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Curtain Call bombs in the U.S

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I think it's a great game! This is probably why Square Enix doesn't sell final mix's in other territories, it's because most people view them as expansion packs instead of a different experience. 

Not really,Square could've delayed their game a liiiittle bit further like a couple of months so those additional content would be released in all territories instead of either being exclusive to Japan or making it available after a veeeeeeeeery long time of it's release in Japan

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Ahh..nuts. Just when most of us were hoping for a KH version. Oh well. What did SQEX not do that caused it to bomb? Not enough ads?


They did a pretty large scale promotion. It was at every single event and they had a ton of trailers. Releasing right in the middle of Destiny and Smash Bros doesn't help though.

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