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Master Eraqus

Kingdom Hearts IV The Extreme Purifier (Chapter 5-13) (13 FINALLY OUT!)

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Hey guys. So before you read this chapter I wanna get this off my chest. A few ideas I got into making this story was from a speculation made by the youtubers HMK and SkyWardWing. Other than their ideas, the rest are mine. :cool: So without further ado, I give you chapter 5. (Took me a long time to come up with this one.) By the way, please leave a comment on anything really. I want to know if there are any concerns or any likes. Enjoy.



Chapter 1:http://kh13.com/forum/topic/72277-kingdom-hearts-iv-the-extreme-purifier/

Chapter 2:http://kh13.com/forum/topic/72294-kingdom-hearts-iv-the-extreme-purifier-chapter-2/

Chapter 3:http://kh13.com/forum/topic/72328-kingdom-hearts-iv-the-extreme-purifier-chapter-3/

Chapter 4:http://kh13.com/forum/topic/72425-kingdom-hearts-iv-the-extreme-purifier-chapter-4/


Chapter 5-Fear


“What are you saying Ventus?” cried Queen Kairi.


“I’m saying that Xehanort and Eraqus weren’t the only students!” he replied. “Apparently there was a third!”


A very important meeting was being held in the hall at a round table, suggested by Merlin. The only people there were Masters Kairi, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion and Lea. Even though there were four people missing, the meeting was louder and more extreme than any other.


“Why does that old man Yen Sid always has some sort of secrets behind his back?” asked Lea with rage.


 “That’s not the point of this meeting Lea!” cried Roxas. “The point is to know everything about the third student so that we could get some clues on where to find him!”


“Sora, Riku and Terra already left to see if they could find him,” said Xion trying to keep calm.


“But what if they don’t?!” screamed Lea.


“That’s the very reason of this meeting Lea,” said Namine. “While they’re gone, we’ll be discussing if whether or not we can find him, before anything bad happens.”


Everyone was quiet for at least a minute until Kairi asked, “Roxas, did happen to find anything in Xehanort’s Reports?”


“Nothing,” he replied. “The only thing I could hope is for Sora and the others to find him.”


“Who is this person anyway? Are there other things we know about him, besides that he was students with Eraqus and Xehanort?” asked Xion.


With a voice as though he had failed miserably, Roxas replied, “All I know is that I saw something when I was travelling in the Lanes Between. I saw this bright light and I went to investigate it. As soon as I got close to it, I found myself in the Keyblade Graveyard.” Everyone at this point gasped as soon as he mentioned the very place where Xehanort was vanquished. “In the distance, I saw something,” said Roxas. “I saw man wearing mostly white clothes, but he was far away, so I couldn’t see his face. All of a sudden, I saw an entire army appear right behind him in the blink of an eye. After that, I saw a huge light and I found myself here in Radiant Garden.”


Once again, everyone was silent and were not sure what to even think of all this. Namine then asks, “Ventus, what did Yen Sid tell you exactly?”


“All he told me was something known as a Mal…”


He was interrupted when suddenly, they all heard the alarm, but not before hearing a huge explosion.


“They’re here!” cried Ventus.




Spero closed his eyes while he was walking through the bright portal. Master Aqua told him that he could open his eyes and once he did, he found himself in Traverse Town. It was very peaceful and it almost seemed as though they were the only people there.


“Students,” said Master Aqua. “You might be asking yourselves if people actually live here. Well this world used to be a refuge to those who had lost their home worlds. But since all the worlds were back to normal, all of their inhabitants returned home. For two years, this place was empty until your fathers, Spero and Aurum, took their Mark of Mastery Exam with the help of the Dream Eaters. Ever since, the Dream Eaters decided to live here in peace. This is why we’re here, to find the Dream Eaters.”


“What do you mean by ‘find’ mum?” asked Amare.


“Well the Dream Eaters do have a habit of playing hide and seek,” she replied. “I want the three of you to find your Spirits.” The students were very confused by this. “Everyone has their own Spirit,” said Master Aqua. “The Spirits are the Dream Eaters that protect your dreams from the Nightmares, the counterparts of the Spirits.”


The four of them then saw a Spirit heading there way. Master Aqua said that that Spirit was known as a Meow Wow. Amare just couldn’t resist going aww and she opened up her arms as she saw the Spirit jumping and waiting for her to catch it. As she caught it, the Spirit didn’t stop licking her until she let go it.


Aurum felt something behind him and he saw a Kooma Panda. The giant Spirit gave him a big bear hug, making him lose his breath.


Spero noticed a purple cat with a music note for a tail cheerfully running towards him. As soon as the feline stopped, he petted the happy Dream Eater.


“Okay students,” said Aqua. “Set out and find your Spirits. By the way, you’ll know which Spirit is yours once you find it.”


The three of them ran off together into the Second District searching for their Spirits.


“Sora,” said Aqua. “I hope I’m buying you enough time.”

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Not to be rude,but you can make continous chapters on one Topic....hope you know! :D

I did know, but I didn't know how to at the time and I decided to it like this. I got used to it so I might just continue like this. Thanks anyway.

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I did know, but I didn't know how to at the time and I decided to it like this. I got used to it so I might just continue like this. Thanks anyway.

I still recommend you condense your chapters into a single thread. The mods very clearly do not like the forums clustered with unnecessary topics, and putting your entire story into a single place would probably be the most convenient way of going about the process.


Now, for the story itself.

I find myself in a strange position when I read this story. For one, I cannot honestly say I have much to complain about. In general, it is well written, the characters are likable, even if at times a little simplistic, and the progression of events as well as the actual driving narrative itself is very enjoyable. While there are a few instances where the grammar could have been improved slightly, I honestly don't believe that it's anything that detracts from the story as a whole.


But, on the other hand, I don't want to take the easy way out and simply say: "Good work, keep it up." I do want for you to improve in every way possible, and I do want the story to grow alongside you. The only problem is that I have very little in the way of criticism that wouldn't sound like simple nitpicking. Which is why it's so difficult for me to even start going about deconstructing your story, as I can't say for sure what about it is wrong.


Don't misunderstand, there is most definitely a great deal of things in your story that could have been done better. Even the greatest stories of all time have their fair share of warranted criticisms. My conundrum is that I'm not wholly experienced enough to spot them, and by extension, properly explain them. However, I will do my best.


Let's start with the first aspect of the story, the characters. Always remember this, in writing, there is no such thing as "bad", only something that could have been done better. And to be brutally honest, I think this instance is a prime example. Now. I'm not saying the character's weren't fine. I'm not saying they weren't good.


I'm saying they can be done better. For one, let's start with the Original Characters. Spero, on the whole, I think makes a fairly standard protagonist. He has a some innocence to him, but doesn't seem as confident as other characters in the series. He sort of has his own role that, at the moment, I think looks undefined. Which is good. In addition, he has a lot of aspects that don't immediately remind me of either of his parents, which is VERY good. It's never a good idea to make someone an exact copy of someone else personality wise unless it's done for comedic effect. And I'm being 100% serious here.


However, at the same time, I don't feel like there's really enough personality there for me to make any concrete judgments regarding his character. His introduction felt just a little bit lacking, like, it's good that we know who he is. And it's great that we get to see his interaction with other characters. But I just feel like we need to know more about him, especially when considering that at the moment, it looks like he's gonna end up being the main protagonist. You explain the Keyblade War, that's great. But how does he feel about it, personally? Not just what he says, but what he thinks. We now know that his parents are the rulers of wherever he lives, but we don't really know how he himself feels about that.


