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A Good Life, Good Enough - (1x1 with Silver Kuroi)

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Hal smiled and they all heard a voice come from the ring. "Recharge required." The electronic sounding voice said."Okay, I can replicate it just gimme a moment to recharge my ring with my power battery." Hal smiled again as he summoned a large glowing lantern made of green, and pointed his ring at it and recited:"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, for those who worship evil's might..beware my power, Green Lantern's light!" The ring and lantern glowed as Hal recited the oath and his ring charged. The lantern vanished and Flash came up and patted Hal on the shoulder."Do ya have to say that stuff every time you recharge your ring?" Flash sighed.


"Yes, it IS the oath of a Green Lantern, we all have to memorize it so we can recharge our rings." Hal blinked at Flash."Lay off him, Flash." Wonder Woman told Wally.


Green Lantern then made his ring construct Lea and Sora's keyblades. "Did it come out right?" Hal asked.That was when a man wearing a green hooded costume and a mask over his eyes, all green too. And blond hair and a beard approached them. "Heard we had some guests. What's up, I'm Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow." Oliver grinned at the teens.A man with green skin and red eyes without features to them, approached them as well. "Greetings guests...are you wishing to join the Justice League?" The man asked in a monotone voice. "And I am J'onn J'onzz, the last surviving member of Mars, which I suppose is why I am called Martian Manhunter." He gave a ghost of a smile. 


Flash came over and patted J'onn on the back, "What's up J'onn?" J'onn looked confused, "The Earth's sky, all manner of flying birds, beyond the Earth's atmosphere there is-" Flash facepalmed, "Its just a way of saying 'how are you' J'onn." 


"My apologies, but it was one my attempts at Earth humor...it appears it went a bit as they say here, over your head." J'onn said smiling genuinely.


Flash blinked and burst out laughing, "Ya got me J'onn! Good one!"


"Oliver here is a master of the bow and arrow, and J'onn is the world's strongest telepath and is able to shapeshift." 

"So where's Clark?" Kairi asked, having been told about him by the others.


"Lets go find him." W.W. said, handing the teenagers thick coats."You'll need them, trust me. And hang on, we're about to teleport everyone here...again..now that you've met almost everyone." W.W. pushed a button and everyone was teleported into a snowy setting...with ice everywhere."Uhh...I don't think we're at his fortress of solitude."


"Give him a break, he just constructed the damn thing." They spotted a giant ice castle and entered in.It was surprisingly warm for a giant ice castle. They spotted Clark without his uniform standing before a computer."Guys, you're just in time, I'm about to get something major done, I know all these clues have been leading me here...and remember I showed you that crystal thing that whoever sent me here put in that space pod that crash landed at Ma and Pa Kent's farm? I'm about to get some answers, and I'm so glad you all could be here.He smiled at his closest friends and pushed the button. Instantly the lights dimmed and a figure who resembled Clark appeared.After a few moments of silence, the figure spoke. "To see you standing there, now grown into an adult...if only Lara could've witnessed this." "Who are you?" Clark asked."I am your father Kal, or at least a shadow of his consciousness...my name...is Jor-El." The figure spoke.

"I'm...Kal....that's my name." Clark said as he seemed to remember something long forgot."It is....Kal-El." "Answer my questions...where do I come from?" Clark asked.


"You came from Krypton, a world with a much harsher environment than Earth's." Holograms of the world and its people appeared and swirled around the group."Long ago, in an era of expansion, our race spread out through the stars. Seeking new worlds to settle upon. We built outposts on other planets, using great machines to reshape the environment to our needs. For one hundred thousand years..we flourished. Accomplishing wonders."The group was silent before Batman asked to the hologram of Jor-El, "What happened?" Jor-El glanced over at Bruce and sighed, "Artificial population control was established. We abandoned space exploration, and as a result...our planet's core became unstable." "And eventually our military leader and my friend, General Zod....attempted a coup." A harsh looking man was shown shooting and slaughtering his own people. Jor-El was seen confronting him, "What have you done? You've taken up the sword against your own people!""Join with me El, and together we will sever the DEGENERATIVE bloodlines that caused all this!""And who will decide what bloodlines survive, you?" "Don't do this El, we've come so far." "I will not be apart of this, I will honor the man you were Zod...not this monstrosity you've become." 


Jor-El turned to Clark, "Your mother and I forsaw the coming calamity, and we took steps to ensure your survival." A image of a chamber with artificial birthing fluids and babies being born in machinery was shown, "This is a birthing chamber...all Kryptonians were conceived in these. Your mother and I knew that along the line Krypton lost something important..the element of choice..every Kryptonian was designed to fufill a certain role in our society...a scientist, a worker, a warrior. But what if a child dreamed of something other than what society intended?" He turned to Clark cryptically."What if a child aspired to something greater?""You were Krypton's first natural birth in centuries, we risked so much to save you...because you were Krypton's future. And you are now as much a child of earth now...as you are Krypton." A tube rose up from the ice coated floor and it was lit and showed the outfit with the Superman symbol on it. "You can embody the best of both worlds..you and your friends. The people of this planet...Earth, are different from us its true..but ultimately I think that's a good thing..they won't make the same mistakes we did. Not if you and your friends give them hope..." Jor gestured to the uniform, "That is what this symbol is, the symbol of our house means hope...that every person has the potential to be a force for good...that is what you and your friends can bring them." There was a flash and suddenly Clark was in the Superman uniform, he turned and smiled at his JL friends and asked one final question. "Why..why am I so different from-""Earth's sun is younger, and your cells have bathed in its radiation. And as you use your powers to guide these people Kal...they will struggle, and fall, and curse..but ultimately...they will join you as you help their race accomplish wonders."

