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Hi everyone Im IWasBornAsVentus but you can go by my real name Sebastian. Im 18 and Im a huge KH fan. I grew up with KH and my first of the games was KH2 and I loved it and couldn't stop play it. Through my teen years I had a tough situation with being social but thanks to KH I have grown to a strong person after relating a lot to Ventus character he became my favourite in the whole franchise as I really could relate myself to him. However where I live I had very hard to find people who likes KH and then I found myself here and really liked what I saw. Since the site is about KH I felt really happy and I decided to join. My favourite games is KH2 and BBS. So far I do KH videos on my youtube channel let's plays and KH news. Also I like to write scripts, direct, edit movies I make and collect disney merchandise Im a collector.


Im really glad to join this community and I can't wait to make new friends :D


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Greetings Sebastian...or have I finally found you Ventus?...Welcome to KH13! Hope you enjoy your time here, make plenty of friends and have fun along the way!


*Hands you Org.XIII Black coat* Here. You might need this. And don't forget to hand your soul over to our Webmaster: DChiuch. xD 

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