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KHDays Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Ultimania, Tetsuya Nomura interview.

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As was previously reported, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Ultimania, a book to accompany the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, has been released in Japan. It contains an interview with Tetsuya Nomura regarding the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, and Kingdom Hearts Insider have managed to translate it entirely.


The interview, seven pages long, is with the series' director, Tetsuya Nomura. He discusses his thoughts concerning the development and release of 358/2 Days, and then goes on to discuss the production of Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He also talks about the future of the series, beyond those two games. You can read Kingdom Hearts Insider's translation below.


Interview Date: 27 May 2009


The KH world shows new breadth in the spin-off titles 358/2 Days, coded, and Birth by Sleep. We were able to talk to Director Tetsuya Nomura about his thoughts on the new 358/2 Days as well as the development of the future of the series. (Interviewer: Akira Yamashita)


The time period for the scenario was decided after the multiplayer idea was solidified


-- So, the new Days is one of the three titles announced in the Autumn of 2007 as new projects in the KH series.


Nomura: Those three titles were all announced at the same time, but in reality the opportunities for the projects were raised in a disjointed way. Birth by Sleep is a project that was raised within our company, but Days is from Nintendo, and coded is from Disney, so we started by talking to each of them.


-- So out of those, was Days the first project put into motion?


Nomura: That's right. Actually, from just before the DS was released, there were voices saying it should definitely have KH. When we first heard of the DS' specifications, we thought it was a kind of hardware completely unheard of in previous ways of thinking. There had been no other game machines with two screens, and we were pretty worried about how they should be put to practical use. So we didn't get started straight away, rather we continued searching for the form of a KH that it would be meaningful to release on DS. Separately, we wanted to make a completely new game making full use of the DS' functionality, and began The World Ends with You. So we were able to work on the concept for KH while actually working with the DS.


-- When you decided to make KH for the DS, what was the first concept you thought of?


Nomura: It was the multiplayer. With The World Ends with You, there hadn't previously been a game concept like it, and we couldn't fit in the concept of playing with multiple people at the same time. So this time, we thought we wanted to expand on that. Then, looking at the hardware specs, we considered whether to go with 2D presentation like Chain of Memories or The World Ends with You, or whether to use a specialised system for the DS' capabilities. When the market changed to more serious games (for example, educational games), I felt as a game creator that I wanted to give people a more straight-forward

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