just waste away in my room until next year's Anime Boston swap meet. And even they might not all go there.


So I'm hosting a giveaway. Here. Because I want to. If for whatever reason it turns out this is NOT ALLOWED ON THE FORUM then I'll probably just cancel it all together or if I'm not lazy I'll move it over to another website like tumblr or something. But if possible I'd really hope for it to be here.


It's a simple giveaway, there's not much to do, no catches, no schemes, the only thing you have to do is comment HERE. In this thread. It doesn't matter how often you comment, what you post or what you're doing (just try not to spam I guess, I don't think the administrators would like that).


You're probably wondering why I'm having you comment? Well you'll notice each comment/response on the threads in this website are numbered. Like the days in my life. Well there's this website called random.org. On that website is a completely random number generator. I click a button, and it gives me a number. I'll do that a few times whenever the thread hits a certain amount of comments. Whichever number I get on the generator, I'll look through the thread and find whoever posted that comment with that number wins a prize. YAAAAAAAY.


tl;dr: Post as much as you like, I'll use a random number generator to draw you and whoever's comment # is the same as the number I got, wins.


But there won't be just one winner. Nope! But if I did this for every post that'd be too quick. So for every 50 posts, I'll draw a number. (I might raise this to 100, it depends on how many people are even interested.) and you can post as many times as you want to along as you are NOT SPAMMING. That is not fair to the administrators or anyone else who values their notifications.


Rule time!!



1. You may post as much as you like, so long as you are not spamming. I've said this twice already so I think you get it.


2. If you have a question about this but ARE NOT ENTERING, then please do not comment here because I'm just going to assume you've entered! Just send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. I don't get the little chat thing very often so sending me a message the old fashioned way would be best.


3. As of right now, you cannot win twice. So if you win something feel free to keep commenting, but if a lot of people don't join then you won't be able to win twice. Sorry. If it turns out a lot of people enter then I might increase the amount of times you win to infinity, but I doubt anyone will really join anyways so...yeah.


4. If you are entering and you expect a prize, you HAVE to be okay with giving me your address. So if you're too young, your parents won't let you or you're simply just not comfortable with that, then DO NOT ENTER. Because how am I gonna send you what you won if I don't know where to send to. (Plus dont worry, you'll get my address too anyways)


5. As of right now also, I am not sure if I will be able to mail anybody OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. For now, I'm just going to assume that I can and if I can't.... Well, I'll ask the VERY nice woman at the post office for help (they're insanely nice down there honestly, I feel like I'm talking to Pelly in Animal Crossing). But if, for whatever reason you win and it turns out I can't ship internationally then I'll look up wikihow articles until I do it. I'm a little stupid, so bear with me.


Once again, if this fails here I'll just bring it to tumblr and see how that goes u w u






1. Kagamine Len Cosplay size M

Len Kagamine is a popular male vocaloid. I..don't really know much else about him.

Posted Image

The cosplay includes:

-his shirt

-his shorts

-his tie

-his armwarmers (is that what they're called?)

-his legwarmers

-his weird yellow and red belt-thingy

I was blessed with a spot-on body type that whenever I order a medium, it JUST fits. If you want the actual measurements I will try getting them, but if you have ever bought a cosplay or anything and fit into a "medium", then this size is for you. If you are tiny and run by a size S, then of course you can fit in it, but it will probably be a little big on you. Remember this is a male cosplay so it will look a little bulky on female cosplayers, but that's pretty much the desired effect, right?

SHOES, WIG, AND HEADPHONE THINGIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. What's included is what I listed above.

It's in great condition, only worn it two or three times. It was a $90 cosplay back when I bought it so if you don't really want it, try selling it or something.


2. Len Kagamine Figurine (in case you couldn't tell, I was reaaaaally into this guy at one point. Not sure why but it happened.)

Posted Image

This thingamabob includes:

-len kagamine figurine

-keyboard stand

Not much to say about this little thing except I windexed him so he smells LEMONY firetruckING FRESH. IF THAT DOESN'T STEAL YOUR HEART THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL.