Now, I'm going to stop myself. Because this is a fine line all authors walk, the balancing beam of too much versus too little. Now, I feel as though the pacing in all of your chapters was really well done. And I AM aware that adding in more material like what was suggested above can SEVERELY mess that up. I am not saying that you need to mix around any of the material as it presently is, because honestly, it feels just fine where it's at. What I'm asking of you is to just set aside some time every now an again, maybe show some more varied interaction between the characters.


For instance, all we've seen of the relationship between Amare and Spero so far is their awkward, slightly amusing friendship. If you intend on making them a couple, then I strongly recommend adding in something of a more personal and serious nature to their relationship. The last thing I want to see is more of the same, all building up to a big emotional scene where they just come out and say they like each-other, for no reason. Which, leads me to...


URGKKK FLIPPIN OMIGOSH that Riku interrogation scene. I have all the WRONG feelings about that in all the WRONG ways. First off, I appreciate what you were trying to do. Yeah, add a little bit of conflict to the story. Not everything is Malshine and rainbows. Growing up sucks. But... it just comes out of nowhere! No buildup, WHATSOEVER. The scene could have easily been made 10 times better if you added in some basic foreshadowing, like maybe Xion goes "Lately, Xion had been worrying about Riku. A lot of the anger and seriousness that he had during the war was starting to show once again upon his face. She hated seeing it in times of war, and she hated seeing it even more in times of peace." That ALONE would have made the scene so much more powerful. Instead... It just feels out of place. HUGE wasted potential, in my opinion.


AND THAT LEADS ME TO ANOTHER THING THAT IS ADMIRABLE OF YOU TO ATTEMPT BUT WAS NOT DONE IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Namely, the struggle for dominance between the old characters and the new. For one, I like that you're at least trying to focus on both of them. Yeah, the old Keyblade Masters are important. No reason to not give them some characterization. My only problem here is that the old characters seem to be the main focus. Like, no. That shouldn't be the case. In my opinion, too little of the story has been committed to the younger generation here. And it's not like I can find an excuse, like you didn't have enough to work with when it came to the tykes. Because literally, in chapter 4, this new guy who's main character potential comes in, doesn't say a word, and is automatically supposed to be part of the group. What? Why? Why weren't we given a proper introduction to this character? I don't get it. Was there not enough time? Was it not necessary? Well, I say it was fairly necessary. Even something as simple as him waking up in the morning would have been better than just him popping into existence and suddenly main character. The worst part is that he shares the scene with OTHER PEOPLE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE. I understand you had their Dads there to show parallels between all the old main characters and their children, but it just wasn't the right time to introduce Aurum. Oh, and I don't think we ever even got a description of what he looked like? I mean, has he even said anything yet. All I remember is that he got hugged. Oh who am I kidding that's character of the year material right there 10/10.


Look, I'm sorry if this sounds brutal. And, yeah, I probably could have been less sarcastic with those last few lines. But I just want to get my point across, there are lackings in your story. And it's your responsibility to try your best to improve those areas, for the good of your story.


Now, if there's anything about the story that YOU yourself feel could have done better, then please, inform us. I personally would be happy to help you sort through any doubts you happen to have.


P.S Seriously, please keep all your stuff on one thread. It makes it so much easier to sort through the comments and keeps everything manageable.


~Arcmin, the "Artist" formerly known as Mancer

Nope, putting air quotes around the word artist doesn't make it any less pretentious.

Edited by Arcmin

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Guys, guess what? I'm not dead! I apologize greatly for this HUGE delay, but I've finally done it. I have written Chapter 6. Here it is, btw, expect more chapters soon:


Chapter 6-A Bright War


The six masters ran outside of the great castle and saw the horrifying scene before them: entire buildings destroyed, smoke filling the air, like a giant chimney. Simply ruins of a radiant world under attack for a second time.


Namine’s face was covered in tears when she sees her entire museum, which was filled with all of her paintings, completely destroyed. Roxas immediately notices this and quickly runs to her side, assuring her that they will rebuild when this battle was over. What he didn’t know was that the battle was not even in its baby steps.


The six were simply speechless. Master Lea suddenly summoned his keyblade with rage and ran towards the steps leading to the town.


“I will not lose my home again!” cried Lea. While running down the steps, he punched a button on his left shoulder and all of a sudden, red armor that was literally burning, covered his entire body.


“Neither will I,” said Queen Kairi full of anger. She did the same as Master Lea and she was covered with darkish pink armor. She ran down the steps and commanded the others to follow her. They summoned their keyblades and headed on into the town.


After running down the steps, they hear cries of terror and fear, every person’s scream crying for help.


“Ventus!” cried Master Xion, “Is this what Yen Sid told you about?!”


“I’m afraid that it is!” replied Master Ventus.


The Keyblade masters suddenly hear roars.


“Were those Heartless?” asked Master Roxas.


“No,” replied Ventus. “These are what Yen Sid told me. These are the Malshines!”


All of a sudden, they see from the corner of the street they were in, they see what at first seemed like a Neo Shadow Heartless, but it was made of light instead of darkness and its eyes were green. It sees the masters and calls other monsters just like it. The horde of these creatures ran straight towards the Keyblade masters, causing them to have fear.


“The fate of all the worlds will finally commence, as well as my destiny...”



The trio searched and searched through the second district, but they couldn’t find the Spirits that would show that they were theirs. They found frogs with pickles as swords to flying, electrical unicorns.


“These Spirits sure are weird-looking,” said Aurum with a face that clearly showed confusion.


“Do you think we even have these so-called ‘Spirits’?” asked Spero.


“Now that you ask that,” said Amare, “I feel like my mum told us to go find these things just so we could get distracted. Heck, I’m starting to believe that we don’t even have our own Spirits.”


Suddenly a cloud of smoke covered the entire district. The three were coughing until the smoke disappeared and started to question what happened. In the center of the district, they see what seemed like a blue-clothed ninja with two samurai swords on its back, each having a certain symbol on the handles.


King Sora and Masters Riku and Terra land on the thick and dry surface of the world they travelled to: The Keyblade Graveyard.


“Ok, let’s search and track down the third student and finish this quickly before anything terrible happens,” said Riku.


“This could take a while,” replied Terra. “This world is in even more ruins than it was before, ever since the second Keyblade War.”


“You won’t have to look far.”


The three hear this mysterious voice and out of nowhere, a portal made of light appeared before them. A man fully dressed in white clothes exits from the portal, closing it behind him.


“I hear that you’re looking for me.”

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Hey guys, here's chapter 7. BTW, I decided to put music tracks during the scenes. :)



Chapter 7-Beware the Light




The three Keyblade wielders faced the entity they had searched for: the third student. They knew that he was not one to be underestimated and that they had to defeat him immediately before he would cause any trouble.


“All right,” said Master Riku while summoning his Keyblade, “Let’s get this over with. You’re either gonna come with us quietly or we’ll have to stop you by force.”


“The second option sounds more like fun,” replied the third student with a deep and evil chuckle. “But wouldn’t it be best if I introduced myself first. After all, I am standing in front of the very King of Radiant Garden and two of his high commanders.”


“Spare us the details,” said Master Terra. “We already know who you are. You were a student who trained with Masters Eraqus and Xehanort under Master Statera.”


“Correct, you’re clearly not as dull as you were Terra, seeing how you were easily deceived by an old man and fell into darkness. I always hated that fool. I could tell from the start that he had a liking towards the darkness and its bottomless depths. But his mind, oh how he predicted so far ahead and had so many back-up plans. Unfortunately, he always tended to overcomplicate things. I still have a large headache trying to understand his confusing intentions and the methods of how he set his plans into motion and just look at how all that turned out.”


All four of them remained silent until he spoke again.


“Eraqus, now he was a person who peaked my interest. Using only the powers of light and thought that light and darkness should be in balance, but tried to prevent anyone from using the darkness as a weapon. Alas, he couldn’t prevent two people from doing so and those very two particular people brought his end.”


