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Lu Xun

1st KH13 Talent Contest - Today's Category - Writing

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In response to Silver's submission...


Fateful Storm...

Own Story: KH related. Tender Moment Scene between OC and Princess Kairi [go f**king figure for those who know me...]

To anyone who has roleplayed with me: Take a wild guess who this is centered around? Go on! Guess!


*Imagines this as an RP*

*Cracks knuckles*

Ok... Here I go...


11:34pm, Day 197 since revelation...


Guardian Zero-Four, now renamed ‘Cody’ by his assigned princess, was finishing up the first of his routine patrols around Destiny Islands. A slight smile formed on his face as he recounted the total enemy encounters: a flat zero. "Good," he mumbled to himself as he stood on the sands of the coastline and stared out to the distant horizon. The pitch black ocean was as smooth as glass, reflecting the glow of the distant moon and the starry night sky as the dark grey foam of the waves gently lapped his keyblade-armored boot. He sighed, then took to the skies as his keyblade wings appeared in a blaze of blinding light. He looked around and spotted the princess’s house on the mainland where many of the islanders have called it home. Behind it, the distant sound of thunder echoed the quiet night as he flew towards the mainland. "This can't be good" he whispered to himself, the flickers of thunder making the distant storm pulsate with white light. As he flew closer to his self-appointed rally point of his next patrol route at the coast of the mainland, an old lady with silver hair and a dark blue dress was standing just outside the Princess's house and was looking out to Destiny Islands. "that's... also not good." He immediately changed his course and landed next to the woman, and instantly recognized who she was. "Ma'am, shouldn't you be inside with the princess? Or sleeping?"


"Oh!" she softly exclaimed. "I was wondering when you'd stop by. Please, come inside."

"Negative," he coldly retorted. "My routine patrols aren't finished yet."

"But dearie, a storm is approaching. You have to take shelter!"

"I have my own housing accommodations, ma'am. But I apprec-"

"It's expected to be a really bad storm. I'm afraid Kairi will be scared and won't be able to sleep."

"And? With all due respect ma'am, I think she'd be better off if you were there to comfort her."

"Well, I can't stay up all night to take care of her, dearie. I need to sleep too!"

"I... But… Isn’t she-"

"Please, dearie. She gets really scared of storms."


He sighed as the distant thunder got louder. The nearby palm trees started to sway as their leaves danced in the breeze. "Very well then, ma'am. I'll see what I can do." Kairi's grandmother smiled as she gestured him inside the cozy home. As he entered, the winds outside started to rapidly pick up speed. The palm trees swayed a little more as the leaves fluttered, sounding as if it was applauding his decision as he went inside. Immediately, he slapped his armored pauldron to un-summon his armor along with his keyblade wings. Just as the grandmother locked the door behind him, the soft pitter-patter of rain hitting the nearby window caught both their attention. “Kairi’s in her bedroom,” her grandmother started. “Would you like something to eat?”

“No thanks, ma’am. I’ll be back outside to resume patrols when she falls asleep.”

“Very well then, dear. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off to bed.”

“Goodnight, ma’am.”


As the grandmother slowly shuffled away to her own bedroom, Cody noticed the pitter-patter of rain getting louder and harder. Several flickers of lightning flashed outside, then moments later the accompanying thunder sounded off, rattling the nearby window.


“Well… that escalated quickly.” he mumbled to himself, “Better check the surroundings first.” He raised his left arm until it was level with the ground, his palm opened and facing forward as he focused on sensing anything off about the place. Satisfied that the storm wasn’t related to the darkness, he smiled for a bit as he quietly made his way to the princess…


Peeking inside the warm, comforting bedroom, Cody noticed a mound of a blanket comically shaking on top of a white bed. The cool blue moonlight, now obscured by the stormy clouds and pouring rain, gently filtered through the hexagonal window and lit up the bed. Nearby, the warm glow of a nightlight was the only thing combating the darkness as he softly knocked on the doorframe that led into the room. “Princess?” he quietly asked. The shaking blanket mound responded by opening a little, revealing Kairi’s face. The poor girl was quietly whimpering, her soft cries drowned out by the constant drone of rain that was now forcefully drenching the nearby window. A blinding flash of lightning overwhelmed his sight with the immediate thunder shaking the room as she let off a yelp. Even Cody flinched before composing himself and felt a tug at his heart. “Kairi” he whispered, walking up to the bed and sitting next to the shivering girl. “Everything’s gonna be ok. It’s just a lightning storm. Nothing major.” She responded by quickly pouncing on him, catching him completely off guard as he found himself laying on the bed with a shaky girl on top of him and being suffocated by a blanket. She was still whimpering, burying her face into his chest as her arms tightened around him. He blinked, then in an unusual act of compassion, slowly mirrored her actions as he gently wrapped his arms around the frightened princess, tried his best to take a deep breath, and closed his eyes.


He was confused at the change in the princess’s personality. Recalling that she was usually a spunky, cheerful, playful girl who had a knack of bashing his head with a coconut given half a chance, this was the first time that he ever saw Kairi’s timid side as he felt her crying on his shirt. Desperate to comfort the princess, the stoic Guardian tuned in to his combat senses to try and formulate the best response as he took another troubled breath. Shutting out the raging storm outside, he focused on the quivering girl and started to notice her heart beating fast against him. Her soft, velvety head was pressed up under his chin as he felt her warm breath gently caressing his neck. Her breathing became less erratic, putting the protector as ease as the scent of vanilla filled his senses. Oddly enough, he noticed his own body temperature steadily rising as the world around him seemed to slow down. Letting instincts take over, he let off a sigh and bowed his head, nuzzling the girl’s silky red hair while gently scratching the backside of her head with his left hand.


