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[FATE/HEARTS] Sora unleashes Excalibur

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"Lets fall back for now!" Riku snapped at Sora


they stood back to back amidst a cloud of darkness...thats what it would've looked like from a distance but if you were to see through the azure blue eyes of our protaginist you'd know it was far from a cloud. Thousands, no millions of heartless named 'shadows' surrounded them. They were severely outnumbered and.....alone in the realm of darkness.


"We can't! They're gonna use Kairi to unlock Kingdom Hearts, I'm not going back until she comes with us!"


Riku's eyes rolled. He knew once his friend had settled on a decision, there was no swaying his resolve.


"Well got any plans?"


several shadow lunged at Sora as he parried their claws with his Keyblade (currently equipped with the Ultima Keychain).


"Cover me, Riku - I'm gonna try something!"



Please listen to this theme while reading the rest::




Without hesitation Riku cleared a path using his own Ultima Keyblade, he made a gesture with his hands to Sora to 'get started!' as he battle the onslaught of shadows alone.


Thinking quickly, Sora stuffed his hands into his pocket and drew out another Keychain. As he fastened the new chain onto his Keyblade he thought back to the words of the person who bestowed him with the chain - this would be the first time he's used this keyblade's form.


"The dreams and hopes of all those fallen in battle, they converge and crystallise into a miracle - that is the name of my sword"


Sora watched as his Keyblade's form morph in a flash of light - he then realised that to call this new Keyblade 'beautiful' would only taint it's exalted nature for It was beyond the concept of beauty.




Sora quietly whispered. That was the name given to his new Keyblade's form -  a name born from the person who gave it to him - the maiden...no the Lord who was known as the King of Knights.


Holding the blade high above his head he prayed - Sora prayed for a miracle to come to past.

To save himself and his friend from the great heartless army...and to bring back a friend he held dear/


"Oh Sword of Miracles, please lend me thy strength - thy light to cleave the darkness"


Particles of Light began to gather, coalesce and surround the young Keyblade wielder - it was an amazing sight. For within the Realm of Darkness, one would not expect the light to flood from the empty corners of they sky - yet they did.


"Riku!! I need to you make way now!"


Sora gripped the blade tightly with both hands as he waited for his friend to Retreat behind him for safety. Like a wave of darkness the shadows followed, ready to swallow and devour. Words began to materialise in Sora's mind as he realised the name he'd have to call for this miracle to be made true.




Sora swung the blade down hard and strong.




a wave of light flooded forth - one with enough radiance to light the dawn. Its light singed and yet at the same time welcomed the beings of darkness - healing it with its silent destruction. It was this noble phantasm that would be enough to decimate an army of heartless...or maybe even a fortress.


All was white - as the dreams of the people who these Heartless once were danced in the light. Sora would quietly whisper to himself...


"Wait Kairi, We're on our way"


Posted Image



Sora's MMD model came from KAZUKI from deviantart

Original Characters from Square Enix's Kingdom hearts and Type-moon's FATE/STAY NIGHT and/or FATE/ZERO.



Original scene


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I don't like the role you put Kairi in


or the fact that Riku rolled his eyes at the idea of saving his best friend

Edited by KittensOnFire

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I don't like the role you put Kairi in


or the fact that Riku rolled his eyes at the idea of saving his best friend


Umm... Riku rolled his eyes not at the idea of saving his best friend - but at the fact that Sora did not want to retreat tactically when confronted against an unexpected overwhelming disadvantage against so many opponents. But now that I think of it, リクらしくないですね?? I mean the fact that Riku 'rolled his eyes' when personality wise he'd most likely let out a sigh.


As for Kairi, she was kidnapped (I didn't really give thought to the reason). I guess it was pretty difficult to discern anything from the story since I didn't set the context or explain anything.


Eitherway, I take it you didn't really enjoy the story anyway but thank you for your honest opinion. To be perfectly honest with you it started out as a fanfic where I'd already planned and photoshopped the manga parts even before I considered writing the story in english. I just wanted to see Sora use Excalibur, that was all.


では 申し訳ありませんです


It's good, but after being exposed to Soul Eater, I was almost concerned if Sora was gonna meet Excalibur.


lmao... that would be an interesting meeting *w*

Edited by catmaster0116

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