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Ubisoft Locking AC: Unity At 900P For PS4/XB1

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So, earlier, there was a topic about Ubisoft basically saying "We're not going to put the newest Assasin's Creed game on the Wii U because *insert bullshit reason*."


Well if you think that's bad, then check this out: Now they're deciding that because of arguments between the fanbase (I'm guessing Playstation and Xbox fanboys going at it or some shit), they're going to lock the graphics of Unity on the PS4 and XB1 to 900P, as well as locking it at 30fps on the side, but the 900P thing is what matters here.


Now I may be a little tech dumb when it comes to this thing, but even know that playing a game running on 900P on systems like PS4 and XB1 that can go up to 1080P is pretty damn unnecessary. Regardless how you think about graphics and how the affect a game as a whole, the reasoning behind this decision just goes beyond logical thinking. And let's be honest here: would you really want to play a game knowing that it is less than it should be? In any aspect, including gameplay, graphics, mechanics, or any of that? No, I don't think so. That's basically like the developer of the game, when you go to buy it, taking a shit in your hand and expecting you to pay sixty bucks for it. Its wrong.


And again, this isn't about the graphics, its the principle behind the decision to do this, which is again, stupid. And the fact that Ubisoft is willing to do this on the grounds that they can't deal with fanboys taking potshots at one another just increases the stupidity. I don't know what's going on with Ubisoft nowadays, really. I've never had a problem with the company, and hell, I have the first three Rayman games in my backlog, but this right here is starting to make me lose some respect for this company.

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I agree it's really stupid from the standpoint of holding back a game due to your own fans. It sounds like they're doing it as a punishment, which is freaking dumb. I personally don't care about graphics (I play NES games and still enjoy them), but this is just an incredibly stupid move. -_- I used to respect them since Rayman was one of my favorite platformers growing up, but they just love screwing the fans over.

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