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Xiggy's Fish

*spoilers* coincidence?

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Spoiler for secret movie aheadJust a thought that popped into my head



Well I see that many people have thoeries after the secret movie that Master Xehanort has some link with the 6th follower especially after the secret movie in 2.5.So I was reading this and so far everything seems to point to that being in some way true:http://ikkinthekitsune.tumblr.com/post/85335469413/ive-been-looking-into-kingdom-hearts-chi-a-littleBut something that jumped out to me, which is probably nothing, were the hearts on all the keyblades except Xehanort's. It reminded me of theories about Xehanort's name hinting that he was someone else. Although I don't like the idea of Xehanort not being the main antagonist, I just wanna point this out. (It might not even point to him being someone else.)Just that, as others have pointed out before, Xehanort is the anagram for no heart without the x, and his keyblade has no heart unlike the rest. Is there a link here too? Or just a coincidence?

I'm probably just being stupid and making something out of nothing...but it just had me thinkingSo a coincidence? Probably yes xDAnd I know it's probably really out there (and surely Nomura didn't think that far forward) but just thought it was something to think about 

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