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Nice to meet all of you! Longtime Reader, New Member to the team.

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welcome on this site, man!

if you want to some chat you can contact me anytime you want. i have write most of the game series i like in my profile so you're welcome to see if we have something in common xD




That aside. Welcome to KH13! Here, take this. *Gives welcome muffin*


LOL, new member and already you make him die? :O

but i understand.... everyone joined this site have lost their normality.... xP

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!!


Yes, I am a MGS fan. I strangely grew up mastering the games aha, like it was one of the only M-rated games my parents didn't care about me playing back then. But yet I can't get myself to platinum these games on PS3 these days......


Anyways, I guess I'll see you guys around? Aha again, thank you all for the warm welcome. Appreciated Lots!

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Hello there young one, and welcome to KH13.  Here, you shall be taken aback by the amazing community and varied members!  Take your time to browse through the forums, and be sure to post on topics that pique your interest!  I'm sure you'll get to make many friends here!  Once again, I say welcome, to the finest and most excellent Kingdom Hearts site on the Internet, therefore, the best site on the internet, period! :D  Now then, as with all newcomers, my pet bunny here shall take your soul. :3




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