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The Other Nobody

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This is my first story, so I'm sorry if it's bad. If you guys want and if i can get to it, I can do a story on her Somebody.

Now let's get to know our heroine before we start!

Name: Alexis (It's all I could think of.)

Somebody's name: Selia

Number:9 (You'll see why I gave this to Alexis instead of Demyx.)

Looks: Looks like Axel, but with black hair,a head band,has blue eyes, and she doesn't have those things under neath her eyes. Some people say that they could be brother and sister. (Hint, hint.)

Personality: Even though she has no heart, she can be a really caring person. She can get mad, so be careful if you make her upset.



Other info: Like Roxas, she has no memory of her past, and gets flashbacks when she's awake or sleeping. When she's awake and gets a flashback, she is known to attack anyone who is near her, and has no control over herself. If she's asleep and has a flashback, she is known to sleep for several days. Alexis is also the only member in the Organization that can bet Luxord at ANY card game.

Now let the story begin

DAY 001 Part 1/3

Hi. So today was my first day here. Oh! The name's Alexis by the way. You can call me Nine too if you want I don't really care.

Nothing really happened today,except when I was being introduced this morning, two people were staring at me. One was a few years older than me, who had red hair,green eyes, and little scars(?) under them. I now know he is No.VIII, Axel. The other guy was also a little older than me with blue hair, brown eyes, and an X on his face.He is No. VII, Saix. He's second in charge, so I'm gonna stay away from him as much as possible. I don't want to get in trouble with this guy. Then I found out I had to sit next to him. 'Great', I thought. 'Just great'.

The way they stared at me was like they knew who I was. I'm pretty sure I don't know them. But yet again, I don't know anyone from my past. I don't know why but i have no memory of my past.

Then when I got in my chair, that made Saix and Axel still stared at me. Especially Saix. Does he think I'm cute or something? Wait, can Nobodies think someone is cute in the first place? Every time i stared at them, they rather looked away, or keep staring at me. I wanted to shout, "Will you leave me alone!?" But i didn't want to get in trouble my first day here. Or get kicked out.

After the meeting, Axel ran to me and said, "Yo Alexis!"

"Oh hi." I said back.

"That's all you have to say to me?" He asked in an upset tone. "Couldn't you at least say my name?"

"I would if I knew it." I responded.

"Oh well the name's Axel. Got it memorized?" He asked.

"Yeah I think so, Axel. What is it that you want?" I asked him.

"Well I thought I could show you around, met everyone, and give you a suprise."

"What's the suprise?"

He chuckled and said, "I'm not telling you. The whole point of the suprise is to not know what it is." Axel explained.

"Oh well let's go. I want to see what the suprise is!" I said to him. And then i ran off

"Hey wait! You don't know where you're going Alexis!" Axel yelled and ran up to me.


Let me know how you guys like it and I'm sorry if it's not the best story in the whole world. I might finish the rest of Day One tomorrow. C YA LATER :D

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DAY 001 Part 2/3

As I kept running away from Axel, ( I don't know why, I just did.) it got darker in the hallway I was, and i ran into what i thought was a wall.

"Wow what a hard wall." I said to my self.

I heard someone clear their throat and say in a deep voice, " Nine, do you really think I'm a wall?"

Suprised, I backed away, looked up and saw a tall guy with gray hair that went down to his shoulders. He also had these sinister looking brown eyes. It was Number I... Xemnas

Just when I was about to explain why I ran into him, Axel came up and said, "Wow Alexis, you're faster than I thought." He saw Xemnas and said, Lord Xemnas. Please forgive Alexis. She was just having fun and didn't know where she was going. She doesn't know not to be in the hall."

Xemnas looked at me coldly and said, "How can a Nobody have fun, if they have no heart to feel with?"

Me and Axel just stared at him. How were we suposed to answer that? This dude took the no heart thing really serious. Still looking at me he said, "Fine I will forgive you this one time Alexis." Then he looked at Axel and said, "You should take better care of your sister, Axel." and left.

"Ok there's something wrong with Xemnas Axel. I don't have a family." I explained to him as I turned around.

Axel looked at me with shock on his face. (Is that what you call it? Shock?) "You don't?" he asked.

"Maybe. I don't really know." I said.

Axel just stared at me and asked "How could you not know? Everyone remembers their family, even if they don't have one Alexis."

"That's the thing Axel. I just don't remember." I said.

When I was finished with that last sentence, Axel looked away and said, "We should leave before Xemnas comes back." I could have sworn I heard something in the guy's voice. He probably thinks I'm an idiot 'cuz I don't remember my past.

"Ok. Can I have the suprise now? You can show me around later,ok?"

