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FINAL FANTASY V is set to be released on PC nearly twenty years later

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In 1997, Square planned to port FINAL FANTASY V to PC but due to communication issues between them and other companies they decided to abandon the project.


With FINAL FANTASY III now available on Steam, it would seem PC is on Square Enix's list of platforms to port the original FINAL FANTASY games to.


So nearly twenty years later...it would seem FINAL FANTASY V will be finally released on PC through Steam.


Expect Amazon Appstore, Ouya and Windows Phone releases first though and they still have to finish FINAL FANTASY IV before they even think about V. But it should come to PC in 2015.

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What I'd really like to see, though, is FFV and FFVI remake for the 3DS!  Now that would be awesome!  But, it may not happen.  But then again, who knows?  It's not impossible! :)


Not happening. Original staff busy with other projects and developer of the 3D remakes of III and IV just makes mobile games including the one above.

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