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What part of the zelda timeline do you think that was affected by Ganondorf's actions the most?

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For me its a tie between the adult timeline and the fallen hero timeline because they both made me feel rally bad because of what happened to them. In the adult timeline, a long time after Ganon is sealed he broke the seal that people thought it would never break and evil suddenly got into the land of hyrule once more. People were praying that the hero of time would come again to save them, but he didn't. In the fallen hero timeline the hero of time dies and ganon can now get all three pieces of the triforce for himself. In a few hundred years a link to the past happens. By the way their was a war that said to have happened before the events of a link to the past. It was called the Sealing war. The people of Hyrule sealed the demon king and after that a link to the past happens. During this game and the game's sequel that follow. Zelda's descendants started to loss the blood of the goddess. 

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