Riku, from the side of his vision, noticed that Terra was clenching his fists.

“The darkness should have never existed,” said the third student, “and its creation brought nothing but chaos and destruction upon the worlds and the very first. I, Dawl, shall completely destroy the darkness from everywhere, everything and everyone. I shall annihilate every speck of darkness, even if I have to kill all life to do so. And that is what I intend to do, I intend to destroy all those who carry the darkness and create a whole new universe filled with nothing but the warmth of light. I will bring back the World to its former glory!”


The three Keyblade wielders were shocked at hearing Master Dawl’s intentions and remained speechless.


“Two of you have not only fallen into darkness, but you use it as a weapon as if it was something to protect others!” cried Dawl. “You don’t deserve to live!”


Riku suddenly runs towards him screaming, “I walk the road to dawn!”


Sora and Terra chase after him while summoning their Keyblades to finally clash with Master Dawl.




Master Lea tried to calm himself quickly while running straight towards the crowd of the mysterious enemies. He aimed his Keyblade at the beasts and shooting multiple firaga blasts and finishing off with a fire raid by throwing his weapon towards them.


Half of the monsters were decimated but it wasn’t enough as more and more enemies were approaching them from the roofs of destroyed buildings and from beneath the very ground.


Master Ventus joined Lea and flew high into the air while preparing the Ragnarok attack. Lea noticed what he was doing and decided to point his Keyblade to sky, forming a giant orb of fire. Both of them fired thousands of fireballs and energy blasts with each of them hitting one of the monsters.


Unfortunately, only a few of the monsters were defeated. Most of the beasts that were hit were barely hurt. They just kept running towards them.


“This isn’t good!” cried Ventus. “Your Majesty, what are we gonna do!?”


Kairi had no idea what to do. She was never in a situation like this.


“Leave it to me,” said Xion. “Fall back to Maleficent’s old castle while I buy you all some time.”


The others did not believe what she was saying, but they knew that they didn’t have a choice as she kept insisting them to go.


“Don’t worry about me, just go already!”


The others finally ran off to the old castle, leaving her behind.


“Riku, Aurum,” said Xion, “stay with me, please…”

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Hey guys, I've decided to make a design for Spero's Keyblade because I was bored. xD I'm planning to design Keyblades for Aurum, Amare and Dawl, but I want to know what you guys think of this design. Expect the next chapter to come out in the next couple of days.


Edited by Master Eraqus

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I'm very pleased with this chapter and I bet you'll like it too.


Chapter 8-Love by Chance


Spero, Amare and Aurum noticed this strange-looking ninja of some sort sitting calmly in the middle of the district and were puzzled. The three of them looked at each other and, through eye contact, they warned each other and they all summoned their Keyblades.


Spero walked slowly in front of a fountain with three bell symbols on it, while Aurum prepared himself in front of the hotel. Amare pointed her Keyblade to the starry night sky and used her vanish spell that both her parents taught her and within seconds, she was completely invisible. Spero and Aurum walked slowly towards the ninja while in their fighting stances.




The ninja quickly turned his head towards Aurum and rose up from the ground. This alerted Spero and ran to attack him. Unfortunately, as he was about to land a powerful blow, he bumped into something out of nowhere. With the great thud, he fell onto the ground on his back with a big pain in his head, but not before he felt something, or someone, land on him. Spero was confused until he saw Amare fade in out of thin air on his chest. He didn’t show it on the outside, but on the inside, he completely freaked out and his heart was racing as fast as a Keyblade glider. The only thing that did show in the outside was that his cheeks were as red as a ruby. He literally had no idea how to react to this ‘situation’.


Aurum found looked at the two and just found it to be very embarrassing. He simply rolled his eyes and focused his attention towards the mysterious entity. The ninja stood still in front of Aurum for a few seconds until he pulled out his two swords from the sheaths on his back. Aurum prepared himself as he waited for the ninja to attack, but the ninja did not do so. Instead, the ninja simply bowed down calmly while holding his two swords firmly in his hands.


While being confused, he noticed the blue-clothed ninja’s swords both had a certain symbol on them. He looked at them carefully and realized that the marking was the Spirt symbol that he remembered from his studies. He came to the conclusion that he found his Spirit: an awesome-looking, blue-clothed, dual-wielding ninja!



Aurum finally found his Spirit and he felt amazing with this success. He decided to be formal and bowed down back to his Spirit.


“Hey guys,” said Aurum cheerfully, “I think I found my Spirit.” He noticed that Spero and Amare were still on the ground with Spero having a really red face and Amare rubbing her head. “I’m so glad that you two lovebirds are my friends,” said Aurum with a good laugh afterwards.


“Aurum, shut up…” whispered Spero embarrassingly.


Aurum noticed that his Spirit looked like he was having a laugh himself, even though he wasn’t making a sound. Aurum did the same and continued to laugh along with him.


Aurum’s Spirit suddenly stopped his chuckle and looked towards an alleyway that lead to the third district. He swiftly ran away from the trio into the alleyway. Aurum called out to him, but he didn’t respond or even react in any way, he just kept running. So Aurum ran after his Spirit without a hesitation while saying, “You two try to find me, ok?”


“Wait, what?” asked Spero, but he was too late. Aurum had already left the area, leaving him and Amare alone in the second district.


(Stop Music)


“What happened?” asked Amare. She couldn’t tell what exactly did happen. All she could remember was that she was about to attack the ninja while she was invisible when all of a sudden, she was hit out of nowhere and was almost knocked out.




“Apparently” said Spero with a chuckle, “you got in my way when I was running towards that ninja, which seems to be Aurum’s Spirit. After I accidently tackled you, we both fell to the ground and since then, you’ve been using me as a pillow.”


“That explains the soft landing,” she replied.


“Aurum went after his Spirit,” said Spero, “we should go help him out.”


“Oh he can take care of himself,” replied Amare. “Let’s stay here for a while, just the two of us.”


“Amare, are you sure you…” said Spero until he noticed that Amare was starting to hug him. He was simply speechless; he never thought that she would do that all of a sudden. He calmed himself and thought that it would be fine if he just did the same as her. So he slowly and gently, as he was shy, moved his arm around her back and held her arm.


The two were happy together and they were finally not afraid to show it after knowing each other for almost all their lives.


They were in love…

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Chapter 9-The War Begins




“We can’t just leave her behind!” cried Naminé.


“You know as much as I do that we didn’t have a choice,” replied Lea. “Besides, it was her decision to stay behind. We can’t interfere with what her heart commands.”


“Lea’s right,” said Ventus, “Xion knows what she’s doing and I am certain that she can handle it.”


“Ventus,” replied Naminé, “you know that she won’t make it out there. You saw how powerful those things are. She’s not going to last that long against that army of beasts.”


The other Keyblade Masters started to worry about Xion because they knew that Naminé was right. The Malshines were way too powerful for Xion to handle alone. They remained silent while running towards the ruins of the abandoned castle, where the evil fairy Maleficent once ruled this world.


Roxas started to run closer to Naminé and whispered, “Xion could use all the help she can get. Go Naminé.”


Naminé thanked Roxas for letting her go and help Xion, so she punched a button that lied on her left shoulder to summon her armor. An immense blinding light shone from her entire body and within mere seconds, Naminé was covered with armor which was white as snow.


Lea noticed this and cried, “Naminé, what are you doing!?”


She completely ignored him while halting her run and threw her Keyblade up into sky (which is the OathKeeper Keyblade). Her Keyblade started to turn back like a boomerang, but not before it transformed into a set of wings that were very similar to angel wings.


Naminé jumped high into the air while these wings were flying straight towards her. They attached perfectly on her back while she was in midair and she flew off, back to the street where Xion was fighting for her life.