Axel looked back at me, smiled, and said, "Sure. Because you're 'special', you can have the greatest present ever. The Icing on the Cake." He then opened up a Dark Corridor, and took me to one of the most greatest present I ever got in my Nobody life.

Axel took me to a world called Twilight Town and told me to go up to the Clock Tower, and wait for him there. When he came up, I saw him holding ice cream.

"Here ya go." he said to me and handed me a stick of the blue ice cream. "What is it?" I asked him. "Eat it first and I'll tell you."

I took a small bite of the stuff and it was the most unique thing I remember eating. "It's sweet and salty mixed together. I don't think I've eaten something like this before." I said. "

What's it called?"

"It's called Sea Salt Ice Cream. Got it-" "Yeah I have it memorized." I said interupting him.

He just stared at me with that shocked look on his face and said, "How did you know I was gonna say that Lexis?" He asked.

I shrugged and said, "I don't know. And don't call me Lexis."

"But the nickname Lexis is so cute." He said as he took a bite if my ice cream.

I shoved him away and said, "You fatty! Eat you're own ice cream dammit!

"I already ate mine! See!" and Axel showed me his ice cream stick. He was right! He finished it all!

"How the- You fatty!" I said again, hitting the back of his head.

After that we just sat in silence for a few minutes watching the sunset. When we were about to leave, I asked him about the guy who sits next to me in The Round Room.

"Oh that's just Saix. He's the guy who's second in charge. He usually keeps to himself. I wonder why he was so interested in you." He told me.

"Ok. And why do you think Xemnas said we were brother and sister?" I asked him

He thought for a minute and said, "Maybe because we look the same."

"We...do?" Do I really look like i could be his sister?

"Course we do!" Axel said while putting his hand on my shoulder. "Have you looked in the mirror lately? We could be twins!"

"Huh. I guess we could be related. Yeah that would make sense why Xemnas thought we were related."

"See? Now come on let's go home. You got to get enough sleep because tomorrow you're gonna start training." Axel said.

"Training? Training for what?" I asked.

"For missions. What else?" And we walked into the Dark Corridor.

I hope this story was better than the first one.

Credit goes to Xion 101 for helping me with the second part of Day 001! U roc :D

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Day 001 3/3

I was glad that Axel's room was across the hall from mine because I'm pretty sure you guess who was next to me. Saix. So far this guy was getting on my nerves for some reason. Axel said that if anyone (especially Saix) I should get him first. He said he had to go talk to Saix anyway.

I really think Axel could be my brother. Not just because we look the same, but because he's protective of me, like I heard most brothers are. Does he think of me as a sister? He most because of how he treats me. So far, he's the only one who shows me any respect. For example, Number IV, Vexen, kept saying to me, "It'll be fun to dissect someone like you." And then did this weird laugh. The way he said that was like he showed no respect for me. Then Axel came up out of NOWHERE and hit him. If I had a heart, I would probably laugh my butt off. Well I should go to sleep now. Axel said I have a long day tomorrow.

My dream was like this. I was on a beach. I was sitting in this tree with these three kids. Two boys, and one girl. The girl had short brown hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing a white tank top and and purple shorts. One of the boys had dirty blond hair and also had blue eyes. He was wearing a red shirt and red pants with a white jacket. He also had a crown necklace. The other boy had silver hair and green eyes. He was wearing yellow sleeve less shirt and dark jeans that had blue jeans on top of them.

We were watching the sunset like me and Axel did today at the clock tower. I was next to the boy with silver hair, and the girl. They kept calling me Selia. I wanted to tell them they had the wrong person, but I was saying, "Riku, you're crazy if you think we can get to other worlds on a raft made out trees."

The silver haired guy, Riku said, " Well, do you have another idea?"

Then they started to talk about other things, things I had no idea they were talking about. That's when i realized I wasn't me. I was that Selia girl. I had no control over my body. She did. Then I was begging to think I will never wake up.


It was near midnight when I went to Siax's room. There was something on my mind. It was that Alexis didn't remember me or him. I was hoping she was prying a prank on us. When we were little, she would play pranks on us and act like she didn't know what was going on. She's a real good liar and faker. Like one time...she..she uh never mind. It would be better for me and Saix if i didn't say anything. Plus I wanted to know why Saix was staring at Alexis.

Luckily Saix was still awake. I walked in without knocking so i could get his attention. (I don't know why it does.)

I walked up to him and said in my most serious tone, "We have a problem."

Without looking at me he said, "Is Vexen down in the basement, blowing things up again?"

"Uh no." I'm not surprised he would say that. It's happened before. "It has to do with Alexis."

Saix turned around and walked up to me. "What's wrong!? Is she hurt!?" I've never seen Saix get so worked up over anyone.

He started to go to his door when I grabbed his hood and said, "Relax. She's not hurt. Alexis is just sleeping. It's something else that I'm worried about."

