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Xeon the XV

Silhouettes of the Dark Keybladers(RikuVsRoxas) part1.

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As rain pours down in the city of darkness a young yet

elegant blindfolded keyblader is standing on top of the building as he

notice a keyblader wearing all black approaching the city

when the other keyblader enters the city he is surrounded by hordes upon hordes

of heartless. Wielding the powerful oathkeeper and oblivion

The hooded keyblader begins his assault on the heartless hordes. when the

blindfolded keyblader notices a powerful heartless symbol

surrounding the hooded keyblader he jumps off the building as the hooded

keyblader starts to run the building and throws him the oblivion.

when the two warriors of darkness look at each other the blindfolded keyblader

notice the hooded keyblader looks just like "HIM".


Blood dripping on the ground as the blindfolded keyblader

slaughters the heartless hordes, the hooded keyblader jumps off the building

and gets rid of the remaining hordes of heartless. when the

two warriors stare face to face one wielding the Oblivion the other Oathkeeper.

A demonic yet powerful aura begins to consume the air.

throughout the city all you hear are sword clashes as the two knights of power

begin their battle to see who is the true hero of darkness.


well i hope you like the introduction of my poem/fan-fiction called Silhouettes of darkness. This might be a darker version of kingdomhearts because Im going to give readers a more how should i say it. Gorier and romantic story. and if anyone wants to be a part of the story or better yet wants to be a girlfriend to some of the organization characters please PM me well. i hope u enjoy my poetic story

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