“Darn it Naminé!” cried Lea with a burning fury. “We have to stop her!”


“We can’t Lea,” replied Roxas. He a huge grin grew on his face and said, “She’s doing what her heart commands, so we can’t interfere.”


Lea felt like he was just being trolled at that point, so he simply said nothing.






Xion was entirely scared by the horrific army of monsters that was surrounding her. She knew that she wasn’t going to live through this, but she was glad that she gave her friends some time to escape.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, she notices Naminé, in her armor, flying right above her with a set of wings attached to her back. Xion was confused as to why Naminé came back when she told her and the others to leave her behind.


Naminé finally arrived back at the street where she and the others left Xion. She nose-dived straight towards Xion and landed perfectly on her feet right beside her. She made her wings disappear and she summoned it again in the form of her Keyblade.


“Naminé,” said Xion, “what are you doing here? I told you guys to…”


“You didn’t think I’d leave you behind, did you?” interrupted Naminé. “I figured you could use some help.”


Xion smiled at this and asked, “What about the others?”


“Well, Roxas was the one who actually encouraged me to go help you. Lea got just a little mad from my departure.”


“Did you make sure he got it memorized?”

“Oh, I’m sure he won’t be forgetting that any time soon.”


Naminé then told Xion that she suggested that she put on her armor. So that’s what she did. Xion punched the button on her left shoulder that would summon her and she was wearing armor that was black as her hair to remind her of her days in the organization, but some parts of her armor were dark blue to represent the time she spent with Roxas and Axel and how they ate ice-cream together. Afterwards, she summoned her Keyblade (the Oblivion Keyblade) and she stood back-to-back with Naminé, ready to take on the horde of Malshines.






Riku ran straight towards Master Dawl with his Keyblade ready to attack him. As Riku was about to land a critical blow, Master Dawl simply raised his hand and sent Riku flying without even touching him.


“You’re going to have to do better than that my friend,” said Dawl with an evil chuckle afterwards.


Terra was shocked at seeing how easily Dawl made that attack and knew how dangerous he was. He and Sora continued running towards him, ready to battle. Terra decided to use his Sonic Blade attack to try and cause some damage to Master Dawl. He bent his knees, took his stance and dashed with great speed towards Dawl. Terra aimed his Keyblade straight towards him and was about to strike him. Unfortunately, right as Terra’s Keyblade was about to hit his target, Dawl quickly moved his hand and grabbed his Keyblade, leaving the weapon only inches from his face.


Terra was shocked by this; in fact, he was petrified seeing what this new enemy was capable of doing. Terra then noticed that Sora was above him and realized that he was using the move known as Quick Blitz, where he rises up into the air and slashes the enemy from above.


Dawl noticed this as well and calmly, he lifted Terra from his Keyblade and threw him right at Sora with great strength. Sora quickly dodged Terra and landed a hit on Dawl, at least that’s what he was planning to do. When he landed the powerful blow, he created a fog made out of dust and when the fog cleared, he saw that his Keyblade barely missed Dawl.


“You’re going to have to be quicker than that your Highness,” said Dawl right before he shot a bolt of lightning at Sora’s face from his bare hand.


Sora was seriously injured by Dawl’s attack as he staggered backwards. His face felt like he was in a storm from all the excruciating pain that he was feeling. He covered his face while he screamed in agony.


(Stop Music)


“What are you?!” cried Sora.


Dawl started walking slowly towards Sora with a grin on his face and said, “Me? I’m the light of hope for all the worlds.”

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Chapter 10-Deception


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-wqQF6XA7M or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7NU9jBNbjw (I want to let you choose)


Aurum chased after his Spirit through the alleyway and into the third district. He could definitely tell that his Spirit was in a hurry as it was running as fast as a cheetah. He kept chasing it past a vacant house and into some kind of a plaza.


His Spirit finally halted dead center in the plaza and started to look around the district. Aurum caught up to his Spirit and noticed what he was doing.


“What are you looking for?” asked Aurum.


His Spirit quickly turned towards him and put his finger over his mouth, indicating that he was telling him to be quiet. Aurum immediately covered his mouth with his hands and decided to look around him to see if there was anything that looked suspicious. He had no idea what his Spirit was looking, so it was going to be hard for him to know what exactly it was searching.




Suddenly monsters appeared out of nowhere, surrounding the two. These blue monsters, which literally dashed out of the ground, looked very tiny but their angry eyes were very menacing-looking.


“Wait a minute,” said Aurum, “I know these things! These are the Unversed!” He remembered these monsters from his studies a few months before then. He quickly summoned his Keyblade while his Spirit pulled its swords out of their sheaths.


There were only Floods, the most basic form of the Unversed; however, the two were surrounded by many of these creatures.


Aurum quickly ran towards some of the Unversed that stood in front of him. He readied his Keyblade and sliced through multiple Unversed with a Zantetsuken attack.

Aurum’s Spirit sprinted the opposite direction of Aurum’s and began to hack and slash the enemies with its mighty weapons. Numerous Unversed were disappearing immediately, one after the other. There may have been many of the beasts, but they were no match for the two.


(Stop Music)


After only a few seconds, all of the Unversed were gone, leaving the third district empty, as if they were never even there.


Aurum felt great after having that great encounter as hadn’t had a battle that exciting for a long time.


But, even though he felt that was a bit of a struggle, he tried to keep his cool by quoting his father, “Come on, I thought you’d be stronger than that.”


He ran over to his Spirit to try to congratulate him for his efforts in helping him in that battle.


“We make a great team,” said Aurum. “I sure wish Spero and Amare were here to see us handle those Unversed.”


However, his Spirit did not respond. In fact, it was still in its fighting stance, searching for something… or someone.




Aurum started hearing a slow clapping from somewhere nearby, along with footsteps. It sounded like they were getting closer and closer to him.


He finally found where they were coming from when he saw a black-coated figure walking down a ramp that was hidden by a high wall.


Aurum knew that a black coat meant trouble, so he quickly prepared himself in his fighting stance.


“Stay where you are!” ordered Aurum. “Who are you?”


The black hooded figure waved his hands quickly to calm him down and he took off his hood.

Aurum couldn’t believe it, but he found that this hooded figure was Spero’s father, King Sora. However, Aurum definitely noticed that he looked different, an example being that he had black hair.


“Your Majesty!” stuttered Aurum as he quickly bowed to him. Even though he was his friend’s father, he was still his King and he tried to be as formal as possible. “I hope you do not mind me asking, but why are you here? I thought that you were with Master Terra and my father Master Riku.”


The black coated Sora quickly grew a grin on his face while Aurum was still bowed and said, “I came to see you of course.”


“Excuse me, sire?” asked Aurum after returning himself from his bow.


“You and your ninja-wannabe friend here were quite resourceful when fighting those Unversed.”


He started to walk closer to the two as he summoned a Keyblade. Aurum could definitely tell that that Keyblade was not King Sora’s. It was covered in gears and chains with hints of red.


“You are my next ticket to helping me and my ‘companions’ get one step closer to revenge,” said the mysterious Sora as he pointed his Keyblade towards Aurum’s chest.


Aurum was completely confused. He was questioning himself as to why his friend’s father wished to attack him. Was he overtaken by the darkness? Or was this person in front of him a fake?


“Who are you?” asked Aurum as he raised his Keyblade to defend himself.


“I’m your King of course,” he replied. “Who else would it be?”


“VANITAS!!!” cried Master Aqua as she quickly appeared out of nowhere, clashing her Keyblade against the fake Sora’s.




“Long time no see, Master Aqua,” said Vanitas. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m trying to kill this pathetic child here, so step aside!”

