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Power Jusho

Gaming Mysteries: 358/2 Days, CoM, Re:coded, & 3D

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I'm still disappointed by the lack of Tarzan post-KHI. 


Also, I'm fine with Dream Eaters being the only enemy in DDD, so long as that's their only appearance. KHIII should either return to both Heartless and Nobodies OR make a new hybrid group of enemies that combine both Heartless and Nobodies...somehow. Dunno how that'd work, but whatever.

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Holy crap, I thought I'd be the only guy on here who liked his vids. I knew about some of the stuff in Days and 3D, but most of this is new to me.


The Dream Eaters kind of bug me when I see them because there doesn't feel like there's a theme with their colors besides gaudiness. I've only played the demo of 3D, though.

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