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Fear the...?

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Firstly: I don't recall ever saying I was a writer. So don't treat me like one. >.>

Secondly: If you think the alternate weapons in KKH 358/2 Days is considered a spoiler, then don't read. xD

Thirdly: Yes, I enjoy the crackness. xD





After one had been in the Organization for at least 2 days, they should know one thing, at least:

Axel and Saix were ALWAYS fighting.

Over WHAT!? you may ask.


Doesn't matter.

If they can fight over it, they will.

If they can kill eachother while fighting, they will.

'Nuff said.


So when Roxas walked into the kitchen one day, he did NOT expect to see what he saw:


Saix was standing on the counter in a battle stance, wielding his mighty banana of doom. Axel stood across from him ontop of the table, preparing to chuck a pizza at his obvious opponent.

Roxas gave the scene a quizzical look and took a step back.


"I've got a banana! FEAR ME!" Saix growled as he dove in for an attack.

Axel swiftly dogded before the table he previously stood on crumbled to pieces. He jumped behind the Luna Divider a sliced at his back with his pizza-chakrams. Saix flinched, but only slightly. He whirled around and wacked Axel upside the head repeatedly with his banana-claymore. On the last hit, Saix flung Axel far across the kitchen, sending him flying towards the refridgerator.

Axel, however, quickly regained his balance and did a sort of flip/rotationg thing of some sort, finally chucking his flaming pizzas at Saix.

Number VII caught on fire and dropped to the ground, attempting to put himself out.

Didn't work.

"Damnit!" He snarled. "Why does this only work in the movies?!"

Axel shrugged. "Because movies are for fake people." Ignoring the currently flaming-beserk-Saix-puppy, Axel walked over to the sink and poured himself a glass of water.


Roxas decided that this was the end of their little fight and ran to get Demyx.


Demyx was on the Tennis Court That Never Was (located...where?? ), currently engaged in a fierce tennis match against the Superior.

Xemnas sent a small tennis ball soaring through the air, hitting Demyx in the eye.

Roxas, again, took another step back...for Demyx's expression was: O.O-->T~T-->TTTOTTT


Demyx fell to a fetal position on the ground, clutching his swollen eye. Crying.

Well...wailing is more like it.

Xemnas scowled. "Take it like a man, Number IX"

Demyx sniffed up his tears and nodded. Slowly, the Melodious Nocturne got to his feet and reached for his racket. It was then he noticed his friend, also known as Roxas, staring at Demyx as if Saix were about to come flying out of nowhere attacking everyone with a giant banana. Sure, like THAT will ever happen, Demyx thought smiling to himself.


"Hey Rox. What's up?" Demyx asked cheerfully, as if he didn't just have a breakdown 20 seconds ago.

Roxas shook his head and came back to reality. "Um...Saix is kind of...on fire..." Roxas scratched his head. Suuure....he's just kinda on fire...

Demyx's smile never left. "Okay then! Let's go fix that!" And with that, Demyx, along with Roxas, ninja poofed into the kitchen...that never was.


They were too late, though.


Xigbar was already blowdrying the fire off of Saix with his abnormally large hairdryers. Axel and Zexion sat on the counter, watching the scene with smirks on their faces. Neither bothered to tell either Xigbar or Saix that adding more air to the fire made it bigger.

What was amusing, though, was that even though Saix was on fire, neither he nor his banana were actually burning...much to Axel's dismay.


Subconciously, Zexion took a bit of the sandwich he was holding...then quickly spit it out. "NUUUU!!!!LEXY!!!!!" The Schemer worked quickly to repair his....sandwich-lexicon.

Lexeaus portalled in. "Did someone call?" he asked, holding a hammer.

Zexion looked up. "Oh, I, uh, meant my book." Zexion gestured towards the sandwich. Lexeaus gave him a puzzled glance, then quickly portalled away. Sure, whatever.


Roxas joined Axel and Zexion on the counter while Demyx tried telling Xigbar that he wasn't helping Saix at all. "What I miss?" Roxas asked his friend. Axel looked from Saix, Xigbar, and Demyx, to Roxas. "What do you think?" He joked.


With that said, Larxene twirled into the kitchen followed by 8 purple butterflies. "Look! I've got babies!" Larxene smiled cheerfully.





Then Roxas woke up before anything more bizarre could happen...

Only to find Saix and his banana-claymore sleeping protectively at the end of his bed.

"What the...?!"

And then everything went black.......




For Xigbar shot the Key of Destiny with his various hair products.



The End.

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haven't you ever been to the Pizzeria That Never Was? They have this really good vegan pizza, with soy cheese and organic tomato sauce... *drools*... Oddly enough there isn't any Meat That Never Was (the Grocery Store That Never Was is vegetarian) in the World That Never Was. And they have a lot of Healthy Foods That Never Were, which is why the Heartless (the ones in TWTNW) and Organization XIII are so powerful.

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saix andaxel in the gaem seem like they use to be friends but then something bad happened and saix got mad at axel, i wonde rif saix and xions could be friends?

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kh2_rox, please don't double post. xD there's an edit button if you want to add something to your previous post. xD


my theory on Axel and Saix is that they're both brothers. xD


Yayness for Red vs. Blue! xD

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