“Aurum!” cried Aqua, “Get out of here, now!”


“But Master Aqua,” he replied. “I can help!”


Aqua quickly jumped backwards to cancel her attack and prevent Vanitas from harming her. “That was an order, Aurum! Leave immediately!”


Vanitas made an evil chuckle and swiftly leaped into the air and dashed straight towards the ground, escaping through a dark portal. The dark portal dashed across the ground to right behind Aurum and Vanitas escaped from it. As he exited the portal, he quickly grabbed Aurum and stretched his Keyblade across his neck.


“You know Aurum,” said Vanitas, “your father was blind once, literally. I’ve heard that you want to be just like him. So how about we make it like father, like son…”

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I have finally made Chapter 11. xD Please don't hesitate to leave a comment, I'm open for anything.


Chapter 11-Vanitas




“We’re almost there!” cried Ventus as he and the other three Keyblade Masters were making their way to Villain’s Vale, the ruins of Maleficent’s old castle.


They were dashing through the wide valley known as the Great Maw, where their King once battled a thousand Heartless in the massive area.


“That’s great and all,” replied Lea, “but what are we going to do when we get there?”


“We stand and fight,” said Roxas. “Once we make it to the ruins, we’ll fight off the Malshines one by one so we can eventually get rid of them.”


“That’s our plan?!” cried Lea. “There’s who-knows-how-many Malshines out there and you’re proposing that we fight them little by little?!”


“I don’t suppose you’ve got a better idea yourself do you Lea?!” asked Kairi angrily. “We don’t have a choice!”


“It’s all we’ve got Lea,” said Ventus. “Plus, the ruins are a perfect hiding spot. It’ll take the Malshines a long time to find us.”


“And what about the innocent citizens of Radiant Garden?!” asked Lea. “We can’t just let them die out there!”


“I have that covered Lea,” replied Kairi. “I ordered Dilan and Aeleus to evacuate them in case we were ever attacked.”


While they were running, Ventus noticed that Kairi seemed to be getting upset. He heard her whisper to herself, “I hope they’re safe.”


“Don’t worry Kairi,” said Ventus. “I trust those two to get the citizens out of the city safely.”


“It’s not that I’m worried about,” she replied. “I’m worried that my son and his friends are in any trouble. Who knows how far these monsters have already spread through the worlds.”





“Don’t you dare touch him Vanitas!” cried Aqua, but to no avail as all he did was simply laugh at her order.


She quickly pointed her Keyblade towards Vanitas, however, she couldn’t get a clear shot to try and use a magic spell on him. She didn’t wish to risk harming Aurum.


Aurum was completely scared. He didn’t know what to do; he was never in a situation like this.


“Let him go!” ordered Aqua.


“Or what,” he replied, “you’re gonna attack me? I don’t think so, not with little Aurum here in your way!”


“Don’t listen to him Master Aqua!” cried Aurum.


“Quiet!” said Vanitas.


“What do you want Vanitas?!” asked Aqua.


“Weren’t you listening before?” he replied. “I desire revenge! You and the rest of your ‘guardians of light’ ruined everything all those years ago! Kingdom Hearts was within our grasp, until your ‘mighty King’ finally had the guts to end the old man!”


“He got what he deserved!” replied Aqua. “He caused 13 years of pain, torture and chaos to me, my friends and many of the worlds, all because curiosity got the best of him!”


“13 years which I enjoyed greatly, even though I was not around for most of it…”


“You’re insane!”


“Funny… I think of myself as the same way you do… and I enjoy it!”


(Stop Music)


He pointed his Keyblade straight towards the sky as he was going to slice Aurum’s head.


However, just as he was about to land the blow, Vanitas was hit with a thundaga shot from behind. The impact caused him to lose his grip over Aurum, to which Aurum quickly ran to Master Aqua’s side.


Vanitas immediately turned round after recovering from the blast as he saw two more teens at the far end of the district.


“Spero, Amare!” cried Aurum with content, seeing his friends there.


“Nice shot Amare!” said Spero.


“You little brat!” screamed Vanitas.


“It’s five against one Vanitas!” said Aqua.


“I beg to differ!” replied Vanitas.




Vanitas screamed in anger from the top of his lungs and he clenched his fists to the point one could see his veins bulge. Darkness started to flow out of his entire body and it was forming a giant orb of darkness above him.


The more he screamed, the bigger the orb became. He kept howling until he couldn’t breathe anymore.


After so much pain, Vanitas fell onto the ground like a ragdoll.


The four Keyblade wielders and the Spirit were horrified by this scene as they were left speechless.


Only seconds later, a portal of darkness appeared behind Vanitas and two more black-coated figures walked slowly out of it. They approached Vanitas and carried him towards the portal through which they entered.


Before the portal closed behind them, the five could hear Vanitas coughing wildly, but not before he whispered, “I hope you have fun…”


The five quickly turned their heads towards the giant orb of darkness as it was starting to transform into some form of a beast.


Thick, dark blue arms with sharp claws for fingers and crooked legs with huge paws grew out of the orb. The orb began to take the shape of a torso covered in blooded chains and thorns. Finally, from the top of the torso grew one of the horrific faces the five had ever seen. The head was the exact shape and form of a lion’s head with the deep red eyes of any Unversed.


The monster quickly stretched itself and sighted its enemies. It roared a mighty and powerful shriek, like that of a bat.


After this terrific sound, it ran straight towards Aqua, Aurum and the Spirit.

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It took me a long time, but I have finally finished the next chapter, and I think I did a fine job out of it. xD Don't be afraid to leave a comment and if you wanna know when the next chapter comes out, follow this topic. Enjoy!


BTW, I wanna share this link to you guys, a fan fiction written by our fellow friend on this website 'Arcmin' which is inspired by my fanfic: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/83676-kingdom-hearts-iv-memories-of-tommorow/?do=findComment&comment=1600947


Chapter 12- The Arrival and Departure


Queen Kairi and Masters Roxas, Ventus and Lea had finally made it to the dark depths, a cliff that overlooked the ruins of a castle that had belonged to the evil fairy Maleficent.


“We made it,” said Ventus filled with hope.


“We’re gonna hide in a dump like that?” replied Lea. “This job’s way too icky even for me.”


“Do you think Sora, Riku and Terra found the third student by now?” asked Kairi.


As if by luck, a portal made of pure light had suddenly appeared out of thin air right in front of them.


“Well look at that,” said Roxas, “that’s probably them.”


Roxas was right, but unfortunately for different reasons he had believed as the four of them see Terra fly out of the portal as if he was thrown like a ragdoll. Speechless, the four watched in despair Terra slamming back first into a rocky wall nearby and, merely a few seconds later, Sora and Riku both rolling along the ground out of the portal.




The four Keyblade Masters stood still in their place, shocked by the actions that they had just witnessed before them. They were left with even more terror when they all saw a figure slowly walking out of the portal facing them.


He was a tall male in his forties with long, straight, dark, black hair which reached far past down his neck. He was wearing a white hakama with thin yellow lining on the sides and he was also wearing a skin-tight grey shirt with a loose white coat on top of it. His face wore silver eyes and a small nose.


He slowly grew a grin on his face as he started to walk towards them after the portal closed behind him.


“It’s no fun if it only takes me a few minutes to defeat the three of you,” said the man in white calmly. “Was Xehanort really that weak?”


He walked towards the unconscious Sora and Riku, knelt down and pulled them both up by their hair. “These two are the strongest and most powerful guardians of light? What a shame… and a disgrace.” He angrily threw the two towards the four terrified Keyblade Masters.


Lea quickly pointed his Keyblade to the man that stood before them and walked slowly towards him. While doing this, he noticed that the others were still standing in place, as if they were glued to the ground and even the air around them. He couldn’t blame them, but he wasn’t going to do nothing.