“C’mon Kairi, I know you’re stronger than that.” Kairi started to shake a little less as she lifted her head and looked at him. The storm was no longer affecting her despite the pouring rain, howling winds, and the constant thunder outside, so he knew he was doing something right. He silently brushed aside the bangs of her hair, revealing her full face as he felt his heart racing. Her deep blue eyes were moist and twinkling in the warm glow of the nightlight. She was sniffling but finally calm, ignoring the storm just like he was as she just stared at him, blinking. He carefully moved his right hand to wipe away a tear that was just starting to trail down her creamy cheeks. Their gazes locked with the tip of their nose touching each other, their lips mere millimeters from one another as he actually struggled to continue his words.


“You… you have to be… for… uh... for your friends.” He remembered Riku, but the name of the other boy with brown spiky hair had eluded the protector. She closed her eyes, trying to carry out his suggestion as she embraced him yet again.


She softly, pleadingly whispered to him, “Please don’t leave me.” Cody slowly exhaled, realizing that her request directly conflicted with his plans of going back outside and that he seriously couldn't breath. Fortunately, she wasn’t hugging as tightly as before, but it didn’t help that she was still laying on top of him and also possesses a blanket that seemed hell bent on snuffing the life out of him. Disregarding the annoyances, he continued to focus on the princess’s well-being. The storm outside was finally showing signs of weakening as the window-rattling thunders became less frequent and sounded a little more distant. The lightnings weren’t as intense like before, and the rain was easing up significantly. Kairi no longer looked distressed, and actually seemed pretty calm as he continued to gently scratch her head.


It was a long while before he decided to tuned in to his senses once more to check up on the princess. She had relaxed considerably. Her breathing was slow and more rhythmic than before as he decided to very carefully roll her off of him. Remembering a very useful combat counter move, he slowly and gently positioned his arms around her, one near her waist, the other around her chest before rolling to his right. Thankfully, when he was finished with the maneuver, their positions were reversed and the princess was finally resting on her own bed. He had propped himself up with his two arms, placing some distance between them as he checked to see if her eyes were shut. She was finally asleep; snoozing rather peacefully with a slight smile on her face as he discreetly tried to get off the bed. Her sweet pink lips started to move slightly, as if she was trying to say something to change his mind but was too lazy to.


“So-... Sora…” he heard the princess whisper. Cody stopped, blinked, then successfully got off the bed without waking her up. After properly tucking her in, securing the blanket around her and arranging the pillows so that she was comfortable, he promptly made his way to the doorway that led out of the bedroom. Halfway out the room, he stopped cold in his tracks and looked back at her, suddenly realizing who she was calling out for. He felt a cold chill shoot down his back as the vague memory of the brown spiky haired friend was finally given a name. He quietly sighed, then exited the cozy sanctuary.


Closing the bedroom door behind him, Cody made his way to the front door of the home and was quietly mumbling to himself. “I’m sorry princess, but that is a request I cannot obey. My mission comes first.” Locking the front door behind him as he went back outside, he was greeted with the gentle, midnight breeze blowing on his face. the air was damp, yet pure as he slapped his armored pauldron to summon his keyblade armor. The rain was now a gentle downpour as the lightning flickered in the distant horizon. Looking up into the dark and cloudy sky, Cody tried to reach out to a special someone for a certain girl. “Sora… Wherever you are, please come back soon. She misses you.”

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I should have my submission completed and posted today q.q i should have been writing and not playing Skyrim. Or solely watching Hogan's Heroes.


Q.Q just need to wrap up the story, add music, and then a quick proofread! Despite the fact Silver has definately outdone and utterly curbstomped us Q.Q

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Because someone broke the website for the EXACT TIME I NEEDED TO POST before leaving the free WiFi laundromat...I guess I have to go back on what i said and post my submission Monday or try and get Youtube working in posts from my phone.


Q.Q so unfair.

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I kinda wanna do this....but I kinda DONT want to do this....because I haven't had any ideas in my head for a while....

Maybe I'll do a kh13 one.....maybe....

Or maybe I'll just do something of my own...

I'll figure it out.

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Thanks everyone for participating!

Time's up haha

Oh, cricket, this time poems won't be allowed but we'll think about it next time.

Results will hopefully be up next week, so look forward to it! :)

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Hey!Thanks everyone for participating!Time's up hahaOh, cricket, this time poems won't be allowed but we'll think about it next time.Results will hopefully be up next week, so look forward to it! :)

Consider listing all the stories that will be evaluated so people can make sure that you have in fact seen it.

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Consider listing all the stories that will be evaluated so people can make sure that you have in fact seen it.

This sounds like a pretty good idea to me. It would be even better if the entries were separated by category, making it easier for others to see who's competing against who.

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I was expecting 'results' today :P Oh, well. In hindsight, it'd make less sense.Anyway, my money's on MDS

I just read MDS's story actuallyy, Schemer.Despite having submitted...I have to put my money on Veritas' story...that...was simply amazing.

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