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Children Of The Blarg

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Ooooooh, scary spooky skeletons...! ... Are you afraid yet? Uh...


Ahem, anyways, happy Hallow's Eve everybody. To commemorate the holiday, I decided to whip out another story from the "blarg" vault. This story, of course, will be a classic thriller that will fill your hearts with terror, leaving your dreams turned into nightmares and your minds on the edge of insanity... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ... Either that, or you'll just laugh your ass off.


Regardless, let us begin:


In the blarg blarg of Blarglin, Neblargska, blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blargity blarga blarga blargy blarg cornfields. One blarg,  the blarg blargs and blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blargity blarigty blarg, blargeth the blarg, blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blargitty blargitty the blarg of Blarglin blarg blarg blargitty blargitty blargitty blargitty... wait for it... blargitty.


Then, a couple of blargs come and (<--stupid indent xD) blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg the blargs of blargitty blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blargitty blargitty blargeth blarg. This leads to blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg sacrifice blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg.


The blargs blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg devours the blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg He Who Blargs Behind The Blargs blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blargitty blargitty blargeth blargeth blarg.


And just when you think its all over... blarg blarg blarg blargitty blargitty! Yes, blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg knife blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg. But in the end. blarg blarg blargitty blarigtty and blargitty blargitty into blarg blarg blarg blarglitty blargitty blarg.


I hope you enjoy this tale of horror, suspense, and overall scariness. May your Hallow's be Eve-y, may your trick or treat bags be full of candy, and may your shrieks of terror and/or laughter fill the night air, mwahahahahahahahaha!!


Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!


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