He removed all of the thoughts he had on his mind and ran towards the enemy, ready to strike. As he was about to land a critical blow, he was suddenly pushed back with a huge force, as if a giant hand had flicked him off, like a bug. He tried to balance him and prepared to strike again.


“You might as well give up fool,” taunted the man in white. “You’ve seen what I had done to your companions. I am clearly more than capable of defeating you easily within a mere matter of seconds.”


He knew he was right, but Lea was not ready to show a sign of fear, so he stayed in his stance and prepared himself for anything. Unfortunately, he was not prepared for what was coming. He quickly turned his head behind him and noticed that his teammates were still standing still, like statues. Their expressions showed nothing but fear from their gaped mouths, sweated cheeks and shaking pupils.


“Guys,” whispered Lea, “don’t you think you should help me out here? We can take him if work together. We can stop him.”


“You are failing to realise that your friends are making the right choice, Master Lea,” said the man in white. “Do you wish to end up like the five I have dealt with?”


(Stop Music)

“Five?” questioned Kairi. “Who are you…?” She quickly realised who he was talking about when she saw two flying, bat-like Malshines, with human arms and legs, flying towards them from a distance, holding both Xion and Naminé without their armor, who were both unconscious. The Malshines landed slowly near the man in white, still holding the two Keyblade Masters.



Seeing two more friends injured angered all of the feared Masters. They weren’t scared anymore, they were infuriated.


“It pains me,” said the man,” seeing all that bravery go to waste.”


“What do you want!?” cried Roxas.


“Must I explain myself again?” he replied. “I’m starting to regret getting all three of your best unconscious.”


“Enough jokes!” demanded Ventus.


“As you wish…” he replied. He slowly raised his left hand and he snapped his fingers. Multiple Malshines suddenly surrounded the seven Keyblade Masters, including the unconscious Sora, Riku and Terra. These Malshines were in the form of medieval knights covered in armour literally made of light. They were wielding spears and they pointed their weapons towards the seven.


“I’ll go straight to the point,” said the man in white. “As you already know, I trained with Masters Eraqus and Xehanort, which is why you refer to me as ‘the third student’. Well now you can just call me by my name ‘Dawl’ because I feel like it will be easier to refer to me now.”


“The Keyblade War resulted in the creation of darkness and the loss of the great Kingdom Hearts, as well as its counterpart: the X-Blade. This already shows how darkness was never meant to exist. It caused great pain and suffering to millions of lives, including yours. I plan to do everyone a favour, to remove them of the darkness. Unfortunately, simply extracting the darkness out of a being does not rid of it. The darkness still takes shape into dark halves, Vanitas being a perfect example. Therefore, there is only one method of ridding the darkness from an entity… and that is to eradicate the very being.”


All of the conscious Keyblade Masters were shocked by his intentions. Was he really planning to kill every living being?


“While you may think of it as an act of murder,” continued Dawl, “I am doing a favour to all the worlds. With every speck of darkness gone, the worlds can once again stay in harmony with me and my Malshines to roam them.”


(Stop Music)


Dawl walked towards the bat-like Malshines and stood in front of Naminé. He held her by her cheeks and smiled. This caused her to wake up, however her eyes were barely open and she groaned as if she lost her breath.


“How unfortunate,” he said, “to be once half of a princess of heart, a being devoid of darkness. And now look at you…with the aid of the Key to Return Hearts, you have become your own person, with your own heart…with your own darkness!”


He quickly grabbed her by her throat and began to choke her.


“Naminé!” cried Roxas. He began to watch Naminé in pain, with her eyes wide open, her mouth gaggling for air and her hands trying to pull off Dawl’s hand. Full of rage, Roxas quickly summoned his Keyblade (Two Become One) and leaped into the air. He dashed straight through three of the Malshines, causing them to disappear, and ran towards Dawl. He quickly set his Keyblade to attack and landed a powerful blow on Dawl. Unfortunately, Dawl, without even looking, grabbed the tip of the Keyblade.


“Naminé will be the first example for all of you to see what I intend to do,” said Dawl.


Roxas, filled with anger, pushed his Keyblade further to strike Dawl, but it was no use. He kept pushing and pushing until…


All went quiet…Naminé was no longer gasping for air… Her hands went completely limb and Dawl simply chuckled.

He let her go and she fell to the ground like a ragdoll.


Roxas pushed force no more and Dawl walked away, allowing a path between Roxas and her. He ordered the Malshines to step aside and so they did.


Roxas quickly ran towards Naminé, holding her by her back and her head.




“Naminé!” he pleaded. “Please…don’t leave me… please…”


“What a sight,” mocked Dawl.


“You monster…” whispered Roxas. His rage could not overcome his sadness. He couldn’t move; he could only see Naminé’s body in his arms, with her eyes still wide open, while tears ran down his cheeks. The depression that had fallen upon him was too strong for him to even do anything.


Kairi and the other two conscious Keyblade Masters dashed towards the Malshines that had surrounded them, defeating every one of them. Lea quickly shot a firaga blast towards Dawl to which he swiftly dodged. The smiling Dawl simply waved good-bye and disappeared out of thin air. Ventus leaped into the air and threw his Keyblade to the Malshine holding Xion hostage. The defeated Malshine disappeared dropping the unconscious Xion to the ground. He quickly ran towards her and picked her up.


“Lea!” ordered Kairi, “grab Terra and Riku and let’s get out of here, immediately!”


Lea did not respond or even react to his orders. He simply pointed towards the canyon surrounding the abandoned castle. Kairi turned round to see an entire army of Malshines filling the whole canyon.


“Move now!” she cried. Lea and Ventus, carrying Terra, Riku and Xion, ran off into the direction they had come from.


Kairi walked towards the pleading Roxas and placed her hand on his shoulder, to which he did not react. She placed her fingers on Naminé’s eyelids and calmly shut her eyes. A tear ran down her cheek from seeing her half gone, from the unforgiving sight she had witnessed.


“Roxas,” she said, “we need to go.” She walked towards the knocked out Sora and picked him up.


“Roxas…” she repeated.


“Just go…” he replied without turning his head.


“Roxas, I think it is best that you…”


“JUST GO!!!”


Knowing that it was no use, she ran off with the others, leaving Roxas alone.


“This is all my fault,” he whimpered. “I should have never let you go…”


“Hello Roxas.”   “We will meet again.”


“You may not know it’s me.”

“My name is Naminé.”


“I guess things are really better left unsaid.”


   “I wanted to meet you, at least once.”



 “So we can be together again.”

Edited by Master Eraqus

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't released a chapter for a long while. I have been extremely busy with some exams and I still have more exams starting this weekend, so don't expect any chapters to come out any time soon. Yes, it's a coincidence that it's chapter 13. I put a lot of time and hard work into this chapter, so please enjoy.


Also, I just want to suggest reading this fanfic by Arcmin, whose story was inspired by mine  :D :http://kh13.com/forum/topic/83676-kingdom-hearts-iv-memories-of-tommorow/?do=findComment&comment=1581924


If you wanna know when the next chapter (eventually) comes out, follow this topic and if you have any comments or concerns please leave a comment. Enjoy!


Chapter 13-United


“What are we up against? What kind of monster are we dealing with? Can we even defeat him? How can we when we can’t even protect this world? Is this to be our fate… our destiny? Should we even try? Is it even worth doing so?” These were the thoughts that were racing through Kairi’s mind after witnessing the sight of a dear friend’s death.


“Kairi,” said Lea. He noticed that she wasn’t paying attention. “Kairi!” he called again, but this time startling her.


“What?” she replied.


“What are we gonna do now?” he asked.


