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The Other Nobody

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Day 9 Part 3


What's wrong with her? Why can't she remember anything anymore? First, Alexis forgot me and Saix. Second, she can't remember that can use the Keyblade. Now, she can't even remember a dream that she had for 8 days! Wouldn't that be burned into someone's memory? I have to know what's up with her. This must have happened when Alexis was taken away from me and Isa. That freak must of done something to her.

If it is that guys fault, I shouldn't get mad at her. Alexis wouldn't get mad at me if I forgot her. Maybe she needs some time to remember everything. But, what if after awhile she still can't remember? Then what should I do? Alexis is the only person I have left in this world. I know I sound sappy, but, what if some one close to you had lost their memory and you couldn't get it back? Wouldn't you feel like you lost someone? Even though they're still alive? This is how I feel, and I know Saix feels the same.

We both wanted her back, and now that we have her back, we can't lose Alexis again. So rather Alexis likes it or not, I'm going to be her protective brother again. Boy won't that be fun! Maybe when she gets her memory back, we can hang out again like old times. Yeah...just like old times.


Can someone remind me why I lied to Axel in the first place? I think I would've been better off telling him my dream, know that I think of it. I why would Axel care in the first place? I mean, yeah we're friends, but the way acts around me is like he's known me forever. But, it's nice to know someone cares.

I wonder if he'll tell Saix. It's not that I really care, it just seems that he really cares too. It's like he's known me for awhile too. If Axel does tell Saix, what he'll say? What will he do? If you ask me, Saix seems more protective over me than Axel is. I think he's just trying to hide though. Why he is? I dunno. Maybe that's why he didn't want me to talk with Demyx today. But like I said, it's nice to know someone cares.

I wonder if Axel is talking to Saix about what happened today. Don't call me a stalker, but I'm putting my ear against the wall that's in between mine and Saix's room. I have to know if he's telling him anything.

I waited a few minutes then heard some voices.

"How was today's mission, Axel?" Saix asked in a cold voice.

"It went fine. Alexis can use the Keyblade and she's a natural fighter. She took down those Heartless in no time." Axel explained.

"Good. Did you ask her about the dream?" He asked in a cold voice.



Axel sighed and said, "Alexis told me she can't remember. I don't know how, she just can't remember."

"What?!", Saix barked.

"Hey calm down! She's next door! Alexis can probably hear everything we're saying.And you heard me right. She seemed guilty with herself." Axel said.

There was a short pause. Then Saix said, "I see. You may leave now Axel."

Axel didn't say anything else, and left Saix's room. When he left, Saix said to himself, "Alexis, why is it that you can't remember?"

I took my ear off the wall and answered his question in my mind. 'I don't know. But please forgive me, Saix.'.


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Day 10 Part 1

Luckily,I didn't have any freaky dreams last night. I'm pretty sure that if I fell asleep for another 8 days,I would be kicked out of the Organization. Speaking of dreams,maybe I should tell Axel my dream that I lied to him. I'm not gonna tell him the whole thing, or tell him it today. I don't want him to think I lied to him or anything. Maybe later this week I should tell him I only remember parts of it. I hope that will make him feel better. Anyway, I should get going to the Gray Area.

The only people in the Gray Area were Xigbar,Saix(who looked glad (?) to see me.), and Demyx who was doing the same thing yesterday. Sitting on the couch and playing his Sitar. When Demyx saw me come in he shouted, "Hey over here!"

When I sat down next to him, he said, "Hey I never got your name yesterday."

"My name's Alexis." I told him with a small giggle.

"Well Alexis, my name is Demyx." I didn't tell him I already knew. "You never answered my question from yesterday. Do you play an instrument?"

I shook my head. "Nah. I could never play an instrument even if my life depended on it."

Demyx just laughed at my answer and said, "Yeah right! No one is that bad at playing an instrument!" He placed his Sitar on my lap and said, "I'm gonna teach you to play the Sitar, and you'll see it's not that hard."

As Demyx was about to tell me stuff about the strings, Saix walked up and said, "I see that you're slacking off again, Demyx."

Demyx slowly turned his head to face Saix, and did a fake smile. "Hey there Saix. I wasn't slacking off. I was just-"

"Yes, you were." Saix interrupted. "Now,GET TO WORK!!!!!" Saix commanded. Demyx took the Sitar off my lap, got off the couch, said "Yes sir!", and ran into the Dark Corridor.

Saix turned to me, and in a calm voice asked, "Didn't I tell you not to be with him?"

I got off the couch and said, "I'm sorry sir, but Demyx asked me something, so that's why I talked to him."

Saix said."I see. Just don't talk to him again. I will accompany you on your mission today and teach you to use magic. Wait until I'm done giving everyone their missions,and we can go." And walked off.

'CRAP!!!!!' I shouted in my head. 'I don't want to go on a mission with the guy who stares at me.' I just sighed, sat back down on the couch, and pulled out my Ipod. Thank god I had this, or else I would have nothing else to do.


