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Xemnas Likes Butterflies?!

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Regal, delicate, and yet masculineYou've captured so many emotions in this picture


Oh my goodness, thank you!! That's exactly what I was aiming for. <3 


My goodness!! Awesome work bud!


Thanks, dude!!!! :D


My eyes! They BURN!


One more unseeable thing was seen.




I should not find this as erotic as I do...


Give in.....succumb to the sensations rising up within you! xD


That is, bluntly, an absolutely FABULOUS drawing Pandy! :D I like the random butterfly too! xD


THANK YOU, HUN!!!!!!!!!!!! <3  That butterfly, tho. xD


he's beautiful.


It.... my eyes cant take it.


Thank you, so much! :3 And since you are so sweet, here! *Offers sunglasses*


why is the butterfly so muscular



Because.....reasons. xD

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