Everyone halted immediately as they realized that none of them had a clue where they were going or what they were going to do. They all looked at Kairi with her face of fear and uncertainty. She seemed speechless and at the same time, lifeless. It was clear that she could not handle the situation.


“Orders Kairi,” cried Ventus.



“I…I don’t know…” she said.


“W…What do you mean?” stuttered Lea. “We have to do something!”


“What can we do Lea!?” she cried. “There are monsters destroying our world, the path we’re running towards is filled with the beasts, one of our comrades has just been murdered and we have no clue how to stop Dawl!”


“We stand and fight!” he replied.


“What’s the point!?” she screamed. “At the moment it doesn’t look like we have a chance!”


“Kairi,” interrupted Ventus, “are you suggesting that we simply give up!?”


“What choice do we have!?” she replied. “If you have a better idea, then give it to me, because there doesn’t seem to be an inch of hope left!”


“Can’t we just use our Keyblade gliders or…or summon a portal to another world?” asked Lea.


“Who knows how far the Malshines have spread? Dawl will hunt us down!” replied Kairi. “As for our gliders,” she stepped towards an exit of the crystallised cave they were hiding in and pointed towards the skies, which were filled with dozens of soaring Malshines, and said, “it’s clear that they’re useless here!”


“Kairi!” cried Ventus, “this sounds nothing like what your grandmother would say. Don’t you remember the fairy tales she told you when you were little? ‘Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you.’”


Kairi walked towards Ventus, with her face filled with anger, until they were face to face and said, “Oh grow up. They were just that: fairy tales.”


She walked past him and looked outside another exit of the cave, still carrying the unconscious Sora in her arms. “Besides,” she continued, “it looks like the light is on Dawl’s side, not ours. So you two can either fight back…or give up.”


She slowly turned her head to look at Sora’s face and whispered, “Sora, what would you do in a situation like this?”




“Aurum, stay behind me!” cried Aqua as she got her Keyblade at the ready while the giant Unversed was heading towards them. He quickly did what she ordered and watched in amazement as he saw his Master create a giant barrier between her and the beast. As soon as the Unversed attacked the barrier with its massive claws, it was parried backwards. Merely seconds afterwards, the barrier disappeared and orbs of light appeared. These orbs flew towards the monster and exploded right in front of it.


The blue beast was blinded by this attack and was covering its glowing red eyes with its bloody claws.


“Amare!” called Aqua, “take your friends and get out of here, now!”


“Okay mum,” she replied.


“Amare, I think she’s gonna need all the help we can give,” whispered Spero.


“Spero, shouldn’t you know by now? She’s my mother,” she said with a grin on her face.


Aqua told Aurum to follow his friends while the Unversed was distracted and so he did, with his Spirit following him. The group of four dashed off through a large door leading to the first district.


“It’s just you and me,” said Aqua to the beast after it finally regained its vision.


The Unversed noticed that there was only one enemy before him and roared in anger, realizing that the others escaped. It pointed all of its claws at Aqua, almost as though it was aiming. Aqua stood in her spot, prepared for anything that would come her way.


All of a sudden, all of the ten sharp nails shot out of the Unversed’s claws, flying at high speed towards her. She immediately cartwheeled out of the way as the nails destroyed a fountain in the corner of the district, which had a picture of the dogs. After quickly dodging this attack, she fired three firaga blasts from her Keyblade to the Unversed.


The monster staggered backwards from these attacks and fell over.


Seeing her chance, Aqua jumped high into air and landed her Keyblade straight into the chest of the Unversed.


(Stop Music)


The monster began to disappear through fogs of darkness until it evaporated without a trace.

Aqua quickly raised her Keyblade and ran off to the first district.


“So that’s it?” asked Lea. “This is what it’s come to?”


He carefully placed the unconscious Riku and Terra on the ground, placing their backs on a wall as Ventus did the same with Xion.


“Like I said, can’t we just summon a portal and get out of here?” continued Lea. “I know that the Malshines could have already spread to other worlds, but it would be better than here.”


However, he was left unanswered as Kairi didn’t even seem to paying attention any more. She simply stood still at one of the cave’s entrances, looking down at Sora.


Ventus summoned his Keyblade and pointed it upwards to cast a cure spell on all four of the unconscious Masters.


“They’ve been healed from their wounds, but it would appear that they’re still out cold,” said Ventus.


“Don’t be so sure,” assured Riku as he stood from his stance, while his armor was disappearing.



Both Lea and Ventus smiled at that moment as they began to see that the other Masters were beginning to regain consciousness, including Sora.


Kairi noticed this and gently put him on his feet. As Sora’s armor began to disappear, Kairi shed a tear, not because she was happy to see her friends awaken, but because she didn’t think that she could face her husband after thinking that all hope had been lost.


Sora shamefully scratched the back of his head and stared at the tear-filled face of Kairi.


“Kairi,” he asked, “what’s wrong?”


She wished to tell him about the argument that had transpired earlier, but instead, she said, “Naminé… Naminé is dead…”


Sora and the others were left speechless by this news. He couldn’t think of anything to say.


“Where’s Dawl?” asked Riku.


“He disappeared,” replied Ventus, “but his army hasn’t left.”


“I say we get out of here while we still have the chance and live to fight another day,” interrupted Lea.


“And run away like cowards?” asked Terra after his armor faded away. “Not after what Dawl did to Naminé!”


Kairi turned towards the others and said, “What is the point Terra?”


“What do you mean?” he replied.


“She believes that there’s no point in fighting,” said Lea. “That we have no chance against this army and that leaving isn’t really an option because Dawl will just hunt us down.”


“Kairi… is this true?” asked Sora.


Kairi stared at the ground beneath her while she shamefully turned towards him.


“I know that you disagree with me, but…” she said.


“Say no more,” interrupted Sora. “Kairi, I know it must be hard to handle this type of situation. I almost felt the same way back at the Keyblade Graveyard all those years ago. But we managed to be the victors of that war and we’ll do it again if we stay united and strong.”


“Besides,” said Riku, “running away wouldn’t give a good reputation.”


“What do you mean Riku?” asked Xion.


“Think about it,” he replied. “If we leave, the people of Radiant Garden will think that their protectors, including those of royalty, are cowards that only wished to live. However, if we fight back, and even if we fail, they will know that we fought bravely to defend their home.”


“But what about Aqua and the kids?” asked Xion. “They’re still in Traverse Town. Who knows if they’re in trouble?”


“One of us has to go get them,” said Ventus.


“There’s no need for that Ven,” assured Riku. “I gave my son something that would help him and his friends.”


(Stop Music)


“As did I with my daughter,” said Terra.


“Are you kids ok?” asked Aqua.


“We’re fine Master Aqua,” assured Spero.


“Speak for yourself,” said Aurum with a giggle, “my head was almost sliced off.”


“Quit complaining,” said Amare. “My mum could have handled it all by herself if we didn’t show up.”


“Why?” asked Spero. “Because she’s your mum?”


“Precisely,” she replied.


All five of them had a laugh from Amare’s comment until a blinding glow appeared in Aurum’s right pocket.


“Aurum, what’s in your pocket?” asked Aqua.


“Just something my dad gave me before we left on this fieldtrip,” he replied. He reached into his pocket and took out what seemed to be a glass, star-shaped blue object, with a green lightning bolt coming out of it, which was as big as his palm.


“He told me that it would help us if anything went wrong.”


“A star shard?” questioned Aqua.


“Why is it glowing?” asked Amare. “I studied everything about the journeys our parents and their friends and I don’t remember this thing, seeing how my mum is familiar with it.”


However, as she was about to continue speaking, the star shard glowed brighter and brighter until they all disappeared into a shooting star that kept bouncing in the night sky.