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Day 10 Part 2

It took about an hour until Saix was done giving out missions. A little bit ago, Axel asked if anyone was going to be my partner. When I told him it was Saix, he told me to tell him if anything would happen. What did he mean by that? I'm getting shivers on my spine thinking about it. I just want to get this mission to be over with. Its not that i don't like Saix, its just that I'm not so sure about him. I mean, at first he stated at me like I was a freak when I first got here. Then he asked Axel about my dream, and now Axel wants me to tell him if anything happens on the mission. What should I think about this guy?

My mission was at Twilight Town (Again.) I found that using magic really isn't that hard. I had to bring these things with me to help me use magic. Then I point my Keyblade at the heartless I want to destroy, say the name of the type of magic I want to use, and then the heartless gets destroyed. Saix was a really good teacher. He would get a little upset at times, (like when I froze my legs with blizzard magic, but that's another story.) but he was a nice guy. So why would Axel want me to tell him if anything happened? Not sure what he thought would happen, but oh well. That's his problem, not mine.

What was weird though was that every time I destroyed a heartless, a little heart would fly up and vanish into thin air. I know my Keyblade collected them but where did they go? I asked Saix, and he said, "They gather to make Kingdom Hearts."

I tilted my head a little. "Kingdom Hearts?"

"Yes. Kingdom Hearts. It's a force that will complete us." He explained.

Still confused, I asked, "Complete us?"

"Alexis, everyone in the Organization is incomplete. What makes us incomplete is that we don't have a heart. And because of that we are called Nobodies. The Organization's goal is to complete Kingdom Hearts. And the only person who can complete Kingdom Hearts is you." Saix explained some more.

"And let me guess. I can do that because I can use the Keyblade?" I asked already knowing the answer.

He nodded his head. "Now do see why you're so special Alexis?"


He smirked and said, "Let's home." When he turned around, I started to get a headache. It got so bad that I fell to me knees, grabbed my head and screamed in pain. Saix turned around and tried to help me get up. In my head, I saw a bunch of static then saw to girls in a white room. One had blond hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a white dress. The other girl had black spikey hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a long, sky blue, skin tight shirt, and jeans. It was Selia.

"Namine," Selia started to say. "Namine, we have to find out where we are and get out as soon as possible." Then a bunch of those Shadow Heartless came out of nowhere. Then Selia did something that I've never seen her do. She summoned the exact same Keyblade I had. "Don't worry Namine I can do this!" She then started to attack the Heartless.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a bunch of Heartless. I looked for Saix, but he was gone. I had no idea where he went. 'I need to fight these Heartless now so I can look for Saix!' I told my self in my head. I summoned my Keyblade and charged to the Heartless. What was weird was I could the Heartless I was fighting, and in my head I could Selia fighting. Another weird thing was that me and her were fighting the exact same way. When she swung to her left, I did the same thing. When she blocked a move, so did I.

In a few minutes, the Heartless were gone, and the image in my head was gone. When I turned around, I saw a giant Heartless. "Where the hell did you come from?" I asked it, knowing I wouldn't get an answer. It didn't attack, which I thought was weird, so I made the first move. We fought for awhile.This was one strong Heartless. That, or I was super weak. After 10 minutes of fighting, the Heartless went super nuts. I fought even harder, but eventually, the Heartless beat me. I fell to my knees, about to collapse. When I fell, Saix caught me. He was heavily sweating. His eyes were gold before turning back to brown. "What...happened?" I asked him before passing out.



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Day 11 Part 1

When I was passed out, I had that same dream of me with that Namine girl over and over again. It was like a broken record. Always repeating itself. I had that dream at least 6 or 7 times until I woke up. I looked at my Ipod. Good, I only slept for one night. 'Maybe I should so see Saix, so he knows I'm alright', I thought to myself. Just as I was about to open my door, someone else opened the door and ran into me.

"Good morning Lexis!" The guy said. I know that voice anywhere.

"Axel, why were you coming in my room!?" I demanded.

"Well my morning chore was to check up on you. But I can see that you're fine, since you just yelled at me." He explained.

"Who made you check on me?" I'm pretty sure I can guess who it was.

"The guy who put you in danger, that's who."

"You mean Saix?" Axel nodded his head.

I went back to my bed and sat down. "What's up with this guy?" I asked out loud. Axel walked over and stood in front of me.

"What do you mean Alexis?." I could tell he was interseted.

"Saix. You said he keeps to himself, right?" Axel nodded. "Then, why does he care so much about me? I hardly know the guy."

Axel sat down next to me. "Because you're special, that's why."

I thought he was talking about me using the Keyblade. "So," I started to say. "If I didn't use the Keyblade, I would be worthless to everyone,including you?"

"What?! You're crazy! You would be important to the both of us, even if you didn't use the Keyblade!" He said, trying to convince me that the Keyblade had nothing to do with it.

"Then why does he care?" I asked again.

He sighed and put his hand on one of my shoulders. "I wish I could tell you, but you wouldn't believe me."

I took his hand of my shoulder, got up and said, "If you say so. I better go see what my mission is for today."