If you collect or just like the character, then you can add this lil guy to your collection. If you want to go around and sell it, he was $30.

Seriously give him a home for someone who loves him, my Vocaloid-loving days are long gone. Sorry, Len

(PART 2:)


*Oh and, nothing else besides Len and the stand are included in the picture. Those ponies are MINE <3


3. Random Assorted Manga

Manga from series's that I am no longer interested in.

Posted Image

This set includes:

-Inuyasha Vol. 1 & 2

-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 1 & 2

-Fallen Vampire Vol. 1

-Naruto Vol. 16, 19, 21-25, 27, & 28

Pretty random, I know. But I want to clear my bookcase out of what I don't like/don't read anymore, and I'd rather give these to people who'd actually want them then like, throw them away or something (WHICH I would never do since I don't throw books away, they'd probably just rot in my closet until I find *somebody* to take them)


So if you ONLY want the Narutos, you can have ALL of the Narutos and nothing else. If you want ONLY the Inuyashas, then you can have them and no other manga. But I will give you all in a set.


4. White Fluffy Kitty Ears

Have you always wanted to be a kawaiidesune nekomimi???!1?? WELL NOW YOU firetruckING CAN

Posted Image

One pair of kitty ears. They are fluffy and pretty soft and if you wish, you can cut/comb/whatthefiretruckever to them to change the style. They're pretty secure imo and aren't heavy/hurt on the head. They attach with regular clips, like the ones I wear in my hair every day. Sorry you can't see it as well, I know my carpet kind of blends in with the silver clips...yeah.

I've worn these both over wigs and on top of my real hair, and they've never fallen out on me. My cat wasn't really amused by them though so, I wouldn't recommend these if you're trying to communicate with your pet.


Aaaand these are all the prizes I have...for now, at least. Hopefully I'll be able to add more since we're moving and all, and some things I really don't think I'll take with me.


I HAVE A CAT. SHE HASN'T REALLY RUBBED/SHEDDED ON THESE THINGS BUT IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC THEN...WATCH OUT I GUESS. I'm sorry, I'm useless I really don't know how to deal with animal allergies....:,D



Basic Overview:


1. If you're not comfortable/allowed to be giving me your mailing address, then do not enter. Ask your parents first if you're especially young.


2. If you have any questions, send me a private message, NOT an IM, and don't comment below. Otherwise I'm assuming you're entering.


3. If you have questions and ARE entering, that's fine, ask your questions here.


4. I know the prizes aren't that great, I'm just trying to find these things a good home.


5. You're not paying for anything. AT ALL (unless of course some shit goes down with the post office, but if I package these right nothing should happen), so don't worry about it.


6. I'm just trying to be nice, so keep mean comments to yourself or send them to my hatemail box: snavsux@mailinator.com :)





<3 <3 <3




Jesus Christ did this really take me 30 minutes to do??? hold up guys I think I'm gonna go do something productive for a moment....yea

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I would like to join.

Alright! Awesome. You can comment/post as much or as little as you like, ask whatever questions you may have, etc.

I've been waiting for this, as you've mentioned the manga to me before.And in the words of Abridged Luffy: GIMME DAT SHIT! :D

LOL yeah, I was hoping you'd remember :3 Abridged Luffy is awesome tho"EVERYONE TOUCH MY BODY""Like this?""Sure whichever"

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I wish I can join, unfortunately my mom wouldn't let me. So that means I wont get any prizes at all :/

Aww, I'm :( Have you tried, "Hey, some bitch from an online forum is giving away free stuff! Can I try and get said free stuff?" because I asked my mom and she was all on the 'free' thing xD I didn't win on that giveaway of course, but still got her permission.

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You can post as many times as you like. Just make sure not to spam, or the admins might get annoyed.

And remember, if it turns out not enough people join then ill just cancel/move this to another website.

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Yeah, I'd honestly rather have it here since putting it on tumblr means I'd have to rethink of WHOLE strategy (getting rid of the random number generator, and just randomly selecting somebody manually) which I thought would be organized xD

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