Roxas, still knelt on the cliff with Naminé’s body in his arms, was being surrounded by soldier-like Malshines. He didn’t bother to look at his enemies… he didn’t even care. All he wished to do was to be with Naminé.


Suddenly, a shooting star that was flying at high speed appeared and landed right next to him.


Surprised, he quickly looked up to see Spero, Amare, Aurum and Aqua piled on each other from the impact. Seeing the situation they were in, Aqua quickly got on her feet and summoned her Keyblade. The trio of students also stood their ground.



Aqua turned to see Roxas with Naminé in his hands. Realizing what had transpired, she ran towards a few of the Malshines with rage.


Spero and Aurum ran towards Roxas and summoned their Keyblades to defend him. They noticed that Amare was eagerly reaching for something in her pocket.


“Amare what are you…”said Spero until he saw her taking out what seemed to be some sort of device. She quickly attached this to her shoulder and punched the giant yellow button on the device.


Immediately afterwards, Amare was completely covered by a blinding light for a few seconds and by the time the light faded away, she was completely covered in armor.


“Is that?” said Aurum amazed.


“Yep,” continued Spero, “it’s Keyblade Master armor!”


“Where did she get that?” asked Aurum.


“You weren’t the only one who was prepared by their dad, Aurum,” said Amare. “Now quit drooling and protect Masters Roxas and Naminé!”


They both nodded and prepared themselves in their fighting stances while Amare ran to aid her mother.


“So,” said Aurum, “what did your dad prepare for you, Spero?”


He noticed that Spero did not respond to his question, instead, he seemed to have ignored him and ran to attack some of the enemies.


“This fieldtrip is going great so far,” thought Aurum sarcastically as he ran to battle. He aimed his Keyblade at three opponents in front of him and blasted three dark firaga blasts, which caused them to disappear as soon as his attack mad impact.


Spero, on the other hand, crouched a few steps from some of the soldiers and got into a stance. When his enemies were close enough, he took a step forward and disappeared. However, merely a second afterwards, he reappeared behind his enemies, leaving them sliced and fading away from his Zantetsuken attack.


The two quickly aided to get Roxas to his feet as Aurum called out to Master Aqua and said, “Master Aqua, what do we do now?”


“Take them to the crystal fissure, down that path,” she replied as she pointed to their only exit.


As soon as she turned round to continue fighting the soldiers, she thought that she was seeing herself slaying the enemies, until she realized it was her daughter in her old armor. She didn’t think it was the right time to ask her about the armor. Instead, Aqua quickly grabbed her arm and dragged her to their only exit.


(Stop Music)


Spero and Aurum were running to the crystal fissure with Roxas while Aqua and Amare were right behind them.


When they finally arrived, they were more than relieved to see the rest of the Keyblade Masters. In fact, the Masters were more than surprised to see the kids, right as they were talking about them.



As soon as Spero and Aurum realized their respective parents were with them, they quickly ran towards them. While Spero was in a family hug with his parents, Aurum was given a pat on the back from his father and a kiss on the cheek from his mother.


Once Aqua and Amare entered the cave and realized that Terra was there, they quickly ran to him. He caught his daughter and lifted her to give her huge bear hug, while Aqua came and hugged the both of them.


“I see that giving the armor wasn’t such a bad idea,” said Terra with a smile on his face.


“You bet dad!” she replied. “But could you tell me how to take it off without doing it, y’know, manually? It’s hard to breath in this thing.”


“You’re gonna have to concentrate Amare,” he said. “Focus on nothing but the armor.”


She nodded and took a deep breath. Without even realizing, her armor was completely gone.


“What is going on here?” asked Aqua to everyone.


Everyone who was joyed to be reunited with their families quickly lost their grins.


(Stop Music)


“The army is here,” said Xion.


“What army?” asked Aurum.


“Dawl’s” replied Lea.


“Dawl?” said Aqua confused. “You mean…the third student?”


Full of regret, Lea shamefully gave a slow nod.



“He…he knocked out almost all of us unconscious,” said Ventus. “We ran to that cliff, trying to make it to the ruins of Maleficent’s castle, but Dawl came in with Sora, Riku and Terra…all three of them knocked out. Then… he had Xion and Naminé as well… that’s when…”


“That’s when he murdered Naminé…” interrupted Roxas.


“You mean she’s…” said Amare with regret. She quickly examined Naminé’s body in Roxas’ arms. She realized that she had mentioned her before, back on the cliff, when she believed that she was still alive. “Master Roxas… Please forgive me. I… I had no idea.”


“It’s fine…” he replied.


“Why would he do something like that?” asked Aqua.


“He intends to extinguish every speck of darkness,” said Roxas. “Darkness from worlds…from people…from everything… and that means that if he were to reach his goal, he has to kill every human being with darkness within them.”


“Meaning… everyone…” said Aqua. “So what’s the plan?”


“That’s what we’re trying to figure out,” replied Kairi.


“We know leaving isn’t an option,” said Riku. “We all agree on that.”


“So, we’re all gonna fight these guys?” asked Spero.

“We?” exclaimed Sora.


(Stop Music)


“Yeah, we can help you guys,” said Amare.


“Oh no, we’re not going to risk your lives,” replied Terra.


“We can handle,” reassured Aurum, “we just beat some of those monsters on the cliff. I even defeated some Unversed back in Traverse Town.”


“Unversed!?” cried Terra.


All of the Keyblade Masters were shocked by this news, realizing a certain someone’s return.


“Aqua,” said Xion, “you’re gonna have tell us what transpired back there once this is all over.”


“Just when we had enough problems already,” said Lea.


“That’s enough!” cried Riku. “We will deal with this situation later. Right now we need to focus on the problem we have at the moment.”


“Then what are we going to do?” said Ventus.



“Roxas,” said Sora, “Take the kids and escape while we buy you some time.”


“What?” he replied, “You’re not telling me that you trust me to protect them?”


“So you trust him with something but not me?” thought Spero as he crossed his arms.


“Sora, no, I will not leave our son at a time like this!” said Kairi filled with rage.


“I trust Roxas that he will protect Spero and his friends!”


“How?” replied Roxas. “The same way I protected Naminé!? Because that went pretty well!”


“I trust you because you’re half of me.”


“I WAS half of you!”


Everyone remained silent from this outburst. Everyone was simply staring at Roxas and his face filled with anger.


“Fine,” he continued, “I’ll go.”


Aqua slowly walked towards Roxas, looked towards Sora and said, “Sora, I’ll go with him. No one can go and do this mission alone. Besides, it’s best that I leave with my students… in case anything goes wrong.”


“Very well,” replied Sora. “Let’s just…let’s just say our good-byes and we’ll go our separate ways.”


Aqua walked back to her family and looked at Terra.


“You probably think I’m a coward for doing this,” she said.


“I don’t,” he replied. “You have done so many things to protect others, including myself. You have put others’ lives before yours. I trust that you can protect our daughter.”


“Thank you.”


Terra knelt down to come face to face with Amare and said, “Be safe ok? Mum’s gonna take care of you princess.”


“Dad… please win this fight for me,” she replied.


“Of course, I’ll be back before you even know it.”


“Aurum,” said Riku as he placed his hands on his shoulders, “I know that you are gonna be just fine because I know that you can defend yourself. Trust me.”


“You bet dad,” he replied.


“We’ll be back soon Aurum,” said Xion.


“Spero,” said Kairi, “We will be back so we can all go back home together, ok?”


“I know you will,” he replied.


“Roxas and Aqua will protect you Spero,” said Sora. “Just make sure to stick with them.”


“I will dad.”


Aqua, Spero, Amare and Aurum stood near Roxas as he summoned a portal with his Keyblade. The five walked through the portal as they saw the friendly faces of all the Keyblade Masters who stayed behind.

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