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Fates Chance

Some thing I wish pokemon games will do.

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I've been tossing around this idea in my head for weeks now. It seems like a really nice idea for future games and I'd really like to see it done.


I'd really like to see the plot of the games have choices. Like, maybe modes is a better word. Like journey mode and story mode. And u get to choose which one you follow.


Story mode would be where it's very liner, battle the elite 4, save the world defeat bad guys, roll credits.


Journey mode would be very much the players story. Traveling, meeting new people, having small story arks and then moving on and choosing the path you want to take. It's all optional. You don't need to save the world, beet the bad guys, defeat the eliet 4, complete the pokedex. (U can if complete the pokedex and elite 4 if u want) It's just your journey and it's all what u make it. Wake up one morning and it's the day u get ur pokemon, and u set off to have some adventurers.


I really wish pokemon would do this.i personally have never cared for the save the world fill up the pokedex plot and have never filled a pokedex. I just follow the mandatory stuff so I can get back to exploring and adventuring.


What do u all think? (And thank u for reading this far, I know I typed a lot of stuff :)

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I like everything about pokemon, but if I was to add something to pokemon, it would be the ability to make the protagonist talk, make a more compelling storyline that affects the player. I hope Gamefreak does something like this in the future. But I don't think it will happen for sometime.

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I wish I could have the choice to be a pokemon co-ordanator and beat the game with a grand festival like in the anime, and have contest battles and stuff, but maybe that would be too much to program (for now).


.....and maybe not that many people would care about that as much as me. xD But i always found the contest systum in the anime really adorable and precious. <3



Well, okay, maybe controlling your attacks like in the anime would be difficult (if not impossable) to program, for now, anyways.

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I'm fine with the way Pokemon games are structured atm, however I would want more post-game content such as:-Story arcs for Gym Leaders, which reveal their backstory/relationships with others

-Difficult puzzles (X and Y were lacking, there was no challenging puzzles, nothing which required any sort of thought)

-Stories revolving around the Legendaries. Zygarde should have had more plot surrounding it, it could have been terrorizing towns for instance. I liked how the X and Y mascots caused destruction to the town they were in, and showing the power of the Z legendary would have been cool.



But the one new thing they should give you the option of doing is joining the villainous team (unlocked after beating the game, a New Game +).


Have the new game let you start as a grunt in the team, and you slowly work your way up through the ranks, doing petty crime. The plot could explore the reasons why all these people join "evil" organizations and shows their motivation on a deeper level. Being able to steal trainer's Pokemon would also be a "feature".

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