Saix raised an eyebrow and said, "What do you think it is?"

"I think... I think she...forgot us." I explained.

Saix just shook his head and said, "I doubt she lost her memory, Axel. Remember when we were kids and she-

"Yes I think we all remember Saix." I said interupting him. "But this feels different than when we were kids."

"Different? Different how?" He asked.

I told him what happened today that me suspicius about Alexis' memory.

Saix didn't say anything for a minute then said, "We'll just have to keep a close eye on her until we know for sure."

As I was about to leave his room I said, "Speaking of keeping a close eye on her, Alexis told me that you were watching her today. Any comments?

"Just get out Axel." I could hear anger in his voice.

'Perv' I thought before leaving his room

Day 002 part 1

Its' almost noon and Alexis is still asleep. Wondering what she's doing I went to her room to wake her up to see what she's doing. "Alexis", I said knocking on her door. "It's me Axel. Can I come in?" No response. 'Weird. Alexis isn't a heavy sleeper'. Out of concern, I opened the door, only to see my sister laying on the floor wrapped in the blanket she had on her bed, her hands grabbing the side of her head. When I touched her, she screamed in pain. I got up and went to look for help.

Thanx 4 reading everyone :D and thanx again to Xion101 for encouriging (sorry if i spelled that rong) me and helping me!!!!!! :D let me know if u want me to write a story on the somebody.

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Day ???


Its feels like I've been asleep for days now. I'm still having that same dream with me as Selia. I've learned the name's of the those three kids. The girl is Kairi, the boy with dirty blond hair is Sora, and the silver haired boy is Riku. Selia seems to have two close friends on that beach. Kairi and Riku. Well, Riku seems more of a, what's it called? I've seen it on t.v. before. Oh yeah! A boyfriend! No seriously. Those two are together A LOT.

But there's something about these dreams that feels...different. Like I can remember some of the dreams I had before I joined the Organization. Those dreams felt fake and impossible to happen in real life. These dreams (or maybe it's one big dream.), feel so real that I could meet these people one day.

Riku, Kairi, and Sora don't feel like part of my imagination. And the beach feels real too. The air smell fresh and clean. The sand in between my toes is soft like feathers. It felt warm and relaxing. The ocean waters smelled like salt, and the water was just the perfect temperature. It was just like I thought a real beach would be like. Which worried me.

What if I can't get out? What if I'm stuck here forever? No! I can't think like this! I don't know what to do though. Guess I'll have to keep dreaming and let it end when it ends.


I guess Axel was telling the truth. Something really is wrong with Alexis. It's been a week, and she's still asleep. When Axel got me to see what was wrong with her, she truly was in pain. Even for a Nobody. When I picked her up, she clearly didn't like it, and slapped me with all her might. (I don't remember her being that strong.)

The first time I see my best friend in years, she doesn't remember me, and she looks like she's in an endless sleep. So I decided that when she wakes up, her first missions will be with Axel and me. He doesn't trust me to be with Alexis alone, because I was staring at her the first day Alexis was here. I keep trying to tell him it's not like that, but Axel's to stubborn to listen. He's really immature.

But I really want to see Alexis, and be with her like when were kids. Plus I want to see how much Alexis has forgotten. Has she forgotten everything? Or just me and Axel? Guess I'll find out.

Sorry its short, but ill make it up to u by writing a better one l8r 2day

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Day 9 Part 1


Today I finally woke up. My whole body was stiff, and I had the worst headache ever. It was still early in the morning, but I did NOT go back to sleep. If you had the crazy experience I had, would you go back to sleep? I wondered how long I was asleep so I looked at my Ipod that I put on my nightstand next to my bed. (I don't care if they don't have ipods in this game, but let's just say they do ok?) I was asleep for eight days! I wonder if it was that ice cream that Axel bought me. You know what's weird? When I was about to put my glove on my right hand, I saw that it was pink liked I slapped something a really hard a while ago. I wonder what it was?

When I was ready, I walked into this gray room that Axel told me to go to every morning. The only two people in their were Saix (who looked both glad and suprised to see me. For some reason, I also saw a weird mark on his cheek. Did I....?) and this one teenager who had a mohawk. (Correct me if im wrong.) He was sitting on one of the couches, play the weirdest instrument. It was in the shape of the Organization's symbol, so I had no idea what the heck he was playing.

I sat down next to him and pulled out my Ipod. When he saw me listening to my Ipod, his eyes lit up and he said, "Hey you like music too?"

I paused my music and was like, "Yeah, I thought I was the only one who liked music!"

He laughed and said, "Me too. That's why my weapon is this" He pointed to the instrument I saw him playing earlier. "It's called a Sitar. Do you play an instrument?"