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Sora laughed at the prospect of the ring needing to recharge. After the keyblades were formed, he nodded. "Looks the same. You could've fooled me.""I don't think the heartless will be fooled by a blunt metal object." Riku said."It's mean and its green. Just like Goofy!" Lea joked.Riku looked at the man who introduced himself as Green Arrow. "I remember you. There was an older Oliver that helped us take down a bad Clark. You still had great marksmanship after all those years." Lea groaned at J'onn missing the expression. Finding themselves in a snowy construct, they follwed after Diana. The trio greeted Clark as he showed them a weird crystal that projected Clark's father. As the Jor-El explained the backstory of Superman, Riku finally stepped up, agreeing. "It's true, we've seen the world struggle, and fall. But we know you'll be there to save us when it counts, Clark."

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Oliver smiled at Riku, "Thanks, I try."----


That was when they heard the loud sound of the door to the Fortress being smashed open, Clark looked over and saw black clad figures with a Kryptonian symbol on their armor, their supposed leader wore something akin to a gas mask. The others had what appeared to be some sort of translucent matter on their faces that acted as their mask."Who are you and what are you doing here!?" Clark demanded."A friend of your father's, I've come to reclaim something of mine." A strangely familiar voice came from the leader of the group.Clark realized who this figure was, "You're....General Zod." 


"Very good observation, now...as I said....I've come to reclaim what is rightfully mine. Don't make the same mistake your father made, Kal....it didn't end well for him." 


Clark looked General Zod over once...before his eyes widened a bit. "I..remember....you killed him didn't you?" 


Zod could be heard sighing inside the helmet, "Regretfully yes...he was my closest friend..but given the choice to do it all over again...I would change nothing." Batman's eyes narrowed in his cowl.

That was when they heard the helicopters and military radio chatter from above the fortress. "Wha-" Flash said.


"We went to your foster home first, I'm afraid things didn't go so well for your hometown here...which is why the pitiful Earth military appears to have followed us." Signalling a big brutish man to his left, wearing a similar mask, the man leaped through the ceiling and the radio chatter could be heard."Mayday, mayday we're going down!" The helicopter crashed through the icy ceiling and came down in narrowly missing the group. A group of military men rushed inside the fortress, aiming their weapons at the black dressed Kryptonians.The female Kryptonian was signalled by Zod, "Faora!" "Yes sir!" she rushed the military group as their bullets bounced off her, punching and throwing the men with surprising speed and strength.


"NO!" Superman zoomed to Faora, the JL right behind him, but she merely dodged his punch easily and began taunting him. "You are so weak, son of El...you are...unsure of yourself." 


Diana took a swing with her sword at Faora's head, only for the blade to be caught and her to get a punch to the face which sent her crashing into the wall.


Flash attempted to speed attack Zod, but he found himself slammed to the ground in a crater.


Martian Manhunter transformed into a gigantic beast unknown to Earth and wrapped a tentacle around Faora but found himself flipped overhead and returned to his normal form as he hit the ground.Green Arrow nodded to Hal and Bats, Oliver and Bats taking Faora and Hal taking Zod.Hal formed a construct of a military tank and it fired upon Zod point blank range.


When the smoke cleared, Zod leaped upon the Green Lantern and smashed him into a wall, punching him repeatedly.Superman yelled and went to attack Faora, but found every attack he made expertly blocked and countered."The fact that you and your friends possess a sense of morality, and we do not...gives us an evolutionary advantage." "Arrow, we have to get Zod off of Hal!" Bats called out to Oliver."No, ya think!? But I'm a little busy here!" Oliver called over as he began to fight the big brutish Kryptonian, then was lifted up by his throat and stabbed an arrow into the Kryptonian's eyesocket. "AARGh!" the Kryptonian cried out in pain releasing Oliver. 

Bats charged Zod and threw out a batarang connected to a cable that wrapped itself around Zod's ankles, tripping him. "You shouldn't underestimate this planet!" Bats growled as he pulled Zod by the cable.

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Lea scowled at the enemies, watching as Faora and Zod effortlessly defeated the Justice League. Igniting his keyblade, he sent out multiple flame waves at the enemy while charging toward the brutish Kryptonian, jumping into the air and letting out a flurry of blows before landing on ground with a sweep. Riku held his keyblade, taking in the sight of Faora. "You're quite a strong woman. Faora, was it?" Charging toward her, he brandished his woman, skillfully slashing at the woman while Sora dashed for Faora from behind with Oathkeeper, lashing out with sideways hits while white orbs attacked as well. Leaping into the air together, they attacked side-by-side continuously in perfect synchronization.

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Faora and Non's armor began to crack before breaking off in several places as they were sent flying into a nearby wall. 

Zod roared and went to attack Riku and Sora, but was punched by Clark and sent flying backwards.


However Faora and Non stood back up and Faora felt tiny pin pricks on her skin, turning towards Colonel Hardy she smirked as his bullets had no effect and approached him wielding a kryptonian knife.The injured Hardy reached into a backpack in the wreckage of the helicopter and the combat knife shone as he readied himself for an attack.


"Faora! Lets go!" Zod called to his comrade as they flew off out of the hole the helicopter made.

Faora tucked the blade away and smiled at Hardy eerily, "See you later, little man." She flew off with Zod and Non and disappeared into the horizon.

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The trio watched as their enemy retreated. Helping the rest of the Justice League to their feet, Lea scowled. "Damn, they're pretty strong. And I'm sure they'll be back. Any ideas on what to do, Bats?"


"That was a close one." Sora told Hardy, slightly healing him what the amount of magic he had left.

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