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Old KH13 Members That You Miss

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It's hard to say, since I can't really tell who I have met that I know left or was banned, so I can't say those kinds of members that I miss...


I WILL however, mention the ones I'd like to see more often on the forums:



Ana Yasamaki (or something close to that, I think...)

AlixTheMagi13, we were making music playlists together, and I miss working with her... ;o;


And finally, my Old Self: Steven Drake (SteVentus), when I was making tons of good friends all over the place; whereas now, only once in a great while will I get a new friend, but I hardly know 'em enough to even feel like friends... I want to change that! Getting to know my friends better will help me reach a better me, and to know a better "everyone else".



Huh? *wipes tears* That came out of nowhere...


(Yes, I know these people are still on the site, but again, I was mentioning the ones I wanted to see MORE often, like by accident or by any means. :) )



Rock on!

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WOOO, NECROBUMP. I found this while searching for my username. You're actually on my list of missed people!  Bruh. <3 At least someone remembered me, you lovely thing. I missed you too. Hm, I miss a lot of people here actually. I'm probably gonna accidentally skip someone here cause there are way too many, so if any of my poor peeps can't find themselves, it's probably why. Either that or I'm way too lazy to type it all out.- RoxSox- Kairiwilson1- Cella- Kaiso- HelpMeRan-sama- F[r]iend- Eterna- AaronDesign- Snow- Zero- Aaron- Kairi-loves-sushi- mieziemies- Cardcaptordeadpool- Clueless- Cricket- DigiMoon93- im-axel-fear-me- JesusFreak- xionultima- Sora96 ofc.So many etc.

Thank you :'). That meant a lot to me

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