I was about to answer his question, when Saix over and ordered us to go to work. The sitar guy went, "Yes sir!", and left The Gray Room. I was apologizing to Saix while putting my Ipod away. "Alexis I wasn't mad at you. Just that boy you were talking to, Demyx, is a slacker, and I didn't want it to rub off on you. Your mission is with Axel today."

'Why do I always have to be with Axel?' I thought. "Right." I said to him.

As Saix turned around to walk away, he said something that caught me off guard. "I'm...glad that you're awake and...safe, Alexis."

'Is this REALLY Saix? The way Axel described him, doesn't sound like the Saix that just talked to me. What's up with this guy?' I asked myself. 'Maybe it's because I'm a girl. God I wish i knew why he's so weird. Oh look here comes Axel.' Man you guys should've seen the look on his face when he saw me.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty. It's nice to know you're still alive. Actually, I should have known you were alive when you slapped Saix. I had to pull my hood over my head so he wouldn't see me laugh. Hahaha. God that was awsome."

Oh man. I slapped Saix? No wonder he had that mark on his cheek. "Well that explains why he wants me to go with you on today's mission." I said.

"Hey watch it Lexis." He warned. He chuckled and said, "Come on let's go. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get to the Tower after work."

And we walked into The Dark Corridor for my first of many missions.


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Day 9 Part 2

Axel told me that my mission today was to learn the "ropes". Basically, he's teaching me what my job is in the Organization. So we went to Twilight Town. "Alright let's see what you got." Axel said.

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" I asked him

"Just summon your weapon and I'll explain." he said.

"Um ok." I summoned some weapon that looked like a giant black key. It had a silver handle and had black bat wings around it. The bottom of the handle had a chain with a black crown. The top of the handle had a purple diamond. The body of my weapon was black and had a silver chain on it and the chain was connected to a thing that looked like a silver knife. (i don't know what that part is called.) The part that you would put into the keyhole looked a black H but was closed at the top. It was connected to the rest of the giant key with a black spike going through it.

"Boy am I lucky! I'm friends with the first Organization member to weild the Oblivion Keyblade!" Axel said with excitement.

I looked at my Keyblade. "A Keyblade? What's that?"

Before Axel could answer my question, these weird creatures came up from the ground like they were shadows. They were all black and had yellow eyes with no pupils. They kinda looked like bugs because of these little anntenas on the top of their heads.

"What are those things and where did they come from?" I asked Axel.

Ignoring me he said, "Perfect timing. Alexis use the Keyblade to destroy these guys."

Does he expect me to know how to fight? Isn't this why we came here in the first place? To teach me to fight? I just ignored those questions and got in a fighting position. I nodded my head and fought the bug creatures.

I don't think I need Axel to teach me how to fight because, I think I already know how. And the Keyblade, I obviously knew how to use it. But when did I use this? And how long have I had it anyway. In no time, I defeated those weird monsters. "You're fast, even when it comes to fighting. But those Heartless are easy to destroy." Axel said.

"Heartless?" I asked him.

"Oh right! Let me explain. There are creatures called Heartless. Heartless are basically monsters that hold hearts. And when you defeat Heartless, they release the hearts that they have."

"And that's good right?" I asked still confused.

"Is that good? Alexis that's the whole point of this Organization! To collect hearts! But only certain people can collect hearts." Then he pointed to the Keyblade. "People who can use the Keyblade."

"So you're saying that I can collect hearts with this?" I held up my Keyblade.

"Yeah." was all he said.

"Who else in the Organization can use a Keyblade?"

"Only you."

'Great. I'm the only one. So no pressure.' I thought.

Axel put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Hahaha come on let's go to the Tower today."

Later at the Clock Tower

The same thing happened today at the Clock Tower. We were watching the sunset while eating the Sea Salt Ice cream. Axel, somehow finished his ice cream in under 1 minute, and was trying to eat mine. So I called him a fatty, and hit him on the back of his head again. (It's fun hitting this guy on the head. :D) Everything was fine until he asked me about what I was dreaming when I was asleep.

"I don't remember." I lied. I don't want him to worry about me. Besides, I don't think that I'll have those dreams anymore.

Axel had a worried look on his face. "Let's see now. You can't remember your past and you can't remember your dreams. Anything else you've forgotten?"

"Calm down Axel. It's just a dream." I said making it sound like the dream was nothing.

"Yeah. A dream that made you fall asleep for a week." He was getting really worked up about the dream.

"Why are you freaking out about the dream?" I demanded.

Axel ignored my question. He got up and said, "For once, I wish I wasn't right. I'm going home." and left.

"What's he talking about? Wishing he wasn't right? Why did I lie to him?" I asked myself. What was he talking anyway? I wish I told him the truth.

I hope you enjoyed it everyone!!!!!!

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