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Microsoft hid it in plain sight, or at least a likely solution to all the hints they gave us.The first Xbox was simply called Xbox. And the first in the series is usually represented by the number one....The second Xbox was called the Xbox 360, and 360 degrees=1 revolution aka starting right where you left off.The third Xbox was called the Xbox One....It appears Microsoft is stuck in a never ending loop of 1s...but it might be more sinister than that. Did you ever wonder why they pushed so hard for Kinnect and requiring an internet connection to play games? Well I may have uncovered the truth....Their next system will be named the Xbox Alpha, and will be presented as a savior for the game industry, while using features adopted from the one.... This system will be mostly fine, but it will be opening people's heart to the Xboxes, making it as common as TVs...The final system (probably the one after the Alpha) will be the Xbox Omega, it will be presented as the end all and be all of all consoles... but most of all it shall be the anti-christ! We must down the Xbox before it can down us!

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Fanboy alert.

That's what happens when you click a thread that has lies in the tags.


Posted Image

Mission Accomplished.


Edit: Either way, you all have been warned, beware the sign of the Xbox Alpha. BEWARE! For it heralds the coming of the Xbox Omega. That being said the Xbox Alpha will be a really nice system, but its success will bring the Omega.

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If it's only ones, I can't wait for Xbra


Posted Image



the new name? its obv ya dumbo.



its the all new



Hmm the Xbra and XBAAX do sound interesting...

The bra might work because it is only one...

Though the XBAAX has 2 as in a row and might be disqualified for that. But it is fun to say a few times.

That being said... The Xbox Omega I stated would probably never exist, because omega is not a first letter...



I know what their next Xbox system will be called



Xbox Zero


That sounds like a diet beverage. The Xbox Zero, the new revolutionary weight loss system!

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As an xbox fan (I'm also a sony and nintendo fan , I don't even really have a side at all), this gave me some laughs xD




Lmao, looks like a username I would see on xbox live ....they go crazy with the x's...

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