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Firetruck no! they said this is gone for 2.5!

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At least it's read out loud by Mickey.

Who says so?


I highly doubt that because you can skip it and, judging on 1.5's stability, skipping a text+voice-over scene would result in too many bugs and crashes...

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No they didn't.

Well technically in saying they'd bridge the cutscenes better in this cutscene compilation they implied there'd be no more text scenes abridging details between cutscenes. 


I've taken a spoilery peak at the re:coded cutscene compilation and I'm very happy SE kept to their word on the fight scenes connecting cutscenes better so there's no longer the jarring invisible fights taking place inbetween cutscenes, like in the 358/2 Days cutscene compilation . 


I absolutely adored the presentation of those cutscenes but I disliked how a lot of events were disjointed and short changed because they lacked what would've been a playable battle in a normal game, and the didn't replace it with an animated battle. Plus I did find the amount of text scenes a rather cheap way of abridging events rather than animating more cutscenes. Having said that, I do appreciate how concise and focused the Days cutscenes were.


Anyway sorry for that tangent I basically just wanted to praise the re:coded cutscene compilation for improving on the shortcomings of the still fantastic Days cutscene compilation. I do appreciate that despite the fact they kept in text scenes, that they're not just static events, in that Mickey narrates over them :)

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