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Post any of your kingdom hearts 3 ideas here!

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"The World of the Heroes" World with Marvel superheroes. In this world, there should be 4, hard secret bosses (Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, and The Hulk), each hero you beat contributes 1/4 of a part toward the "Hero Blade" which is very powerful. 


"The Happiest Place in the Universe" world. This world is basically Disneyworld and there's attractions for rides in the Magic Kingdom (Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mtn. RR)  Animal Kingdom (Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids) , Hollywood Studios (Tower of Terror, Star Tours) and Epcot (Mission: Space, Test Track). The rides have stopped working and have been taken over by heartless. The residents of this world could be original characters or Disney characters. This is kind of like the Winnie The Pooh where Sora goes into the book but this time Sora goes into the ride and it's a mini world of the ride and Sora has to slay the heartless and seal each keyhole. This could be a world that you complete over the course of the whole game. 

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It's nothing much, but I would like to see a Wreck-It-Ralph Summon,

Some Pixar worlds,

expansion on gameplay,

A limit for how much you can use Flowmotion,

your regular party members back,

awesome boss battle that are traditional to the series,

Sora and his friends to finally grow up,

and most importantly of all,

a satisfying ending to this saga.

So, take your time, Square Enix. Don't rush this game. Let it develop and grow to a great ending to the saga. Make it great, like it always has.


Oh, and also, a less convoluted story would be nice. Very nice.

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I might be the only one in the world wanting this lol, 



Co-Op, missions and story wise too like up to 3 players, Sora Riku and Lea in missions would be amazing for me in co op

A Light Saber Keyblade (yes ok im sorry xD)

Pixar Worlds

The ability to change party members anywhere. Not just that certain person in that certain world

KH 2 Styles Gummi missions modified (i just get a big kick out of that)

....this is way too much but because I recently saw Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dubstep versions of battle music (HEAR ME OUT OK JUST SEE THE MOVIE Hahaha)

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