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My version of the zelda cycle

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When The Zelda U trailer at e3 was shown, only a few people didn't like the art style of the game. They said that it didn't look "realistic" enough to them. I bet by the time zelda u comes out, almost everybody will like it and the haters will still hate it. This happened with the wind waker back in 2002 where a lot of people hated it and a only people liked it. When the game came out there were more wind waker lovers years after its released and the haters still didn't appreciate how the wind waker is.  I think this is going to happen with zelda u and i'm one of those people who appreciated every zelda game that came out, even if it was bad. This is why I don't put all of that hate on Zelda U no matter how linear the game could be(even though the game isn't going to be linear). What i'm trying to say is that you should appreciate how the game is and not how the game looks like. 

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The fact that it's like Wind Waker actually makes me more excited. If all we saw from the trailer is a world similar to Twilight Princess, I probably wouldn't have ANY interest until they showed gameplay. The fact that this world is lively instead of dead and dull is why it caught my interest more than some other games. Now I just need to hope it's not going to be a repeat of the usual 3D Zelda game with little to no exploration.

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