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Goddamn tekemarketers

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First of all: Why!! How on earth do they have our phone number?

I completely understand that the person behind the phone needs to make a living to feed their family too, but OMG, when someone says they are not interested, I'm pretty sure it means they AREN'T interested in whatever you have to offer.


Second of all, they tend to have a bad habit of assuming things.

I have been called 'Madam', 'Ma'am' as well as asked when will my husband or partner will be home so many times it is not funny. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, my voice doesn't even sound like a female (well to me and to my friends it doesn't), plus I'm not married so why ask about stuff like that?. *sigh* Nowadays when I pick up the phone and if its the voice of a telemarketer - I will immediately just start mumbling in either chinese or Japanese followed with "SORRY, NO TALK ENGLISH" and then proceed to profusely repeat myself until the other person says "Okay, Have a good day Ma'am"...even then I'd just like to yell "I AM MALE YOU RETARD!!" out of frustration, but that'd just blow my cover now wouldn't it?

I am a nice guy most of the time, but even nice guys can run out of patience.


I do feel sorry for those people trying to sell stuff on the phone, but I also feel they'd have an easier time selling something people actually wanted through a media which didn't invade or offend the privacy of others.


Anyone here have telemarketer stories, please share.


(p.s. if any of you are working as a telemarketer, I'm sorry if this offended you in any way, think of this as constructive feedback on how to manage your clients)

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Im gonna answer them with something like this:


"Hello, this is Burt's Mortuary. You stab em, we slab 'em. If your looking for Amy's Whorehouse, you mixed up the last two numbers."

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I have the same issue with telemarketers. They just don't listen. I had to keep blocking new phone numbers to stop them from calling again. At times when I'm not too busy at all and I feel like pulling jokes, I do the tips I found online to annoy them. Sure works well! I can't help but laugh when the caller start sighing with frustration. Hahaha!

I got the tips from http://www.callercenter.com/articles/14waystoannoytelemarketers.html and you guys should try them, too! Sure are hilarious!

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