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REVIEW: Naruto Shippuden The Move: The Will Of Fire

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So for my second official review, I've decided to switch from comic book film to anime film. Also, I probably won't be lumping together movies in a single franchise and reviewing them all at once, as it can probably be told here. I just find it easier to review one movie at a time so I can focus better and deliver a better review overall. Also, since SOMEBODY (who shall remain nameless) told me that my reviewing style in my Spider Man movie trilogy thread was bad, I'm doing this to also improve upon that. And while I thank you, mysterious person, for pointing that out, next time don't be such a jackass about it. Kthxbye. :P
But anyways, today's review will be on the third Naruto Shippuden movie and the sixth overall Naruto movie, “The Will Of Fire”, and I can honestly say before I even begin the review that this is my favorite Naruto movie of all time. Now, the review will be kept inside a spoiler tag so I can freely talk about the movie's elements without openly spoiling anything in particular. I recommend people who haven't already watched the movie to watch the movie before reading this:

Allow to me to be blunt when I say...


(cough) Sorry about that. Anyways, this movie is about a rouge ninja who is aiming to collect all Kekkai Genkai using his Chimera Jutsu, which allows him to combine himself with other bodies and wage the Fourth Shinobi World War on everybody. Also, the Hidden Leaf Village is accused of causing this distress, so the Village must prove its innocence. Now, the rouge ninja's name is Hiruko, and he used to be a friend of the Sannin, and it was his drive to become as strong as them that led him to turn into the little pyscho he was in this movie. Though to be fair, at least he regretted it all after he was beaten, but anyways, this puts our favorite badass Kakashi in danger as Hiruko wants his Kekkai Genkai, the Sharingan as well. Kakashi is willing to sacrifice himself in order to keep the village safe and of course, Naruto ain't having that. The story is based around the belief in Naruto that you're an ass that's willing to follow the rules in exchange for abandoning your friends, with Naruto's reinforcing this belief to his teacher, Kakashi, that taught him it.

First lets handle the good: ... EVERYTHING. Okay not really. lol Still, this movie has a lot of things that all the Naruto movies past, present, and future should always have, and basically its not following the same tired shit the last two Shippuden films and the three Naruto movies did: side characters are put into focus, their personalities and backstory are meh, Naruto does his tired old "stop being an asshole and believe in yourself" speech, villains are generic/boring, and it all ends with Naruto pulling a new Rasengan out of his ass. The end. The movie does NOT follow that at all, and replaces it with an interesting story, cool villains, the main focus on Naruto and Kakashi, and pretty much everyone of Naruto's friends (who also get fight scenes against the henchmen) and even Shikamaru gets a big role in this, probably because this movie was made right after the Hidan and Kakuzu arc.

Now for the bad: ... well... I don't really have too much bad to say.... I-I'm trying to.... I don't.... I.... fffffffffffffff**k it, NO! This movie is perfect! PERFECT I S-okay, there are a few flaws. Mostly its just that some scenes in the movie move a little slow and it really sort of halts the flow of the story a bit, and to be honest there are bits and pieces here and there that don't really need to be shown... other than that, screw it. Go watch this f**king movie. Great story, great use of characters, great animation, great themes, great villains, and great direction. Its all great. Believe it!!!

Okay so maybe this wasn't the best thing for me to review considering how overly one-sided I might sound but... oh, God, I can't help it! This movie is just too good people! I recommend it to people who are fans of Naruto and people who just like watching anime movies in general. Both audiences will be pleased with what they get.
So yeah, here's the review. Its my opinion and I'm sticking to it. And quite frankly, I think I did this better than the Spider Man thread, so I'm happy. :P
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I agree, I liked how it didn't go with the old Naruto movie formula. I still don't remember too much of it, though... It was still a great movie, though. Way better than the third movie for Part 1. xD

I still think Lost Tower is better, though... And Road to Ninja but that's a different story.

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