No one else was in the Gray Area, except for me and Saix. When he saw me come into the room, he walked over to me and said, "Alexis! Are you feeling all right?"

I nodded my head. "Don't worry. I feel as good as new."

"Are you sure? If you feel like you can't work today I can give you the day off so you can-"

Saix,really I'm fine." I said with a smile.

He calmed down a bit and said, "If you say so. Your mission will be with Vexen today. He will teach you to do recon. He's already in Twilight Town, so just leave when you're ready." Then walked off.

I was about to rip my hair off. I was dong a mission with a guy who told me it would be fun to dissect me. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE WITH HIM!? IT'S NOT FAIR! But sadly I had to go. Yeah,I could tell Saix that I feel sick or something, but then I would be lieing to a guy that cares about me, and I would feel terrible about that. Well, wish me luck.




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Day 11 Part 1


I can't trust Saix with Alexis anymore! You know why? Because, I heard that Saix was fighting Alexis on their last mission! I also heard he went beserk on her too!! What the hell is he thinking?! First, he's caring about her, now this?! He told me that Alexis attacked HIM! But, she would never do that! I know my sister! She's to kind to do that!

But... there is something wrong with her. I don't mean the no memory thing, it's how young she looks. Alexis looks like the same age we were as kids. She looks like a 15 year old. Alexis should look older than that. She should look like she's around my age. Maybe this is what made Alexis lose her memory and fight Saix. (IF she did attack him.) I don't want to bring this up with Saix. Like I said, I don't trust him anymore with Alexis.


Day 11 Part 2


I found Vexen standing against a wall, staring at me with that creepy look on his face. I bet he was thinking about dissecting me. Why would someone think that? I wonder how he got into the Organization, if he thinks like that. I gulped and got those thought out of my mind.

"Ready?" The way he said that made chills go down my spine.

I slowly nodded my head, and he did that creepy look again.

"Good. You shall learn in the name of science! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

'Why the hell do I have to be with this guy for my mission?' I asked my self.

"Hey did you hear that?", said a boy about my age.

"It sounded like it came from over here." This time it was a girl talking, and we could hear them walking closer to us.

"Crap! Let's hide over here!" Vexen whispered to me. He grabbed my arm, pulled me into a dark ally, and put his hand on my mouth. 'Out of all the places to hide, he brings me here?!' I thought. No really,why here? I really want to go home now! I think that if I could, I'd scream in terror. I really wish I could. I also wish those kids would walk faster so Vexen would let go of me! We were in that ally for what seemed like forever. When he let go of me, I ran as fast as I could to get away from the darkness of the alley, and into the light of the sun that never sets.

When he caught up to me,Vexen asked, "My, you must be eager to learn."

'Eager? The hell does that mean?'

"Yeah I really am!" I said with a fake smile.

He did that creepy look again. "Then we should get started."

I don't want to tell about the rest of the mission because it will bore you to death. That, and I didn't understand half of what he said. Why couldn't I understand? He uses big words. I could tell you some of them, but, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL THEM!!!!!! But basically, recon is when you find out stuff about other worlds by sneaking around that world. Like a spy, if you think about it!

Anyway, minus the dark ally, creepy face parts, and not understanding every thing Vexen said,today wasn't that bad. But, I also might be saying that because I didn't have any flashbacks, see a crap load of heartless, or faint.

I'm just glad I had a normal day. Maybe I'll have more of these if I get a heart or my memory. This is just one more reason to stay in the Organization. And now, I think it's my goal. My new goal is: Get a heart and my memory back.

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(Sorry I haven't been writing for a while!!!! I kinda forgot, so I apologize!!!!!!!! Oh and I'm gonna skip a couple of days in the story.)

Day 30

After my mission with Vexen, I've started to do real missions. So far, most of them are Heart Collecting missions. Sometimes I'll have to kill a certian Heartless. As for recon missions, I haven't done any of those yet. Why? Because I've only done missions in Twilight Town. Siax says that's the only world The Organization knows of. But that's ok with me.

I like Twilight Town. Because, if me and Axel have a mission together, he'll ask me if I want to go eat the Sea Salt Ice Cream the town sells. When we do, we go to the clock tower and watch the sunset. Just like we did my first day. Axel calls it our "Hangout Spot." Sometimes we won't talk to each other. Other days we'll talk. Axel usually asks me stuff like, how my missions are, or if I'm having any dreams, or if I'm remembering my past. Lately I haven't had any dreams, so that's what I tell him. But I have been telling him parts of that first dream. He's says that's a sign of improvement. That's great?

Oh about a week ago, we got a new member in The Organization. He is No.XI Luxord. His weapons are cards so I'm still the only member who can collect hearts. Luxord is also addicted to gambling. Actually, any card game. He's been teaching me how to play some gambling games like Poker. He seems pretty normal. For some reason he calls me "Love". Isn't that an emotion, not a name? And whenever Luxord calls me "Love" around Axel or Siax, they get this weird look on their face. Maybe they think it's weird that Luxord calls me an emotion, instead of Alexis. Oh well.

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